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This mod adds hundreds of npcs and several scripted events to the world of Fallout: New Vegas; people patrolling the roads, travelling between towns, occupying locations and exploring the desert, reacting dynamically to your choices throughout the game. The Mojave will never feel empty again.

Permissions and credits
What does this mod do?

Have you ever felt that the Mojave is too empty? That the lore is underrepresented by what you actually see and it damages your immersion? That your choices in the game don't have enough impact on its world? That it's not worth travelling by foot since nothing new or unexpected ever happens out in the desert? 

Then this might just be the mod you're looking for. After over one year of work, I proudly present to you:

The Living Desert

This mod adds hundreds of npcs throughout the game world in order to make the world feel lived-in and vibrant. You'll never have to feel like the only person who ever leaves the towns again; soldiers are patrolling and guarding their respective territory; raiders lie in the wait for unsuspecting travelers; wanderers and tourists are travelling along the roads between towns and trading hubs; prospectors are exploring the desert looking for treasures and oppurtunities; and most of them all are in some way reacting to your actions as you make your way across this wild, wild wasteland. As the situation heats up, ever more and more travelers will walk the streets, drawn towards the bright, shining lights of New Vegas and Hoover Dam.

Many quests in the base game didn't have any noticeable impact on the world - until now. Clearing out dangerous critters on the roads, taking out the leaders of the fiends, working out an alliance between the Khans and Powder Gangers, lifting the Brotherhood's lockdown, nuking the NCR, wiping out the Kings, progressing through the main quest and many other actions you take throughout your playthrough now have noticeable consequences within the Mojave; travelers on the roads leading to Vegas appear or dissappear; faction members patrol the wastes and build checkpoints; deathclaw packs and raider gangs disperse into the wasteland as their leadership falls, some groups will send hired thugs after you if you anger them and much, much more. New Vegas is more reactive than ever!

And that's not even all...
Some people settle in previously uninhabited locations and may be more protective of their homes and property than you're used to; all that loot and scrap is not just there for you, you know? You're not the only one shopping in New Vegas' stores anymore; you may stumble upon scripted events out in the desert and sometimes you'll meet new exciting people who will straight up want to murder you. The Living Desert is as extensive as a mod can be without being a total overhaul.

I have posted a full, detailed list of all changes in the comments for those interested.

Incompatibilities and other issues:
- You may experience occasional temporary performance drops due to how massive this mod is, especially if you are using other big mods or mods that increase the wasteland's population.
- Parts of this mod have been made in a somewhat convoluted or amateurish manner, since this was a learning-by-doing process. I'm improving the mods performance and quality whilst streamlining bloated features with every update, but it still is a WIP.

- Installing this mod late into your playthrough might lead to performance drops upon loading, additionally some scripted sequences may not trigger properly. The same may be true for installing updates.

If you experience any issues with this mod, please tell me, I'll do my best to fix them!

Fallout New Vegas
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road
Gun Runners Arsenal
JIP LN NVSE plugin

deedes for the Gallow and Noose textures and meshes.
11linda at Freesound org for the sound effects.
All the people downloading my mods and commenting on them. Wouldn't have finished this without your encouragement. 
jazzisparis for JIP LN NVSE Plugin
PushTheWInButton, whose scripts in Karmic Balance helped me figure out how to fix my intrusive assasins.
kingbeast88 for creating the Navmeshes for the ElRey NCR camp and the Deserter fortress.


Q: I'm having performance issues
A: That's not a question. Anyway, this mod adds quite a bunch of npcs that are constantly wandering all over the wastes and whose position is being tracked by the game, as well as a few scripts. Generally your performance will likely be best when you have a comparatively light load order or a beefy PC, I'll try my best to ensure an improved performance with each update.
Q:  Can you make a TTW version covering D.C.?
A: Currently, no, not interested. Maybe I'll get to it once TTW 3.1 is out though.
Q: Is this compatible with X?
A: This mod should generally not have any game-breaking incompatibilities with other mods, though performance might suffer when you have several performance-intensive mods installed at once. Yes, that means it should technically work with AWOP. The worst that generally could happen is that npcs start fighting each other (OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) or there might be some clipping with static models.
Q: Could you please make a non-dlc version? 
A: I know I once said I would, but no. Apart from Dead Money and Gunrunner's Arsenal the dlc are too deeply integrated into the mod and scripts for me to bother getting them out again, sorry.
Q: Do your npcs respawn?
A: Yes, at least those for whom it makes sense. Many also level with you and get better armor, equipment and stats over the course of the game.
Q: What's next for this mod?
I want to fix any bugs that are left at this point and improve performance, also add some more reactive content whilst removing unnecessary features. Please report any issues to me. Also tell me cool stuff that happened in your game with this mod installed, I love hearing about that.

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