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About this mod

A gold sink mod designed around allowing the player to spend caps to build outposts at locations in the Mojave for the faction of their choice. Designed for use alongside FPGE and TLD. Includes a TTW addon to claim locations in the Capital Wasteland.

Permissions and credits
This mod is based on my Rebuild the Capital mod. In that mod you could turn various locations in the Capital Wasteland into outposts for the Brotherhood. I took that idea of capturing locations in the Mojave and focused on how it can serve as a rather simple “gold sink” (a way to spend your casino earnings). Compared to Rebuild the Capital, Claim the Mojave is a much simpler mod and designed to compliment FPGE and the Living Desert. The end goal of this mod is to serve as a good way to unload caps and also make it feel like you are helping your faction secure their hold on the Mojave.

==Starting the Mod==
The main hub for this mod is an Abandoned Army Bunker found in a narrow canyon north of Spring Mt. Ranch State Park and South of Red Rock Canyon. Once you find the key card that lets you into the bunker (or if you have a high enough science skill, bypass the security panel or if you have Veronica with you, she can hack the panel) and restart the bunker’s generators, you can claim the bunker for the faction of your choice. You can also rename the bunker whatever you want using a text input menu.

Once the bunker has been claimed, you can use the command terminal in the Commander’s Quarters to start spending caps to invest in locations on behalf of your faction. The bunker also serves a player home, but you can also purchase a command terminal for the Lucky 38.

The bunker can also be upgraded with a quartermaster, a doctor, a cook, and a reconnaissance map which allows you to gather intel on possible locations you can invest in.


You can claim the bunker and other locations in the Mojave for up to 24 Factions
-New California Republic
+You have a choice to hand it over exclusively to the NCR Rangers
-the Legion

The following factions are considered "subfactions" of an Independent New Vegas and are available after installing Yes Man into the Lucky 38 mainframe:
-Yes Man
-the Brotherhood of Steel
-the Followers of the Apocalypse
-Powder Gangers
-the Kings
-the Great Khans

For the first 10 factions you will need to either be “Liked” by the Faction or have completed a certain quest before you can claim the
bunker in their name.

The following factions have no requirements and are included just for fun
-the Enclave (East or West)
-Desert Rangers (for fans of the HOI4 mod)
-Super Mutants
-Robot Army
-Intelligent Death Claws
-Hyperintelligent Mole Rats
-Sierra Madre
-Big MT
-Eastern Brotherhood (requires Rebuild the Capital TTW and the Claim the Mojave patch included in the FOMOD. Not available with Claim the Capital)
-Crusaders (requires the Frontier and the Claim the Mojave patch included in the FOMOD. Not available with Claim the Capital)
-Trochili (requires the Frontier and the Claim the Mojave patch included in the FOMOD. Not available with Claim the Capital)
-Terran Starship Command (required TSC Vegas and the Claim the Mojave patch included in the FOMOD. Not available with Claim the Capital)

As of 1.1, the mod's config file includes an option to skip any requirements for selecting a faction regardless of whether you've completed the correct quest or high enough reputation. Enable this option at your own risk. If you claim the bunker for the BOS before befriending them, they will still be hostile to you and that includes the NPCs in the bunker. And obviously if you claim the bunker for the NCR when you are hated by them, you are going to have a bad time

Before you can invest in these locations, you’ll need to defeat the enemies residing there or repair something to make the location usable again “i.e. a power generator or a water pump.” For some locations, all you need to do is discover its map marker.

List of Locations you can invest in:
  • Goodsprings
  • Black Mountain
  • Nevada Highway Patrol Station
  • Southern Nevada Wind Farm
  • Brooks Tumbleweed Ranch
  • Fields’ Shack
  • Tribal Village
  • Matthews Animal Husbandry Farm
  • Raided Farmstead
  • Wolfhorn Ranch
  • North Search Light Gold Mine
  • Highway 95 Vipers Encampment
  • Silver Peak Mine
  • Harper’s Shack
  • Emergency Service Railyard
  • Nipton  Road Pit Stop
  • Junction 15 Railway Station
  • El Dorado Gas Station
  • Sniper’s Nest
  • Camp Guardian
  • Monte Carlos Suites
  • Bonnie Springs
  • Lone Wolf Radio
  • Ranger Station Charlie
  • Ranger Station Alpha
  • Ranger Station Bravo
  • Ranger Station Delta
  • Ranger Station Echo
  • Whittaker farmstead
  • Smith Mesa Prospector Camp
  • NCR Correctional Facility
  • REPCONN Test Site
  • New Vegas Steel
  • Scavenger Platform
  • Horowitz Farm
  • Jacobstown
  • Jean Sky Diving
  • Nipton Road Reststop
  • Vault 3
  • Crashed Vertibird
  • Raul's Shack
  • Abandoned Brotherhood Bunker
  • Cottonwood Cove
  • Nipton
  • Legion Raid Camp
  • Bradley's Shack
  • The Powder Ganger Encampments
  • Hunter's Farm
  • Callville Bay
  • Prospector's Den
  • H & H Tools

Version 1.2 added support for investing in Zion after you complete Honest Hearts:
  • Ranger Station
  • Ranger Substation Eagle
  • Ranger Substation Peregrine
  • Ranger Substation Osprey
  • The Aerie
  • General Store
  • Zion Park Welcome Booth

Version 1.3 added support for investing in Big MT after you complete Old World Blues:
  • The Think Tank
  • X-2 Transmitter Antenna Array
  • X-8 Research Center
  • X-13 Research Facility
  • Signal Hills Transmitter
  • X-12 Research Center
  • X-7a "Left Field" Artillery Launch
  • Z-9 Crotalus DNA Preservation Lab
  • Z-14 Pepsinae DNA Splicing Lab
  • Y-17 Medical Facility
  • Securitron De-Construction Plant
  • Z-38 Lightwave Dynamics Research
  • Saturnite Alloy Research Facility

All of these locations can be renamed once you invest in them just like the bunker. For example, you could name the Nevada Highway Patrol Station something like Kimball's Toll Station and the map marker as well as the interior of the station will be renamed to that.

If you install the FPGE patch and claim the bunker for a faction other than the NCR, Legion, House, or Yes Man, you can invest in the Strip.

==Resupply Crates==
Along with removing enemy spawns, adding some soldiers and decorating a location with flags and other clutter, investing in locations also adds a Resupply Crate that you can use for a variety of purposes such as getting more ammo, taking some stimpaks, or grabbing something to eat. Resupply crates are refilled every three days and are meant to give you a reason to visit the outposts you establish in the wastes.

Version 1.2 of the mod added the ability to establish patrols in the Mojave. Once you have invested in five locations, you can order a squad to patrol along a route marked by three of the outposts you have established. At ten investments, you can invest in a second patrol, and then at fifteen investments you can invest in a third. There are a max of three patrols at the moment.

Please note that unlike in Fo3, Obsidian did not mark any of the navmeshing on roads as preferred for pathfinding. This means the patrols might take some weird routes to get to each point of their patrol.

==Claim the Capital==
The TTW Addon for Claim the Mojave allows you to claim locations in the Capital Wasteland. The two systems are kept separate, allowing you to claim the Mojave for one faction and the Capital Wasteland for a different faction. Instead of a bunker, you will need to take over an Abandoned Vault to start claiming locations. The Vault is found north of Canterbury Commons and east of the Grisly Diner.

If playing with TTW, you may want to consider lowering the price multiplier in the config file.

There is an additional option in the config file that is used by Claim the Capital which will make Pony Express Boxes only appear once you have taken over Canterbury Commons.

The added TTW Factions:
-Lyons' Brotherhood (includes an option to have them use the same aesthetic as the Brotherhood in Rebuild the Capital)
-the Outcasts
-Talon Company
-Reilly's Rangers
-Rivet City
-People's Republic of America

The locations you can claim in the Capital Wasteland are:
  • Megaton
  • Tenpenny Tower
  • Canterbury Commons
  • Big Town
  • Girdershade
  • Washington Monument
  • Fort Independence
  • Fort Bannister
  • Montgomery County Reservoir
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Arefu
  • Andale
  • Grisly Diner
  • Friendship Heights
  • SatCom Array NW05a
  • Charnel House
  • Abandoned Car Fort
  • Chaste Acres Dairy Farm
  • Wheaton Armory

This mod includes patches for the Living Desert, Functional Post Game Ending, MoreMojave, Uncut Wasteland (the one made for VNV), Mojave Raiders, New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Re-Remastered and my mod Mojave Squads.

A patch forBig Town Extensions can be installed when using Claim the Capital.

Rebuild the Capital cannot be used along the TTW addon, Claim the Capital. You  can only use one or the other. The Rebuild the Capital patch only adds  that mod's version of the Brotherhood as a faction you can claim the  bunker for. It does not add compatibility between Claim the Capital and  Rebuild the Capital.

In terms of compatibility, anything that touches the locations this mod touches might cause conflicts.

A quick note regarding the TSC patch.While I'm fan of MZC as much as  anyone else, I want to point out that TSC Vegas is an old mod with many  bugs which this patch does not address.For example, the weapon sights  are broken and for some weird reason the Strip is renamed to "El Strip." Plus whatever is up with the embassy's basement. This patch doesn't  touch anything in the original mod including fixing these bugs. It just  adds the TSC as a faction. Again, this patch is only here for those that want to indulge in some nostalgia.

This mod is packaged into a FOMOD made using the FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer. Just install the mod using a mod manager and follow the instructions. Patches are included in the FOMOD as well as few config presets.

Because of the size of this mod, I recommend sorting it towards the bottom of your load order.

This mod requires the following plugins:
-JohnnyGuitar NVSE
-ShowOff NVSE

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