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The gain of experience in magic skills now depends on the spellcost.
The gain of experience in battle skills now depends on damage, hero and enemy levels.
Optional: 5 skill points per level and new leveling mechanics.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Be sure to update MWSE to the latest version!

magic expirience koef = (spellcost * 5) / (spellcost + 80 )

cast for 1 mana = +0.06 exp
cast for 5 mana = +0.29 exp
cast for 10 mana = +0.55 exp
cast for 20 mana = +1 exp
cast for 30 mana = +1.36 exp
cast for 50 mana = +1.92 exp
cast for 100 mana = +2.77 exp
Experience multiplier graph

weapon expirience koef = ((enemy level * 5) - hero level) / (enemy level + 20)) * (damage / 50)
50 damage to guard 20 lvl from 1 lvl hero =+2.47 exp

armor expirience koef = ((enemy level * 5) - hero level) / (enemy level + 20)) * (damage / 20)
20 damage from scamp 5 lvl to 1 lvl hero =+0.96 exp
Experience multiplier graph

Skillpoints module:
Requires MCP. In MCP enable the option: For plug-in builders: Service opt-out filter
You get 5 skillpoints per level. Skillpoints are spent on training with trainers.
For example, at level 20 you will have 100 skillpoints.

New in version 4:

* Enchant skill has a non-linear formula for gaining experience depending on the cost of charges.

* Athletics skill gaining experience depending on encumrance. 100% experience at 0% encumrance, 200% at 100% encumrance.

* Alchemy and armorer skills add crafting fatigue when gaining experience. Speechcraft and mercantile skills add to social fatigue in gaining experience. The higher the fatigue, the less experience gain.
Gaining experience in other skills reduces both types of fatigue.

* The security skill is gaining experience depending on the level of the lock and the power of traps.

New in version 5:

New leveling mechanics. More comfortable and balanced. The attributes of the hero and his level increase automatically with the growth of skills.
1 main or important skill gives + 5 points to the attribute of this skill.
1 unimportant skill gives + 3 points to the attribute of this skill.
When you score 10 points in the attribute, it increases by 1.

1 main or important skill gives + 1 point to level progress
1 unimportant skill gives + 0.25 points to level progress
With a set of 10 points, the level of the hero increases. Max level = 100.
You gain +1 Luck for each level. And if luck is already 100, then +1 to Personality.

The new maximum health formula for the new leveling system. Select YES in the settings to enable it. Select NO if you are using the 4NM_GMST mod.
Maximum Health = Endurance / 2 + Willpower / 4 + Strength / 4 + Skill Bonus
Only basic stat values ​​are involved in the calculations.
Skill Bonuses: Athletics and All 4 Armor Skills
+3; +6; +10 health by 50; 75; 100 skill level
Health is recounted when loading save if the hero is not injured.

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