Fallout New Vegas

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Adds more locations to game at the more sparse areas of worldspace. Integrates few elements of DLC into base game and makes exploring worthwhile thing to do.

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More Mojave
Mo' Problem

More Mojave is a personal mod of mine that aims to fill out empty spaces of New Vegas with more locations. Some of the locations are containing map marker, some are unmarked. All of them were made maintaining base game's aesthetics and complexity, so that it fits into the game and doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. The locations also have additions from DLCs where it makes sense to have.
One of my pet peeves in New Vegas exploring has been no usage of "show, don't tell". Easy Pete tells how wasteland critters move inside abandoned buildings when Sunny is not looking around and Sloan boss explains how they use to create cement to build fortifications and bunkers around Hoover Dam and Colorado River. This isn't exactly visible. Not to mention, there's certain lack of different creature caves or dungeons. Fire Geckoes can be found in 4 different caves, yet there doesn't exist a single one for Golden or normal one (Technically Vault 34 has a cave for Golden ones). Lastly, there are mounds and caves and interiors that are just part of the scenery, that you cannot even enter at.
My mod aims to add more locations based on what sort of creatures would be in vicinity and try to give out life to the place. This also extends in future to NPCs as well, so vipers and jackal gangs can have their own hideouts.

  • More locations to explore. These range from caves, landmarks and new buildings even.
  • Interiors of some barred/locked doors have been now removed and given rooms.
  • DLC inclusion in few locations. Weapons/Armor/Aid Items/Ammo from DLCs can be found in these new locations.
  • Wild Wasteland supported. More encounters for players who picked up Wild Wasteland Trait.
  • Adds new type of enemy in the game, Ghoul Raiders. This is due to lack of ghoul enemies in the base game, these new type of enemies are healed by radiation, so they usually hang out in radiated places, hoarding toxic barrels to themselves. They are not having much armor, but are packing natural damage threshold and resistance and they don't use healing items (due to getting healed by radiation). They also pack good weaponry, so they are formidable foes for early characters, but should provide minor challenge for late game characters.


Any location mod that edits the spaces where locations are might have a clipping issues. This mod doesn't edit anything other than landscape, so chances are other mods that edit same parts of landscape might conflict. I recommend creating patches if you plan to use these mods together.
It is recommended also to generate LOD so you can see the newly added locations in the distance.

All the DLCs
NVSE and JIP LN NVSE are required for scripts in the mod to work properly.

Soft recommendation of mods to tag along with it, that fit with this mod: