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B42 Dropmag patches for a whole heap of popular quest mods. Make it rain!

Permissions and credits

Love Xilandro's B42 Dropmag and One in the Chamber but tired of all the inconsistencies it creates with quest mods? Well, stop crying and drop it like it's hot! Here you can find patches for a large number of quest mods, including popular series by someguy2000, CellblockPsycho and th3overseer. All suitable weapons should now drop empty or partially loaded magazines when reloaded, littering the wasteland with fabulously pointless metal debris. Yay!

Mods covered:

New Vegas Bounties I   
New Vegas Bounties II
New Vegas Bounties III
The Inheritance
The Better Angels
Weapons Replacer Pack for New Vegas Bounties I and II
Light Machine Gun replacer for New Vegas Bounties II
Weapons Replacer Pack for The Inheritance

The North Road Remastered
The Depths of Depravity
The High Desert
Th3Overseer Series Lite Overhaul
Weapons Replacers for th3overseer mods

Tales of New Reno Episode Zero (Home on the Wastes)
Tales of New Reno - Episode One (Greetings from New Reno)
Tales of New Reno - Episode Two (Black Napkins)
Weapons Replacers for Tales of New Reno Episode Zero
Weapons Replacers for Tales of New Reno Episode 1

Beyond Boulder Dome 
Cabot's Quest
Boom to the Moon
Into the Deep
The Deterrent
The Repconn Blues
Working on the Chain Gang
World of Secrets
Coito Ergo Sum
Death's Last Whisper
Of Truth and Lies
Deserter's Fortress
Zion Trail Enhanced
SMG Replacer for Zion Trail
Wave Radio
The Big Rescue
The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino
Weapons Replacers for The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino
The Courier's Cache
The High Roller
The Axe Man
Saving Camp Searchlight Remastered
Project Mojave 
Tales from the Burning Sands
Salt Lake Stories

Nellis Air Force Base Lightweight Overhaul
The Town of Vice - A Gomorrah Overhaul
Lux Aeterna - The True Revival of Luxury - An Ultra-Luxe Overhaul

Important Notes:

If a quest mod does not appear above, don't worry: there's a good chance it doesn't require patching. If you find any that do, feel free to post a request and I'll see what I can do. Likewise, please let me know if you encounter any issues or want to argue about '70s cinema.

This mod contains some edited assets from other mods that are useless unless the original is installed. If any mod author would prefer their patch be taken down or rehosted elsewhere, please let me know and I'll get right on it. All donation points go to charity.

Other Big Patch Collections:

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Xilandro - for B42 Dropmag and its very nice patch guide.
Wenderer - for FOMOD Creation Tool.
someguy2000 - for The Someguy Series.
th3overseer - for th3overseer's Series.
CellblockPsycho - for the Tales of New Reno Series.
rjhelms84 - for Beyond Boulder Dome.
Ea6t - for Cabot's Quest.
Jokerine - for Boom to the Moon & The Big Rescue.
Oviver - for Into the Deep.
cgy95 - for The Deterrent.
PineappleSurprise - for The REPCONN Blues.
Confusious - for Working on the Chain Gang - A Powder Ganger Quest Mod.
Archer1 - for World of Secrets.
Belthan - for Coito Ergo Sum. 
rikkurikku - for Death's Last Whisper - Hugs AND Death & Of Truth and Lies.
dree74 - for Deserter's Fortress.
Mishaxhi - for Niner.
Hwiccian & friendlynonmurderingsort - for Zion Trail Enhanced.
llamaRCA - for Willow - A Better Companion Experience
Halofarm - for Wave Radio.
GePalladium - for Vanessa.
Mike Hancho - for The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino.
dragbody - for The Courier's Cache.
Radioactivelad - for The High Roller & The Axe Man.
ashtonlp101 - for Saving Camp Searchlight Remastered & Project Mojave.
Yossarian22 - for Salt Lake Stories.
Puce Moose - for Tales from the Burning Sands.
KayrieBelmont - for various weapons replacers.
Stentorious - for the improved vanilla magazine meshes.
cbgreely - for the FO3 magazine meshes.