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Qolore7 - Biggie404 - MonoAccipiter - Paladin555

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You like remasters? But what about *re*-remasters? This mod aims to add new life the the Mojave Wasteland by making bland locations more detailed.

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Fallout New Vegas is the best 3D Fallout game in nearly every aspect except one very important one - the game world. I know its a desert and all, but there really isn't much do to or see outside of the main quest. There's a couple good mods that add new locations/dungeons to add some interesting and much needed combat to the game, but I could never find a pure-visual mod that overhauls existing areas of the game to make them much more visually interesting. The only mod that does what I want is New Vegas Landscape Overhaul by Paladin555. However, this mod had many problems ranging from unbalanced new loot, overpowered mini-bosses, misplaced/clipping objects, and broken navmeshes. Thankfully, MonoAccipter remastered the mod and fixed a lot of these problems. However, many problems still remain. Broken navmeshes, deleted objects with Tree LOD, unbalanced loot, and floating/clipping assets. With this version, I've tried to fix every issue I could find. Navmeshes have been fixed, meaning no more CTDs (especially prevalent without NVAC), object placement fixed, loot balanced, and even some snazzy new features. Edited versions of Primm South Uncut and Westside Suburbs Uncut by LudonarrativeDissonance have been included to further flesh out some areas touched by this mod. Many vanilla objects have also had their placements fixed thanks to Landscape Disposition Fix by the wonderful Farsveinn. Speaking of Farsveinn, they were nice enough to provide a version of their Enhanced Landscapes mod that works with this mod! That's pretty much it, if you find any floating/clipping objects let me know and I'll fix them. If you want more details on what the mods do in the first place, check out the original mods' pages. Oh and I don't know if this is compatible with x mod, sorry. I made this mainly for personal use.

Paladin555 - New Vegas Landscape Overhaul
MonoAccipter - New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered
darkside/thaiusmle - New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Remastered
LudonarrativeDissonance - Primm South Uncut and Westside Suburbs Uncut
Farsveinn - Landscape Disposition Fix
Biggie404 - For updates past 1.8