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The T-60 Power Armour from Fallout 4, now available to play in Fallout: New Vegas. Comes with six different variations of the armour, as well as a new perk to truly make you feel, you are a seven-foot tall walking tank.

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Requires NVSE 4.5 and above.

The T-60 Power Armour was built to be the most powerful and advanced personal weapon system built by man. Yet, unlike it's well known forebears, the T-45 and the T-51, it never got a chance to be truly tested in combat. Change that, by hopping into it yourself and deliver Wasteland justice or simply cause havoc in a seven-foot tall walking tank. The choice is yours, as you get your first taste of the upcoming game, Fallout 4, more than a month early.

- Factory-line grey and beige not your style? Unlock six variations of the T-60 Power Armour as you explore the Wasteland. From the Metallic Monk-inspired Lost Hills variation, to the Reverse-Engineered Shou Wei, to the Hot Rod, a variation designed for the I-15 and whatever dangers that make the desert highway, their home.

- In the cold tundra of the Alaskan Frontier, Good American G.Is were more than happy to die for their country no matter how thick, heavy and motorized their armour got. However, in the Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland, things are a little different. You didn't spend all this time surviving
the perilous wastes, amongst them a shot in the head, to die like Uncle Sam would have wanted. This experience allows you to use the T-60
Power Armour in a way, it's designers never imagined. A new perk allows you to turn the tables, even if the fight seems beyond you.

- How does it work? Unlike those former models, this Power Armour is unfortunately far too large to stick in your backpack. Instead, the armour stands by itself, until it's pilot accesses it. Once equipped, it's security code is read by all personal computer solutions, including WestTek's own Wrist-Mainframe, Brainpower's Four-Eyes and RobCo's PipBoy! (4000 and upwards non-compatible, due to resentment over failed hostile takeover of RobCo.) When unequipped like other clothing however, instead of remaining in your inventory and causing your legs to be broken - you will disembark from it's chassis, allowing you to hop back in! If you are stuck?! Assign another armour to the number dial or numpad of your device - or simply unselect the armour in the interface!

- Where is it?
Ain't much that can spook a Deathclaw, but locals say they haven't seen many - and are even considering opening up accommodations on the Colorado River once more. A few urchins were sure they saw a Vertibird try to land, before smacking hard into a mountain across the river - but there hasn't been any Vertibird sightings for nearly half a century. Outside of Bear One, no faction on the West Coast is known to use any forms of flight.