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A power armour based on a t46 armour model using textures from the CaBal\'s Born Again Mods and Weijiesen\'s EVE mod.

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Good evening all,

Latest Updated ---- 15th Oct

Uploaded a file with a less complicated moving rectical. This should be used by people who encounter a 'floating' helmet rectical.

Reorderd file names and discriptions

Updated install instructions.


1. Overview of the Mod

This mod adds 3 new sets of power armour to a locker in one of the bunkers in Hidden Valley. The armours have unique meshes and a seperate mesh for males and females. Both sets come with different unique helmets.

The locker contains 3 sets of each armour and 3 of each helmet.

There are also a number of optional extras available, see 4. Current Files for details

2. The Armour

The three sets are :

T49XV - Power Armour
T49XV (T) - Tesla Armour
T49XV (P) - Prototype Armour

The armour's stats are roughly comprable to Enclave Armour so they should not be too overpowered. They can be repaired using power armour.

3. Location

For you modders out there, its in bunker number 3. For the rest of you, the bunker is near the break in the fence which points towards black mountain and leads to scorpion gulch. If you're entering from the front entrance to hiddern valley (past the NCR prison) just keep going straight until you get to the fence the other side. The bunker closest to the break in the fence there, is what your looking for (see screenshots).

4. Current Files & Discriptions

Main Files:

Version 3: Contains all the core components required and optional hardened meshes for the normal and tesla armours.

Helment Files: There are two versions of the helmet files. The original with a more complex rectical and a more stable version with a less complicated recitical. Please ensure you install one of these files.

Version 3 Performance: As above, however the texture size of many of the textures has been reduced to improve performance.

Optional Files:

Smaller Normals: To further improve performance on machines that struggle to run the performance Pack.

Project Nevada Patch: Provides support for project Nevada. Requires the most up to date version of PN (2.2) and for the PN Equipement ESM to be loaded. (currently this has not been updated to work with the T49XV (P) variant. Update on its way.

Update History

3rd Aug 11

I've uploaded a helmet fix under main files. This is a required file, so new downloaders should also pick this up. (It wont be intergrated to the main files until version 4 is released).

This 'should' put to bed the issue of the floating animated rectical (please feedback if it doesnt). It Also fixes a issue where sometimes the PA helmet appeared darker than it should in low light areas.

The red strip down the back of the helmet is also gone as many users disliked it... RIP red stripe...

30th July 11

Version 3 is now live. This version includes an new armour variant and a couple of bug fixes. Animated helmets are now part of the standard files. This update should fix the bug some people had with the animated helmets.

If you have version 2 you can simply download the Update file as it contains only the addtional files you'll need.

Full details of the armours added below

5. Compatibility Etc

The mod will not work unless you have updated to the latest Fallout NV patch.

There should be no conflicts with other mods unless they alter the same bunker significantly. Overhaul mods may cause the armour to be especially weak or powerful depending on how they set up their stats.

Mods that add addtional effects to power armour may or may not function with this mod depending on how the mod was set up. refer to these mods specifically for details on if they work with custom power armour.

6. Install / Uninstall

Extract the Main files rar into your data folder and ensure you have your archive invalidator on. Then extract your chosen helmet files into your data folder and allow it to overwrite.

To install the optional Hardened Meshes, first install the mod as above. Then extract the contents of the 'optional hardened mesh' folder to Data\Meshes\Armor\Colossus PA\Base and allow them to overwrite.

To install any of the optional files, extract the esp, meshes and texture folders (where applicable) into your data folder and allow them to overwrite.

To uninstall delete the esp and the Colossus PA folders found in 'armor' in both your meshes and textures folders.

To install the project Nevada patch, unpack the esp and activate. Ensure that the patch is lower in your load order than the original mod.

7. Credits

Although there's a seperate section for these, I wanted to thank the authors of assets ive used here in length:

Firstly, thanks to CaBaL for kindly allowing me to use his Born Again textures without which this mod would look shocking (im really not that good at textures). If you wish to endorse this mod you really should head over to his as well: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39873

Thanks to Weijiesen for allowing me to use the excellent animations from his EVE Mod for the animated Helmets.

And thanks to brokencrash for the excellent texture for the Ghost Bodysuit taken from his mod here: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=41657

Also thanks for the excellent
Ghost body Suit Coverstion - bunsaki (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13975

If you feel I've missed anyone out please let me know.

Any feedback would be much appreciated (oh and endoresments of course!)

All the best, and I hope you enjoy it!