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This mod adds the Storyteller and ED-NA that is featured in the Fallout lore series produced by the ShoddyCast channel on YouTube.

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Thanks to Gopher for this showcase!

This mod adds the Storyteller and ED-NA as companions that are featured in the Fallout lore series produced by the ShoddyCast channel on YouTube
Watch new episodes every Friday for more Fallout lore!

Please keep in mind that this is a beta and very much still a work in progress. It will be continually updated with new content and bug fixes. Keep this in mind when using this mod. 


  • Custom, fully-voiced dialogue
  • Exclusive Three Dog audio found NOWHERE else
  • Collection quest that unlocks lore snippets from the Fallout Lore Series
  • Occasional environmental interactions with ED-NA
  • Fully functional companion with wheel and combat tactics


Where is he?

The Storyteller can be found in Goodsprings around the shop.

Are any DLC required?

Yes, currently you need Lonesome Road to use this mod. Should enough people request it, we may produce a non-LR version. 

Where's his tri-beam laser rifle?

This will be a future quest.

Does this work with Tale of Two Wastelands?

We have reports that it does.

What collection quest?

The Storyteller loves lore and lore books. Find him old ruined pre-war books and give them to the Storyteller. There's a chance knowledge is inside. If so, he'll tell you a story.

Where is this exclusive Three Dog audio?

Well well, want to spoil the fun, huh? Well okay then. There's a couple locations you can try. The rocket lab around where Jason Bright hangs out and somewhere around the Jacobstown Lodge.

Environmental interactions? What's that?

When you go to a certain place in the game, one or both of the companions will interact with something or eachother. Try hitting the slots at Tops Casino or exploring the Nash residence in Primm. Chances are you'll witness something.

Why is ED-NA still attacking me even with the patch?

This is likely because you haven't loaded the mod on a fresh save. If you continue on a save that used the older version, ED-NA's faction flags are probably the old version as well.

Why is the mod so large?

Well we had to get the lore video snippets in there and simple text wouldn't be very rewarding. They were compressed and so were the audio files but it still ended up being a little over a gigabyte.

This mod will be updated overtime with additional features and lore snippets. Check the change log and keep your mod up-to-date.

Thank you to unoctium for building upon the bare bones mod we had in store. Visit his profile.

Also thank you to Hrenak for searching for bugs, as well as helping in bug-fixing. Visit his profile.