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Power of all magic is now scaled from many other factors (resistances, skills, attributes, fatigue...). Critical hits for magic. Secondary effects for different damage types. Adds A LOT of new magic effects and mechanics.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Requires the latest version of MWSE, MGE, and MCP.
MCP - turn on scriptable potion use

Full description of the mod in Russian

Below is a short description in English

Non-linear resistance formula.
The universal formula for resisting harmful effects of magic now looks like this:!1/3_npRC8Uha@wf@k/cP9ncODvaNGML/2r5vDUN4JK39A//J@wf7B/t@Umptf2Nvd3tjC7q3vXNwsLt/sE@iYTd2ThmPp1uMx63Li939rX0B
The more resistance you accumulate from all sources, the less their total real impact.
So, 50% of resistances will give you only 40% effective protection
100% = 66.6%
120% = 75%
150% = 85%
200-300% = immunity
Over 300% = absorption and healing!

Total Resistance Formula = Normal Resistance + Target Bonuses - Caster Power + Caster Fatigue
Resistances below zero are not subject to scaling - their formula remains linear.

Magic can now trigger critical hits!
The critical chance and power depends on Intelligence, Luck, Attack and Focus of the caster, as well as on the stamina, Willpower, Luck and Endurance of the target.

Elemental damage.
The higher caster's willpower and his destruction and alteration skills, the more damage will be done by his elemental spells.
In addition to the usual resistance of the respective elements, the willpower and endurance of the target will help reduce elemental damage. Strong armor will also help reduce damage. Since elemental damage is created by, you know, magic, target's magicka resistance will also slightly reduce damage.

Poison damage.
The higher the caster's willpower and his destruction and restoration skills, the greater damage will be done by his poison spells.
In addition to the usual resistance to poison, the endurance and, to a lesser extent, willpower of the target will greatly reduce damage received.

Magic damage and power of magic debuffs.
The higher the caster's willpower and his destruction and native debaff skills, the higher the power of his pure harmful magic (damage health spells).
In addition to the usual resistance to magic, the willpower and, to a lesser extent, endurance of the target will greatly reduce the negative influence of enemy spells.

Fire, frost, and lightning are physical effects generated by magic. Therefore, the better the caster understands the structure of the physical world and how to influence it through the school of Alteration, the more powerful its elemental spells.
As you know, the best poisoners are doctors! The better the magician understands the biology of the body and how to influence it through the school of Restoration, the more deadly poisons he is able to generate with his magic.
Negative magical energies are sometimes very complex and multifaceted. It is not enough to be an expert in their native School alone. If the magician knows the school of Destruction well, then he will be much better at crushing the magical defenses of his enemies.
If a magician uses enchanted items, then his knowledge of enchant is of paramount importance.
Diversify your magical education to create truly powerful damaging spells!

Immunities and spell absorption.
Creatures with natural immunity to their element (or poison) receive a huge bonus to resistance, so they will not receive damage from their element.
Creatures with gigantic resistance to their elements (for example, atronachs) will be healed from enemy spells of their elements instead of taking damage.
If you manage to accumulate over 250% of the total resistance to the elements or poison yourself, then you will also replenish your health instead of taking damage!

The power of positive magic.
The higher the willpower and native skill of the magician, the stronger his spells with positive effects. High fatigue still greatly reduces the effectiveness of magic.

You must be able to drink correctly!
And the high skill of Alchemy will help you in this, enhancing the effectiveness of the elixirs you drink.

Spell Duration Affects Magic Power
Why cast a 10-point fireball for 10 seconds if you can cast a 100-point fireball for 1 second for the same price? And why do we need a 10% weakness for fire for 10 seconds if you can cast 100% for 1 second, adding instant damage as a second effect? And what about the Luck buff on 500 p for 1 second? Now time is important! Get a small bonus to spell power such as damage or health regeneration for an extended spell duration.
Also there was a restriction on the minimum duration for some effects on homemade spells

Secondary effects!
Now fire, frost, lightning, poison and damage to health effects not only damage health, but also apply a secondary effect on the target. Its duration and strength depend on the magnitude of the primary damage using the inverse quadratic formula. In this case, the value of potential but not caused long-term damage is also fully counted in the power of the secondary effect. Over time, the power of the secondary effect decreases naturally, but you can quickly get rid of these debuffs by casting certain spells on yourself.
Cumulative fusion
Fire is the most aggressive element and therefore causes maximum damage. Consistently warming up his target with more and more fire spells, the magician inflicts it more and more direct damage.
Also, the stronger the target is warmed up, the less it takes frost damage.
Frost very quickly negates this effect, cooling a burning character.
Freezing spells gradually turn the body of the target into ice and fetter its movements.
Also, the stronger the target is frozen, the less it takes fire damage.
The fire very quickly negates the effect of freezing, warming the icy character.
Shock convulsions
The stronger the target is hit by electricity, the higher the chance that it will be hit by convulsions that paralyze all movements. This tremor can occur once a second and greatly interferes with one's fighting ability.
Weakening poison
The danger of poisons is not only that they kill their target, but also that they weaken it. The more the character is poisoned, the faster he loses his stamina. If he is completely exhausted, then he will collapse to the ground right in the middle of the battle.
Insidious vital damage
Attacking their target with pure destructive energies, the magician not only gradually kills it, but also injures it. Injuries arise due to the gradual failure of organs and parts of the body affected by vital damage. They are very expansive and negatively affect almost all the characteristics of the character. The higher the vital damage done, the more likely it is to get a secondary injury and the worse the injuries themselves.
Keep in mind: unlike all other secondary debuffs, injuries do not resolve themselves over time. It is also not enough just to restore health in order to recover from them. You’ll have to stumble your way to the city somehow and visit a healer who will provide you with expert help. Or cast a spells of attribute restoration, if you can.

Fire and cold are irreconcilable enemies; they annihilate each other's secondary effects. In addition, the fire shield spells heats the air around the hero and warm him, negating the effect of freezing. In contrast, frost shield shields quickly cools the character and prevent them him from burning.
The lightning shield takes control of the electricity around the magician and thereby relieves him of the effect of shock convulsions. Also, a simple paralysis healing spell will help to cope with convulsions no worse.
Well, of course, antidote spells will quickly relieve you from all the negative effects of the poison, including the loss of stamina.
The traumatic effect of vital health damage is the most difficult to counter - you have to cast a dispel magic spell to get rid of this debuff quickly.

Secondary Health Recovery Effect:
1) Health recovery is now a counter-spell for the affect of vital damage and quickly negates it.
2) If there is no vital affect, the affect of restoring health slowly heals the injuries received, starting with the most dangerous ones.
3) If there are no injuries, then the effect of restoring health will act as doping and will restore stamina.

Magic concentration
As you know, with MCP you can cast spells without preparing your hands. Now it makes sense to return to this classic pose. Focus your magic energy to enhance your magic! Power gain depends on your intelligence and current amount of mana. The formula is nonlinear
When your energy is focused - hold down the left mouse button to further concentrate your magic and increase the power of spells!

New quick spell casting system!
Cast spells instantly, but at a significantly higher price in mana.The higher the intelligence and agility, the lower the cost of the cast.The higher the speed, the faster you recover after a quick cast.

Accelerated spell cast
Available if your Agility is above 80. It is included in the settings.

Potential charge
The player has a new stat - a potential charge (PC) that affects the power of enchanted items and is spent when using them.
* Affects only enchantments during use and strike, but is NOT spent on scrolls (and does not affect their strength).
* If PC drops below 50%, then your enchantments will begin to receive a penalty to power, and the closer your PC to zero, the higher this penalty. So, if your PC is 250/1000, then the power of your enchantments will be only 50% of the norm. Enchantment power cannot fall below 5% of the norm.
* Maximum PC = (Willpower + Enchant skill) * 10  (but not higher than 2000)
* Restores by itself. Regen ticks once every 3 seconds and is 2% of the maximum if you have not focused your magic (or 3% of the maximum - if focused). You can accelerate even more if the effect of mana regen is applied to you: + 0.3% of the maximum per tick for each unit of magnitude.
* There is a PC threshold, which is equal to PC maximum / 200PC cost per use = base item charge cost - PC threshold

Current list of new effects:
* Chagre weapon (5 effects)
* Discharge (5 effects)
* Empower (5 effects)
* Damage aura (5 effects)
* AoE (5 effects)
* Runes (5 effects)
* Prok spells (5 effects)
* Shotgun (5 effects)
* Ray (5 effects)
* Totem (5 effects)
* True reflect spell (2 modes: reflect and manashield)
* Reflect (5 effects)
* Recharge magic items
* Weapon Repair
* Repair armor
Kinetic strike
* Kinetic shield (This effect requires installation of the 4NM_COMBAT mod)
* Life leech (This effect requires installation of the 4NM_COMBAT mod)
* Bound ammo (arrows, bolts and stars)
* Dash
* Teleport
* Teleport to town
* Time shift
* Projectile Control (4 modes)
* Magic light (Set the color saturation in the settings)

Initial spells are sold by Marain Dren in the Balmora Mage Guild. Then you can create your own spells and enchantments.
For new spells to appear on him, you should load the save in the Balmora Mages Guild.

* The higher the willpower, the skills of Alteration and Mysticism and the less tired, the greater the maximum teleport distance.
* The higher the intelligence, the skills of Alteration and Mysticism, the lower the cost of mana.
* Teleport button! The right shift button allows you to teleport without waiting for a collision. 
* If you create homemade spells or enchantments with teleport, then teleport must be the first effect of 8 available.
* If you plan to quickly travel very long distances and your game crashes - run MGEXEgui.exe
Disable the option "Load cells in separate threads"

A quick teleport, the direction of which you choose by the movement of your character.

Kinetic strike
Deals damage and knocks back enemies.The spell's magnitude slightly increases its radius.

Charged weapon
Charging spells only create a channel of magical energy from you to your weapon. For the damage itself you pay with your mana separately.
* 2 operating modes: with any attack or only with a hit

Attacks everyone around with many magic balls.

Strengthens your spells of a certain type of damage (fire, frost, lightning, poison, health damage)

* The maximum number of different auras: 5. If you cast the same spell that is already affecting you, then its time will be updated. If you cast a new spell when all 5 slots are full, then it will overwrite the slot that is closest to the expiration of time.
* To create a home-made spell or enchantment, you first need to add an effect, then close the effect editing, then open it again and only then it will be with a range of "self", while the radius will become available.

Launch a projectile, and in the place of its collision a zone is formed that, every 2 seconds, will hit the corresponding damage of everyone who enters it (except for the hero himself).
* The maximum number of different AoEs: 5. If you cast a new spell when all 5 slots are full, then it will overwrite the slot that is closest to the expiration of time.

Launch a projectile and a trap rune will form at its collision site. If someone other than GG steps on it, the rune will explode and cause damage to everyone around indiscriminately.
* The higher the radius of the explosion, the larger the trap area.
* The duration of explosion damage is adjustable on the effect itself. The duration of the rune’s existence is fixed and equal to 10 seconds + 10% of Int, Mysticism and Change (40 seconds per hundred square meters).
* The maximum number of different runes: 5. If you cast a new spell when all 5 slots are full, then it will overwrite the slot that is closest to the expiration of time.

Spell prok
While the effect lasts, you will automatically shoot a projectile with the given parameters every 2-3 seconds.
* The duration of the damage from the proc itself is always 1 second. Radius depends on Alteration skill
* The effect of procs belongs to Mysticism and consists only in providing a stable channel from your magical tank for the automated creation of shells - for this you pay the price of the spell.

* Duration is always 1 second.
* Supports weapon enchantment!
* The number of balls depends on skills and intelligence (3-5)

* If you cast a new beam while the old one lasts, the old one will stop.
* Always 10 balls per second.

Maximum of 5 totems. Shoot every 2-1.5 seconds. Mana is consumed both during installation and with each shot. They have 2 modes: aggressive and only against enemies.

Reflect spells
Strength is the power of enemy spells that you can repel. Consumes mana on every reflection.
* Universal reflection reflects the original spell.
* Second universal reflection mode - mana shield. Does not launch the ball, only reduces the power of enemy magic. Mana cost is much lower.
* Special reflections transform the mana of an enemy spell into a ball and shoot it.

Kinetic shield
Spends your mana instead of taking physical damage.

Life leech
Heals you for a portion of your physical damage (spends your mana).

Projectile Control
* While the effect is on the player, he will control with his gaze the direction of flight of his projectiles - both magic, arrows and bolts.
* 4 modes: target, instatn hit, spin and auto-homing. Switch modes by pressing the special button together with the movement buttons.
* 2 modes of projectile control on target: free flight and smart mode
* The control of an individual projectile can last a limited time
* The hero pays X mana per projectile (depends on the mode)
* New control button for telekinetic throw! Hold while activating or dropping weapons. Launch any projectile for a telekinetic throw. Press to return weapon.
* Compatible with charged weapon effects

Bound ammo
* While the effect lasts, you can use the projectiles replenishment button and the auto-recharge mode (both functions are assigned in the mod settings).
* Each press of this button and each auto-completion (triggered if the current type of projectiles is less than 2) converts your mana into 3 projectiles of the current type.* The type of projectiles is selected automatically: arrows if a bow is equipped, bolts if a crossbow, shurikens in all other cases.* The price of 3 shells = 30 - (Conjuration + Alteration + Mysticism) / 20 but not less than 15.* Due to unstable daedric magic, projectiles receive random elemental enchantment, but its strength depends on the player’s stats.

Weapon projectiles - new mechanics!
If your weapon is enchanted for the effect when hit together with the “target” type, now it will fire a projectile at any attack, and not just when it hits someone. In order to enchant bows and crossbows to the effect on impact, you must necessarily disable the corresponding prohibition in the MCP.

Improved Mark effect
Allows you to put up to 10 marks depending on your skills.

Improved detection effects
Press a special button to turn on magic vision - objects will be highlighted if you are affected by the effects of detecting creatures, enchanted or keys.

Reworked the mechanics of the old reflection (less damage)

The power of summoned creatures will vary depending on the power of the caster if you have a 4NM_RANDOMIZER mod installed.

Permanent Enchantment Limit and Anti-exploit
Turns on and off in the settings.
The limit will be calculated based on the capacities table for each slot and ingame capacities of armor and clothing

The positive effects of eating the ingredients are reduced - in the original it was an absolute OP.

Added Archmage's menu
Enabled optionally in settings

Changes in magic GMST are now included in the modDescription for each GMST
fFatigueSpellBase 0 → 0.5
fFatigueSpellMult                   0→ 0.5
fNPCbaseMagickaMult         2 → 3
iAutoSpellTimesCanCast      3 → 5
iAutoSpellConjurationMax   2 → 3
iAutoSpellDestructionMax    5 → 15
fTargetSpellMaxSpeed          1000→ 2000
fMagicCreatureCastDelay    1.5 → 0
fElementalShieldMult    0.1 → 1

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