Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

This mod adds my MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor to the game. Fully voiced, also adds my DMR rifle, Silenced SMG, Pistol and Ka-Bar to Fallout New Vegas.

Permissions and credits
-=MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor for Fallout New Vegas=- -=V2.12 & 2.12v=-

Intro: It seems nothing goes right for Mr. House.  His whole game was rigged  from the start with the dealer "the world".  Why?  Because not only did
the platinum chip not make its first two delivery attempts, nor all the betrayal in New Vegas, now this pinnacle of technology pre-war tech didn't get finished nor did it make it to House before the bombs dropped.

-=Top Secret MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor=-
Mr. House,
We are sending you this Prototype Combat Armor per your request from MIT,
The US Army and Vault-Tec have been hard at work on this new project.
Unfortunately we have had to send it early... the bombs have just
started to drop all over the US it will not be long until Boson is hit.
Hopefully this reaches you in Vegas in time, it would be a shame to lose
this pinnacle of technology that you paid billions in support of its development.

We do have to inform you that we have not been able to solve the problem with the mini Fusion Reactor. For now the unit is
still powered by the mini nuclear reactor, unfortunately many of the
suites more advanced abilities & systems will be disable. Its
running on its basic AI and functions, turning on all systems will
result in a nuclear meltdown of the core in the pack. I am launching the
pod in the next couple minutes, then it's to DC to get Liberty Prime to
a secure location.
It has been an honor working with you Mr. House.

General RT Lewis

About the Armor:

Remember this is a prototype armor and the only one known in existence in the world of fallout, it is supposed to outshine any power armor in game.
Helmet and Armor DT 46 
Helmet and Armor Weight 50
Bonus to Guns and Charisma
45 Rad/Fire Resist
Will administer stim packs in combat once players health gets below a certain %
Will administer doctor bags in combat if a limb is crippled,
Water breathing 
Power armor sounds when moving
Project Nevada Compatible not going to spoil this one for you Default key is M.
Need Power Armor training to use it.
Vanilla pipboy support for those who cannot use a hand held Pip-Boy.
DMR Ammo Counter is now implemented and working but you need NVSE.
M7S Silenced SMG
M6S Prototype Pistol
Ka-Bar added has a chance to stun your target.
HDR Lighting no longer required for PN ver but highly suggest it.

Optional Voice ON/OFF via the console Type
"Set Mk117Voice to 0"      OFF
"Set Mk117Voice to 1"      ON


*Both Versions*: I suggest not using a glove replacer, checked out the armor with other gloves and since this is a custom mesh it makes your character look like a potato... So I suggest staying away from the glove replacers, if you choose to use one, and it looks odd, sorry I am not going to do anything. This mod was not intended for any other gloves but the custom modeled ones that came with it.

Installation: -=Required for All the Bells and Whistles=-

Make sure you get  NVSE
The Nexus Mod Manager/FOMM
Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition *Optional, v2.05 has Vanilla Pip-Boy Support*
Project Nevada

My files:
Remove V2.11/V2.11v Fully failure to do so can break the mod. Use NMM or FOMM to install.
HDR Lighting is optional but not required but I highly recommend it.

-=RULES of USE  & FAQ=-
1. My life is busy working on my game with limited staff, freelance projects, my 40k Hobby, So I am letting you the community port my mod how you wish to FO3 and Fallout 4, Make Changes. I just do not have the time to make all the changes you all want, It is already ready for a FO3 port, the latest version is about finished, FO4 is at 80-90% complete for both a power armor and a regular clothing version. But its all on one of my drives in over 100Tb of data on 1-4TB Hard Drives. So I am leaving it up to you the community bring it to FO3, make changes, Bring it into FO4, I will be uploading all the original asset files for you all to have fun with I simply do not have the time.

<<Spoiler>> right mouse button the link and open as new page or new window.
Want just the DRM:  Halo Reach DMR

-=Updates Planned/In the works now=-
Giving you guys the asset files to have fun with, but for now what is on here is what you have to work with.

Cpt Rex did the rigging/nif work, glow on the helmet/backpack, and Geck work.
Hopper31 got the voice working, fixed a few bugs ,added some new features, scripting work, all Project Nevada Support,
Vanilla Pipboy Scripting,DMR implementation into mod, and DMR ammo counter scripting.
Joefoxx082:  made the animations that the DMR uses in this release/initial nexus release.
Jimmakos: Rigging of the SMG, Pistol and Ka-Bar
ArgusMercenary: Helping me pinpointing the issue in spotter perk into game for M7S and M6S.
Naky: For screwing up everything else. Initial DMR mod work of getting DMR into the game.
hairylegs222: For allowing us to use some of his audio files for power armor.
Donta1979/Robert Tuffy Lewis: All Modeling, UVing, Texturing,  Armor Voice &
Recordings, Audio Editing, Story/Background that went into mod. Fine-tuning of NIFS, and ESP's, mod packaging.
My wife for not killing me in the 3 weeks of staying up late to make the
assets of this mod, and to work with all the people to make this mod  happen.
Big thanks to all those on VGU/FB/Steam that tested this mod in Alpha to Beta Stages and pre-release.
Microsoft/Bungie/343: for putting up concept art for artist to use as reference and view.


All I ask is if you make changes to just give credit and point to the original mod here or on Gun. Pretty simple.

Halo 3 ODST © Microsoft Corporation. MK117 Prototype Combat Power Armor was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo 3 ODST. It is not endorsed by Microsoft and does not reflect the views or opinions of Microsoft or anyone officially involved in producing or managing Halo 3 ODST.  As such, it does not contribute to the official narrative of the fictional universe, if applicable.

I had to put this above because what I did is fan art, and in likeness of/a derivative of, and I used their images/concept art for reference when modeling.

Those wanting to see the process from start to finish

Thank you to all of those who have been honest and sincere voicing their opinions for future updates, That have downloaded or endorsed or voted on the mod. Its things like this that keep me motivated to do things in my spare time that other people can enjoy.