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Adds a new fully-voiced quest chain where the player takes on work for a new Powder Ganger group that wants to reorganize the faction as a legitimate enterprise in the Mojave. New quests and weapons that are accessible even if the vanilla Powder Gangers already hate your guts!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin

Now an ESM as of version 2.0!

As it stands, the Powder Ganger faction in New Vegas has little content for anyone not interested in ransacking a small town or pissing off an entire government for little gain.  For most other characters, these dynamite-armed ex-cons are reduced to an occasional roadblock to stomp on in the early game.  That said, New Vegas does touch on the fact that not all these escaped prisoners are interested in raiding; some merely stick with the gang for safety or the lack of better options. I decided to expand on that concept and created a group of Powder Gangers more interested in redemption than raiding.

Working on the Chain Gang centers around a new group of Powder Gangers who want to carve out a place for themselves in the Mojave, and turn over a new leaf in the process.  The quest chain is thus more suited for neutral to good aligned characters, although a pragmatic evil player could also justify their involvement for the pay.  This group won't be hostile to you even if you are Vilified by the other Powder Gangers, and helping them will even improve your reputation!

Working on the Chain Gang is a Powder Ganger-centric quest mod designed to begin in the early game, when the player is being introduced to the chain gang, and ends in the midgame.  That said, the mod can still be started and finished if installed on an ongoing playthrough, with a minor hiccup if the player has already wiped out NCRCF.  Nothing major, but some optional objectives will be impossible to do.

Regarding Balance: I play New Vegas with mods like The Living Desert and Uncut Wasteland, and designed the number of NPC's in this mod in that vein.  If you play with vanilla levels of population, you may notice a higher than average number of NPC's in my quests.  Still, I am open to feedback regarding the general difficulty of combat in my mod.

Now with a playthrough by Al Chestbreach!

General Features

  • A new reformist Powder Ganger faction based in Westside
  • Faction presence increases as the player does quests for them, including a new store and patrols
  • Ties into the vanilla reputation system without locking out players
  • Multiple fully voiced characters
  • New weapons with unique textures (as of v1.5)!
  • Offers a reason for non-evil characters to begin "I Fought The Law"

Getting Started

To start the mod, find a man named Whitmeyer at Goodsprings Source.


Mods such as Powder Ganger Reputation Workaround that make the player Shunned instead of Vilified by siding against Joe Cobb are not technically incompatible, but are redundant as this mod implements a similar change to better allow players access to NCRCF.

This mod will likely conflict with other mods that make edits to I Fought The Law and will require patching.  The Yukichigai Unofficial Patch makes changes that I have forwarded into this mod, so there should be no issue as long as you load this after YUP.  Let me know of other mods and I'll make patches for them. No longer the case as of version 1.4, as I've rewritten the script so it no longer directly edits I Fought the Law! This mod no longer conflicts with other mods that edit that quest.

Minor conflict with Uncut Extra Collection where two NPC's fight over the same cross in Nipton.  I've provided a patch for this.

Casting Call Voice Actors

CDO947214:  Ellis Dufresne, Mole Rat Richard, The Mad Minotaur
CellBlockPsycho: Ramirez, Greaves
samlikesva: TNT Timbo
Tenwise: Whitmeyer, Ian, Krieger, Lyle
Judah K: Chuy, Floyd, Field Commander 1 & 2, Med Officer Kristoff
iamriverrose: Eyeteeth, Rosetta
rosewaterwinter: Officer Nguyen, Doc Rosalind

Other Credits

Exploding spear mesh used with permission from Ranaark's Thundersticks.

Big Earner uses a modified texture created by AgeofEvolutionHQ.

The code used to free crucified Powder Gangers was based off of void_gazer's Decrucifixion.

The Steakmaker shotgun's concept and original texture used with permission from furrden2. The new texture was provided by usernamegottaken.

Vanilla NPC's voiced using a combination of NVVASynth and spliced lines retrieved using Lazy Voice Finder.

The community, for its modding tutorials.

My wonderfully supportive partner, who is the most dedicated alpha tester I'll ever know.