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high resolution texture replacement

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decided to put all my texture together
this space will contain all my retex and will be updated with the new works

divided into 3 parts...the books:

the Book Of Steel: all my armors retex...eventually weapons
(combat armor reinforced mk1,combat armor reinforced mk2, t51b brotherhood ,t51b ,remnants power armor,Gannon family tesla armor,t45d,ncr power armor)
al the armors in this package are exactly in the way i thought about them...max res... with no optional file
check the respective standalone mods for eventual optional texture and resized versions for low end machines.
IMPORTANT : with november book of steel update something is changed on esp use: only the salvaged armor needs one (and combat armor gloves just in case) so please disable the old book of steel esp and use new one, next update will probably remove any esp.

the Book of Flesh: all the creatures...eventually characters
(bighorner blowfly cazadores centaurs deathclaws geckos mantis radscorpions currently)

the Book of Materials: all the stuff like container boxes and so

keep in mind this is a huge project with a large number of updates keep traking if you like
comments are always appreciated

in the image area i will try to put users images...not mine ..so if you are using my works and want to share an image i will validate with joy
i will not give automatically kudos point for images...it's not a barter...but any help,support, intelligent opinion, and valid arguments for discussion will be widely appreciated with all the kudos i can express

my raccomendation on other mods running seamlessy with bornagain
THE visual enhancement.
must have awesome power armor.
a god on your side
why weapmodkits were not SO awesome from begin?
your dreams about a legion remake are coming true
if you are a fan of female pa models...must give a try...no more excuses :)

another 2 things:
you CANNOT use assets from this mod without asking ME first...even if your plan is just to grab the textures recolor a bit and reupload on the site...keep in mind that i spend countless hours doing this things... so it's MY work...not your
2 if u plan to downrate this file without sending at least a pm or leaving a comment for finding help.... well you're an asshole :)

commenting and endorsing bornagain releases do not cause any health problems or premature death

images contributors:

these ppl have my biggest thanx for sharing their Bornagain experience by their great shots.
guys ...u cannot even image how much i'm happy for these images :)