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Adds a fully functional post-game world to the game, no longer will you be brought to the credits and end your journey there. Instead, you will realise the consequences of what endings you've gotten and explore a vastly changed world.

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FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending

You've all most likely heard of mods such as CAGE and Continue After Ending by McLion. Whilst these mods are great, and allow you to continue after you conclude the battle of Hoover Dam, that's all they do. The world doesn't change; the dam battle still takes place as if nothing changed, if you help the Legion, they never take over New Vegas, NCR troopers are still around and act as if they haven't lost yet, and if Goodsprings was taken over by the NCR, this isn't represented at all.

This is where this mod comes in. Set two weeks after the game ends, the dam is taken over by the respective faction and the fighting stops, the Kings will get eradicated by the Legion, if alive, the Brotherhood of Steel will take over Helios One and patrol the roads, and the Great Khans will evacuate their camp, taking everything with them. This is only a small portion of what can take place however, and there are a massive amount of things that change based on how you play. If you want more information regarding this, feel free to download and read through my document in the optional file section.

Not only this, but dialogue has been changed to represent whatever endings are chosen, for instance:

"We'll show everyone that these are our new territories!" - NCR citizen. This is no longer shown should the NCR lose, why would they prattle on about this after they lose?

"We won't go quietly, the Legion can count on that" - NCR trooper. No longer shown should the Legion fail miserably, they wouldn't exactly need to worry about that after they win would they?

This is only a small selection mind you, but it's just a demonstration on how much love I've poured into this mod. I've played New Vegas for years and loved it ever since, so I thought it only appropriate that the game had a proper ending. I've considered nearly everything, so worrying about missing content or otherwise shouldn't be an issue.


To install this mod, you can either install it using a mod manager of your choice, or you can manually install it yourself by placing the ESM and BSA in your New Vegas data directory, it's that simple, however, ensure that this is done before the Hoover Dam battle as if done afterwards, it may cause oddities. What I cannot recommend is removing this mod at any point after the game has ended, as if you do so, there will be a ton of missing assets, inconsistencies and otherwise breakage, if you really must remove the mod however, ensure you only do it before the ending.

Additionally, please ensure you have the latest versions of xNVSEJIP LN NVSE Plugin and JohnnyGuitar NVSE installed. As of version 4.0, this mod requires both of them to check for record conflicts that would stop it from working and failure to install it will break some of the mods scripts.

Compatibility/Load order

In regards to compatibility, there are effectively two tiers of mod I consider. One is incompatible, effectively meaning that having this mod installed alongside another will break this or the other depending on where they're loaded, thankfully, these are far and few between and few mods should pose an issue like this. Next up are "inconsistent" mods, these are mods that won't break this one, but will make this mod seem redundant, such as additional soldier and citizen spawns which this mod will obviously not be able to cover, more on this further down. For obvious reasons, do not run this mod alongside any other "Continue after the ending" mods.

Patching/mod creation

Because of "inconsistent" mods as mentioned above, patches may need to be made for said mods to work well with this one. Documentation on this is held within the mod with the editor ID of "AEndingDocumentation", this is present in a testing cell and can be accessed by typing "COC AEndingHandlerCell" into the console. This cell also helps to ensure that any patches you make function properly as it allows you to quickly test the outcomes of certain factions and otherwise.

Disclaimers and other general notes

- This mod is very well complemented by The Living Desert, which adds a sizeable amount of post-game content in addition to FPGE.

- This mod contains no UDR's, ITM's or deleted navmesh, making it safe to use.

- Most changes made by YUP are carried over to ensure it works properly with this mod. However, you should use the YUP patch to carry over certain edits that cannot be done without needing a master dependency.

- This mod was designed with compatibility and stability in mind, it only edits what it needs to and has been thoroughly checked in FNVEdit.

- Whilst I went through the game to disable all NPC's as appropriate, the game is very large, and as such, some things "may" have been missed, if so, report them to me and I'll fix it ASAP.

- This mod does not impact the game at all before the ending slides have taken place. The only quest that will run regardless of this is a variable quest that changes variables based on player actions so that everything can be accounted for at the ending.

That's it really, if you have enjoyed the mod make sure you endorse it and share it with others to help it grow.     
Thanks- Kazopert~