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Replaces the models of T45d power armor and its helmet. Tales of Two Wastelans mod support.

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[size="6"]T45d Power Armor Replacement [/size][size="2"] [/size]

[size="5"]T45d Power Armor Replacement[/size]
- This mod replaces T45d power armor model and its helmet. New model more fits to body, supports female model, etc.
- Shoulder pads are the main reason I started this mod. Vanilla power armors have a confirmed bug that shoulder pads jut to the air when aiming or firing weapons. This gets worse when using animation replacers. New model is free from that glitch, way natural in any circumstance.

[size="5"]Project Nevada Visor and Visions[/size]
- Project Nevada Visor and Visions adopted to Outcast Power Armor Helemt.

[size="5"]Outcast T45d Power Armor [/size]
- TTW editions replaces FO3 Outcast T45d Power Armor and and Linden's. PN is not supported at this moment.
- Outcast Armor can be found at Bradley's Shack. The place is close to Mojave Drive-in where you start Old World Blues.

[size="5"]T46b Power Armor Standalone Version[/size]
- Due to high requests, Standalone version is added. Outcast Armor can be found in Bradley's Shack. T46b Power armor can be found in 'Brotherhood Armor Container' placed at one of Hidden Valley bunkers. There are also some chances to be worn by Brotherhood paladins.
- Thanks to Kuroitsune, now Project Nevada visor supported.

- This mod uses the same texture from daejones' Colossus T49xv. It will overwrite the textures if you use the mod, minimizing the duplicated.
- Multiple .esp files are contained. Install manually and USE ONLY ONE.
- TTW edition requires A Tale of Two Wastelands mod.

- The body armor is based on daejones' Colossus T49xv.
All credits go to daejones for the armor, CaBal120 for Bornagain textures,
brokencrash for Ghost Bodysuit texture, bunsaki for Ghost body Suit Conversion.
- The helemt is made by flickone and Cabal120 retextured.
- Thanks to Kuroitsune for compiling the script of standalone version.
- This mod wasn't possible without above modders. I just mixed their works. You guys are cool!