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Ability to improve weapon and armor condition above normal with repair tools. Items improved this way deal more damage and give more armor rating.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Version 4 is an almost complete copy of the 4nm mechanics. For this mod should be considered that all the perks mentioned have already been taken.

Repair efficiency multiplier = 50%
+ 50% if Blacksmith perk is taken
+ 100% if there is a forge, anvil or forge nearby and you have taken the special Blacksmith perk
So, without the talent and the right equipment to repair, your repair efficiency will be very low.

Improving weapons and armor
Allows you to upgrade fully functional weapons and armor with repair kits. Improved items temporarily receive higher durability than the norm: weapons do more damage, and armor protects better. In order to have the opportunity to improve weapons and armor, you need to take 2 different Blacksmith perks.
Maximum% improved durability = 100% + Improvement coefficient * Maximum
Skill coefficient = Blacksmith Skill + Dexterity / 5 + Luck / 10
Skill coefficient cannot be higher than 100
Maximum = Skill coefficient / 1000
* 100% or 150% with the Blacksmith perk (separate perk for weapons and separate for armor)
+ 0.05 with Luck perk
The maximum cannot be higher than the quality of the repair kit / 10. Ideally maximum = 0.2
Improvement rate = Skill rate * Repair kit quality
- Item price (no more than 10000) ^ 0.5 * (2 or 1 with the Blacksmith perk)
- 50 if the item is enchanted and the player does not have the special Blacksmith perk
The improvement coefficient cannot be higher than 100%. If the improvement coefficient is below 0, then the item cannot be improved.
Ideally, you can upgrade all items to 120% of their durability. For that, you need the best quality 2 repair kits.

Description for old version 3:
Items in perfect condition can be upgraded.
The higher your armorer skill, agility and luck, quality of repair kit and the lower fatigue and cost of the weapon or armor, the greater chance of a successful improving.
The amount of improvement is determined by your armorer skill and quality of repair kit (10% max).
In case of failure, the condition of the weapon or armor will deteriorate. The amount of deterioration is also determined by your armorer skill and quality of repair kit.
The upgrade menu will appear after 0.1 seconds of real time after using the repair kit, so that you can fix the weapons and armor before upgrading.
Assign a button for auto mode. Hold this button while equipping the repair kit - repair menu will not appear, but there will only be an upgrade menu.
If you are near a forge or anvil, the efficiency of your repairs and the chance of a successful upgrade are significantly increased.

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