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Modern gameplay remaster of the game. New perk role-playing system, new game mechanics for leveling, combat, magic, AI, economy, creatures.

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Very short description:

Perk-based role-playing system

You have 1/2/3 perkpoints per level depending on the difficulty level. Maximum level = 100.
Base perk cost for stats: 1 - if the stat is one of your two main stats. 2 - if not.
Base perk cost for skills: 1 - major skill, 2 - minor skill, 3 - misc skill
Cost is reduced by 1 if the specialization of your class matches the specialization of the skill AND either of the two controlling
stats of this skill is the main stat of your class. Thus, if you have a talent for a skill, then perks from its branch will cost 0 perkpoints. In the absence of talent, the cost can rise to 3 perkpoints. Consider your build wisely.
Earn Legendary Points by leveling up, completing quests, performing feats and becoming the leader of guilds. Spend these points on various passive bonuses in a special menu, form your unique class and become stronger.

Complete gameplay overhaul

* Modular system, configurable difficulty.
* Improved leveling. You get stat bonuses and level up automatically as your skills increase
* Evolution of bonuses from birth signs at 20 and 50 levels
* Advanced magic power system
* New magic effects
* Improved old magic effects
* Combat based on parries and dodges
* Advanced damage system
* Features for each type of weapon and armor
* Dual wielding
* Dynamic battles and advanced combat AI
* Ability to upgrade items
* Rebalancing alchemy and limiting consumed potions
* Rebalancing enchantment
* Advanced economics and pricing
* Advanced gaining experience system
* Limitation of training from trainers
* New game mechanics
* Kicking, throw weapons, climbing
* More realistic physics
* Stealth rebalancing
* Enemies can chase you through doors
* Eliminate a bunch of exploits
* Flexible system of mod settings
* Rebalancing of all items and spells in the game
* Randomizer of stats and abilities of creatures
* Expansion of the bestiary with lore creatures

Some 4NM modules as separate mods:
Ultra AI
N'wah Shooter
Double CHIM
Grip of Death
Final Strike
Combo Master
Throw it
Fast Attack
Fast Cast
Armor Rating
Time Shift
Runes and Totems
Frenzy n'wahs
4NM includes their newest versions.

1) Make sure you have installed MGE XE, MCP and updated MWSE to the latest version! Configure MCP:
* Game Mechanics: enable everything except Strenght-based hand to hand damage, Attribute uncap, Skill uncap, Hidden locks.
* Mod Specific: enable everything except Weapon resistance change, Separate axe inventory sounds.
* Bug fixes: enable everything except Fix enchant options for ranged, Magicka display accuracy.
* Beta: enable everything.

2) Download archive 4NM_Data. Copy DataFiles folder to the game folder.
If you want to play with beautiful magic effects and sounds, then open the Magic folder. Copy DataFiles folder to the game folder.

3) Download cumulative update - 4NM_English. Copy DataFiles folder to the game folder.

4) Connect 4NM.ESP. It should be loaded in your mod list after other rebalances (such as Morrowind Rebirth).

5) Read the mod settings menu and customize new control buttons.

List of incompatible lua mods:
MWSE State-Based Health
Retroactive Health Gain
Next Generation Combat
Neo Combat
Defensive Stance
Lucky Strike - a Critical Hit Mod
Sneaky Strike
MWSE Staff Skill
Putting Power in Willpower 2
Reactive Resistance
Bound to Balance
Useful Bound Armor
Controlled consumption
Realistic Repair
Wings of Will
Hold Your Breath
Pursuit Revisited
MAB0's exploitable
MAB0's ingestion
MAB0's unstacked

Lua mods, for compatibility with which it is necessary to disable the corresponding modules in the 4NM settings:
Mort's Ultimate Leveling Experience
Class-Conscious Character Progression (CCCP)
Improved Vanilla Leveling
Proportional Progression
Class Skill Limit
Magicka Based Skill Progression
Speed and Movement Rebalanced
Speed Boost
Realistic Movement Speeds
Realistic Healing and Injuries
Nimble Armor
Deadly Combat Exhaustion
Marksman Rebalanced
Stealth Improved
Brutal Backstabbing
Advanced Alchemy
Poison Crafting
Harder Barter

Gameplay video:

Discord channel