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Balanced cannibalism overhaul with immersive gore effects.

Permissions and credits
  • French


  • Devouring a corpse now results in immersive, customizable gore effects. 
  • Health and Hunger restored from eating corpses now scales with Survival, ranging from 25 to 75 points each.

  • Rads received from eating corpses is increased to 4. It can now be affected by the Lead Belly perk, reducing Rads to 2.

  • Dine and Dash has been simplified. Instead of adding an alternate activation prompt, you will now automatically receive Human Remains after you finish Devouring a corpse the normal way.

  • Meat of Champions is applied as soon as you finish eating a corpse, instead of at the start. This effectively raises the duration of the effect from 52 seconds to 60 seconds, as the first 8 seconds were wasted while the player was eating.

  • Gore effects added when eating insects with Tribal Wisdom.

  • Health and Hunger restored from eating insects now scales with Survival, ranging from 12 to 36 points each.

New In Version 2.3:

  • You can change the amount of Human Remains gathered from Dine and Dash by changing CARERemainsCount (default 1).

New In Version 2.1:

  • You can disable the "Human Remains Added" message by setting CAREItemMessage to 0.

New In Version 2:

  • You can configure the intensity of the gore effects by setting CAREGoreLevel to any of the following values:

0 = Gore effects disabled
1 = Simple blood explosion
2 = Limb dismemberment
3 = Limb dismemberment + blood explosion
4 = Exploding limbs (default)

  • You can add a screen blood effect by setting CAREScreenBloodLevel from 1 to 100.
Set to 0 (disabled) by default. Higher values increase the intensity of the effect.

  • You can configure the Karma hit from devouring corpses by changing the value of CAREKarmaHit.
Set to -1 by default, for a Karma decrease of 1.

To change any of these settings, enter set (name of setting) to (desired value) into the developer console.

Example: to disable gore effects, enter set CAREGoreLevel to 0.

Alternatively, experienced users can edit the corresponding Globals using FNVEdit.


JIP LN NVSE Plugin version 54.20 or later
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road


Directly modifies the Cannibal and Dine and Dash perks.
Load after any other Cannibalism mods.

Compatible with Cannibal Plus by Yukichigai.

Not compatible with Cannibal Perk Improvements by HornedReaperMJL.

Bugs and Issues:

Nothing I'm aware of yet. If you come across anything strange, be sure to report it.

I'm open to any suggestions or ideas you may have.


Fixes for the Cannibal and Tribal Wisdom perks from Yukichigai Unofficial Patch are included.
Thank you to Yukichigai and sandbox6, as well as all the other YUP contributors.

Inspired by Cannibal Perk Improvements by HornedReaperMJL.