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Adds Skrim-esque weapon displays.

Fully compatible with weapons from all the DLC and weapons added by other mods.

Contains patches for TTW and modded player homes

Permissions and credits
This mod adds weapon displays based off those in skyrim and can display any weapons (mod or DLC).

Simply activate the displays, and whatever weapon you have equipped will be put on to the displays. Activate the display again to take the weapon.

This mod also has built in support for B42 Descriptions. The weapon's description will display when looking at it on a display.

There are three types of weapons that will not fit onto the displays:
  1. Big Guns (Missile Launchers, Miniguns, etc.)
  2. Throwing Weapons (Grenades, mines, etc.)
  3. Unarmed weapons (Power fist, gloves, etc.)
If I have time, I will look into seeing how these weapons can be displayed.

As of right now, some weapons that have unique textures may not display their unique textures when put on display.
In more technical terms, unique weapons that use texture sets will not carry those texture sets onto the display.
This is a scripting limitation I am looking into working around, but it should be a rare issue.

Sometimes, bigger weapons might look a bit wonky.

The mod is now a FOMOD. Simply install and follow the instructions. FOMOD made using the FOMOD Creation Tool by Wenderer

During the installation process you can select which player homes you want displays to be added to, including some modded player homes.

You can also choose what you want the weapon displays to look like including a high resolution version made by clayvn.

==Supported Mods==
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TTW Interiors Project
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Underwater Home
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TTW - Springvale Garage

==Modder's Resource==
I initially intended to release these weapon displays as a modders resources that could easily be dropped in custom made homes. The scripting required ended up being a bit more complicated than I had planned, so if you want to use these displays in your player home mod that you are making there are two ways to go about it:

  1. Set the .esm as master file for your mod
This is the simplest way to go about it. The .esm along with the meshes that accompany it have everything you need to add the weapon displays to your mod. Just set my mod as a required master file, then simply drop the displays into your player home. My mod will take care of the rest.

2. Rip out the code

If you are familiar with scripting, there is no need to add my mod as master. Just take the two scripts, and copy them into your mod. The scripting is pretty simple and there are comments explaining how it works. You are welcome to do whatever you want with this mod's assets. I really don't mind.

==Future Plans==
I'll continue to make patches for the more popular player homes, although feel free to make patches your self as all you really have to do is drop the weapon displays into the mod's.

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