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Changes fatigue weapons and allows you to loot unconscious people and strip them naked.

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[size="6"]Fatigue - Loot the Unconscious[/size]

by Mr. SlackPants

*NOTE* I advice you to do a clean safe before upgrading the mod from a previous version.

[size="3"]The what?[/size]
Fatigue – Loot the Unconscious, but you got that part, you just want to know what this is, no? This small mod allows you to loot unconscious enemies and strip them naked, while they are out. And if you got the Type 3 body replacers, naked WILL mean naked. :)
It does this by adding a perk to the player that gives you an activation menu when you press space on an NPC that is unconscious, alowing you to loot him/her.

[size="3"]Alright, but getting someone unconscious takes too long.[/size]
It does yeah, that's why this mod will also change the following weapons that damage fatigue, Boxing Tape, Boxing Gloves, Golden Gloves and the all-mighty Cattle Prod. They will be much more effective now, than how they where. Plus they will be more effective with more points in their governing skill. So a high Unarmed skill will make the Boxing Tape and Gloves more effective, while Melee skill will make the Cattle Prod more effective.

Also, as an optional plugin I changed a lot of blunt weapons to do an additional fatigue damage. This way you have more weapons to knock someone out. I kept it optional though, because I need to change the weapons themselves, making it less compatible with other mods.

And lastly, as per version 1.1 you can also knock people unconscious when you have a blunt weapon equiped, are sneaking and undetected. Giving you yet another option to knock people out.

[size="3"]Will that affect my faction standing?[/size]
Depends on how you knock them out. If it's with a blunt weapon, you need to attack the NPC, which will result in normal New Vegas behaviour.
If you knock them out though, your faction standing will not be affected IF you do it right. Which is to stay undetected when you knock them out. If you are undetected and knock someone out nothing bad will happen. If you where detected though, the NPC will turn hostile on you and so might his buddies or any NPC close enough to witness your act.

[size="3"]Any other repercusions worth mentioning?[/size]
Yes. If you knock out or kill an actor you might lose karma. This will depend on the NPC you interacted with. If he/she is hostile, no karma loss will be had. However, if you do this with non-hostile NPC you will lose karma. Also important to mention is that if you knocked out a non-hostile NPC and he/she dies while unconscious you'll receive another karma penalty.

[size="3"]Knock out and Kill?[/size]
Indeed, when you are sneaking and undetected you will have to new options regarding NPC or Creatures.
If it's an NPC, you have the option to knock him/her out or to kill him/her depending on what weapon you have equiped. If it's a blunt weapon you'll get the option to “Knock Out” said actor, if you have another melee weapon equiped, you'll get the option to “Kill” that actor. As above. Doing this with non-hostile NPC's will result in a karma penalty, but you are free to do this to any other NPC without repercusions.
With creatures you have the option to kill them, but not to knock them out.

[size="3"]I dont like the karma loss.[/size]
By default when the mod initializes, karma loss will be turned off. You can turn it on if you want. But karma loss will only apply when you do things to a non-hostile good character. If the NPC is hostile or neutral or evil, no karma loss will be given. And when you turn the setting off, you'll never loose karma.

[size="3"]Can I loot everyone?[/size]
No. I excluded all creatures, so only NPC's can be looted while unconscious. Also, every NPC flagged as “IsEssential” cant be looted either.

[size="3"]What happens to people I loot, but let live?[/size]
It will depend on their Confidence value. If it's low to average, they will flee for a while after they regain consciousness. If it's high they will continue to attack you. Either with the weapon you left them with, a weapon they find near or with their fists.

[size="3"]Wont this leave a wasteland of naked people?[/size]
Nope. Looted NPC will get Inventory back depending on if they belong to a mayor faction or not. (like NCR, Legion, Khan's) If they do, their inventory will be reset and they will have their faction inventory back. Any other NPC will get inventory according to a loot list. (they might end up with better equipment than they had before) If you want though, you can set up the mod so that even faction members will get random loot back, instead of their original equipment.

[size="3"]This must be incompatible with some mods, right?[/size]
Yes. This mod will be incompatible with any mod that changes the weapons mentioned above (Boxing Tape, Boxing Gloves + Unique version and Cattle Prod). If you use another mod that changes those, 1 of the mods will overwrite the other. Both mods might still function as intended, but no garantee.

The optional plugin will be incompatible with any mod that changes the same weapons. Blunt weapons like the baseball bat, police baton, tire iron, etc.