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Welcome fellow modder to Webb's Titans of The New West Patch Emporium. Find the patch for your power armor mod here!

Permissions and credits
This is a mod collection of all of the Titans of The New West Patches that I have not released yet. I will be hiding some of the patches here on the nexus to move them to here but only ones that had low downloads. 

Titans of The New West, a power armor mod that remakes the power armor to have that classic look, was not able to get any patches for a long time. But thanks scripting and adjusting the meshes in blender, or outfit studio. It is now possible. These patches will allow the player to use their favorite power armor mod along with Titans of The New West

Titans of the New West 2.0
on of the many TOTNW Patches on this mod page.

No PipBoy in Power Armor

Install the patch simply with a mod manager.

Titans of The New West and many others. Here is a list of the patches mods:
For the Enclave
Stealth Power Armor
Vault T51B Power Armor
Armor of the apocalypse - A T-45d retex
Black Mesa Power Armor
Warhammer 40k Space Marine Armors
P.E.P. (Power-Armor Enrichment Project) BEND
Ranger Power Armor
Legion Power Armor
POWER TO THE BULL (4 Legion Power Armors)
T-60 Power Armour
XV Enclave Rework
VaultTec Power Armor
Air Force Power Armor T-57c
T45d Power Armor Replacement
Classic Advanced Power Armor - Improved Meshes and Textures
Courier 6 Power Armor
Fallout 2 Advanced Power Armor Mk II
MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor Voiced and Weapons
TheOutlanders Hostile Environment Armour series HEA
T 43 A US ARMY Power Armor
NCR T-51B Version 3 Final
NCR Heavy Infantry Power Armor
Salavaged Raider T-45D power armor
Survivor's T45-d Power Armor

This pages intentions are to include patches for a majority of power armor mods. 


There should be no bugs with these mods. Just make sure that you have them below your power armor mod.

If you are having issues with PAVE follow this load order.
  • Titans of the New West 2.0
  • PAVE
  • PAVE TOTNW Patch

If you use Book of Steel, use this load order:
  • Titans of the New West 2.0
  • Book of Steel
  • Book of Steel TOTNW Patch

If you are still having issues, please show a screenshot that you followed this. Show a screenshot of your load order. If you don't do this then I cannot help you out.

Q: Hey ___ power armor mod is not on here on this mod page. Can you add it?
A: I will only upload a portion of the power armor mods here on the nexus. And to the ones that I do not patch you could understand why. If you are wanting to make a patch that is not on here then download one of the patches that I already released and open it in FNVEdit to see how the process is done. Once you have done it once you can do it to any custom power armor here on the nexus. "Learn from it, don't run from it, destiny will just arrive all the same." (quote from bootleg Thanos).

Upcoming Versions:
More will be added as time goes on.

To see the credits to the original mod authors I recommend looking at the permissions and credit page

You do not have permission to use any of the meshes in this page.

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