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This mod is ported from Fallout 3, Armor is mix between Enclave and Tesla Power Armor.

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Advanced Power Armor


This mod adds Advanced Power Armor, you can find the Armor in a Deathclaw which is located in quarry entrance, after you kill him. He will have special name so you will know which one is it. Basically the Armor is a combination of Tesla Power Armor and Enclave Power Armor, with black metal and blue eyes retexture in High Definition variant.

Be carefull though, The Dread Enclave Eater is not easy to put down :)


This mod is port from Fallout 3 Mod Advanced Power Armor


Just Drag&Drop all of the files in the > Fallout NV\Data\ < folder, and enable the mod in Data Files.

Additional info:

This Textures are all HD, custom and have following resolutions:

werAddon             (Shoulders addon, diffuse texture)                            2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerAddon_n          (Shoulders addon, normal texture + alpha texture)   2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerArmor.dds       (Body, diffuse texture)                                            4096x4096 pixels
AdvPowerArmor_n.dds    (Body, normal texture + alpha texture)                   4096x4096 pixels
AdvPowerGlove.dds       (Hands, diffuse texture)                                           2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerGlove_n.dds   (Hands, normal texture + alpha texture)                   2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerHelmet.dds     (Helmet, diffuse texture)                                        2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerHelmet_n.dds (Helmet, normal map + alpha texture)                     2048x2048 pixels
AdvPowerHelmet_g.dds (Helmet, glow texture)                                           2048x2048 pixels

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