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No more drinking over 9000 potions! No more alchemical exploits! No more useless poisons! Poison weapons and throw poison bottles! Beautiful potions icons.

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This is an outdated version. This page will no longer be  updated. Use the improved newest version of the mod:

Be sure to update MWSE to the latest version!

Your ability in drinking potions comes with experience.
  • A higher Alchemy skill allows you to drink more potions at once
  • The higher your Endurance the more potions you can drink
  • A higher Speed skill allows you to drink potions almost non-stop

No more alchemical exploits! 
When cooking potions, only the basic parameters of the player are taken into account (but not increased).

Assign a button to toggle poison mode. If poison mode enabled, you will create poisons instead of potions, and also apply them to your weapons instead of drinking. Poisoning system similar to ESO.
Press this key along with Alt to turn off/on the bottle throwing mode

A higher Alchemy skill and Agility help you better poison weapons.
Agility will also help to spend less charges of poison per hit or shot.
The chance of a successful poisoning during an attack depends on your Agility and Luck, as well as Agility , Luck, and target's poison resistance.

Assign a special button for experimental mode.
Hold this button while activating the apparatus to display the alchemy menu without adding it to your inventory.
Create your own alchemy lab!

Potions icons will be replaced with more informative ones.

Incompatible with Poison Crafting and Controlled Consumption mods

Have a  question? - find @Axemagister on this channel:
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