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Barter overhaul. Allows you to invest in stores.

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This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

You can no longer sell 1000 of your gold to a dumb merchant for 2000 of his gold. Now all the traders are insolent and will always offer a disadvantageous price. And you will have to literally knock it out to acceptable values, bargaining furiously.

First offer price
First offer price = base * quantity of goods
Selling base = item price / odds → rounding down
Purchase base = product price * odds → round up
The base cannot be lower than 1 gold.
Coefficient = k0 – k1/200 + k2/200. The coefficient cannotbe less than 1.25.
k0= 1 + (1 or 0.8 if the trade perk is taken for sale) or + (0.7 or 0.5 ifthe trade perk is taken for purchase)
k1(for player) =Trade Skill
+ Eloquence / (10 or 5 with the Eloquence perk)
+ Attractiveness / (10 or 5 with the Attractiveness perk)
+ Luck / 10 if Luck perk is taken
+ Rank * (5 or 10 if the Speech perk is taken)
+ Reputation / 2 if Attractiveness perk is taken
Rank is the player's position in the merchant's guild (from0 to 10, and if there is no guild, then 0). For their big discounts.
k2(for a merchant)= Trade + Eloquence / 5 + Attractiveness / 5 + Luck / 10 + 150 - attitude towards the player (no higher than 100 or 150 if the Attractiveness perk is taken, creatures always have 50)
If the product has durability, then its price = Base price
* 50% + % durability / 2 / maximum price
That is, a completely broken item costs 50% of its base value.
Also fixed the cheat for getting infinite money from nothing, which was achieved using the price rounding error exploit.

Active barter
You can get a better price through active bidding. Maximumpossible profit = 10%
+10% if special trade perks are taken separately for sellingand buying
+ Attractiveness/20 but not more than 5 if Attractiveness perk is taken
In total, the maximum profit is 125% of the price of thefirst offer. Given that the most profitable first offer will be with a coefficient of 1.25, ideally, with active trading, you will be able to sell and buy things at their cost. Thus, the exploit of getting infinite money from buying goods below their cost price and instantly selling them above their cost price has been fixed.
Success rate = 50%
* 1 (or 1.1 with Trade perk) - Desired profit / Maximumpossible profit
* Trader's attitude towards you / 100 (Attitude cannot behigher than 100 or 150 if the Attractiveness perk is taken, creatures always have 50)
* Player Skill Coefficient / (Trader Skill + 50)
Skill Coefficient = 20 + Trading Skill
+ Speech Skill / (5 or 2.5 with Speech perk)
+ Attractiveness/5 but not higher than 20 - only with the Attractivenessperk
+ Luck/5 but not more than 20 - only with Luck perk
Ideally, the chance to get the best price from a weak traderwith 10 skill = 5% * 200/60 = 16.6%
For an average trader with 30 skill = 5% * 200/80 = 12.5%
For an experienced merchant with 50 skill = 5% * 200/100 =10%
Service prices
Prices for learning skills, buying spells, repairing andtraveling are also changed according to a similar formula:
Price = base price * coefficient
Coefficient = 1 - k1/200 + k2/200. The coefficient cannot beless than 0.5.
Now, if you take the special Trade perk, you can invest inany merchant. Each investment costs 50% of the merchant's maximum gold and grants +10% to their maximum gold. Number of available investments = basic
trading skill / 10 (but not higher than 10, that is, doubling the capital).
Investments increase the trade skill in the amount of 1% of the gold invested.
We can also take the trade signature perk and then we cansell any type of item to any merchant.

For this mod, consider that all the mentioned perks are taken

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