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Custom high resolution textures for all the power armors in NV and TTW/F3.

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There's now a patch available that adds scripted PAVE plugins created by Wombat. Big thanks to him for improving this mod's usability.
They should fix most conflicts that occur when using PAVE with any other mod that modifies power armor. Use them like the old PAVE plugins.
Requires NVSE, JIP NVSE, and JohnnyGuitar NVSE

This is a retexture pack for all power armors in FNV and F3/TTW. It also includes custom recon armor textures.

Every power armor has been retextured. Including ones from Fallout 3, for TTW users. The T-51 and T-45 armors even have all-new normal maps, and some other armors have parts of their normal maps remade or touched up wherever necessary.
Every suit also now has custom power armor gloves, replacing the soft fabric gloves that power armors have by default. Salvaged power armor is the only exception to this.

Visual issues from the base game have also been fixed on a few armor meshes:
- The hole above the T-51's pelvis visible from the side has been patched. 
- The T-45 and its variants had an issue where metal bolts on the left elbow and knees would stretch forward like rubber during any sort of movement. This has been fixed.
- The Enclave MK2 armor and its Tesla variant had an issue where a polygon near the left shoulder would stretch out unnaturally when the left arm moved. Now it no longer does that.

The main plugin (PAVE_NV.esp) requires nothing but New Vegas, the Lonesome Road + Old World Blues DLCs.
The TTW plugin (PAVE_NV_TTW.esp) requires Fallout 3 and its DLCs and the latest version of Tale of Two Wastelands.
Previous versions required you to have the NV plugin enabled as well if you used the TTW plugin, but that's no longer the case in 2.1. Now you can simply use either one.
It's also worth noting that the F3 Enclave MK2 PA and its Tesla variant are actually in NV as usable armors, but they need to be spawned via the console.

The Scorched Sierra power armor helmet, though retextured in this mod, isn't usable in the game by default. It's wearable if you have TTW and the PAVE TTW plugin installed. This mod used to also work with PAVE out of the box, but now it'll need a small compatibility patch to point it to the right nif. 

If the textures don't show up in-game, try this utility.


- Added a 2K version and changed plugin names.

Mesh Patch
- Fixed the slightly dislocated arms on all T-45 armors.

- Overhauled all power armor textures.
- Merged the mesh patch to the main file.
- Fixed various small issues.
- T-51 and T-45's all-metal versions no longer share the same glove texture.
- Fixed compatibility issues with TTW's APA MK1 armor
- Improved the skinning on the gloves. Now the armored finger segments don't stretch.
- Added a retexture for Fallout 3's pink T-45d variant.

- Changed the mod's folder structure. Everything is the exact same otherwise, but every power armor has its own folder with separate nif files for compatibility reasons. This makes it incompatible with any existing patches, although to my knowledge there are only a couple at most. One of them being Webb's TOTNW patch, but users of that can still use the previous version of PAVE for the time being.
- Added environment mapping to the metal and glass parts of power armors. Previously only Enclave armors had it on the helmet lenses, but I felt like the T-51 and T-45 needed it to look more metallic.
- Deleted some unnecessary stuff that was somehow in the APA MK2 Tesla nif.
- Assigned the correct gloves on the BoS Lyons' Pride T-51 and T-45 power armors.
- Fixed the messy TTW plugin so that it no longer reverts TTW stuff and doesn't have any unnecessary edits in it.
- Made the TTW plugin standalone. Now you no longer need to have both plugins enabled if you use TTW!
- CoS Recon Armor from OWB now uses PAVE textures as well.
- This is possibly the last real update to this mod (for a while at least) unless some bugs/oversights pop up.

2.1 Plugin patch
- Star Paladin Cross's armor uses PAVE meshes and textures now.
- Female characters wearing Brotherhood T-45 now have the PAVE meshes and textures instead of default ones.
- Very minor patch, barely changes anything. I forgot whether I had to fix anything in the NV plugin or not, but the plugin is included nonetheless.

2.1 Compatibility Plugin Patch
- Adds scripted plugins that shouldn't conflict with other power armor related mods or anything that touches power armor


Titans of The New West compatibility patch by WebbProductions2020 (for the old version of PAVE atm, may work with V2 as well)

Patch for "Unique Fort Armor" by Brandherre

SawyerBatty TTW patch by GloryToTheMany

Simplified PAVE