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A combat based on parries and dodges. Enemies fight almost like real players.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

The mod consists of modules, each of which can be enabled or disabled in the settings:
* Parry (when the attacker hits his opponent's weapon)
* Dodging enemies in close combat
* Enemies dodging your projectiles
* More frequent enemy attacks
* NPCs can hold the swing as a player
* Increase chance to hit (disabled by default)

More detailed formulas:

PvP mode
Now NPCs, humanoid creatures and many other creatures with enough intelligence will try to do the same thing as you - dodge your attacks.
The chance to perform an evasive maneuver is triggered when the player fires a weapon or magic in the direction of an NPC, as well as when dealing physical damage to the player in melee. In this case, the NPC should not be in a hitstun, knockdown or flight.
Chance = Agility + Evasion
Movement Speed ​​= 50 + Speed ​​+ Chance/2
* 100% - % encumbrance/2
* 50% + % stamina/2
The final speed cannot be higher than 200 when dodging projectiles, or higher than 250 otherwise.

To parry an attack means to hit the enemy's weapon after he starts the attack, but before his weapon reaches the target. At the same time, the parryer does not cause damage (since he deliberately hit not at the enemy himself, but at his weapon). The one whose attack is parried, in the event of a successful parry, stops his attack and is thrown off balance for a short time. In case of an unsuccessful parry, his attack continues and reaches the parry, but loses a significant part of the damage.
Initially, both you and all NPCs hit with normal attacks, which will try to parry enemy attacks whenever possible.
You can only parry with melee weapons and only attacks with melee weapons.
coefficient= Coefficient 1 (for the parryer) / Coefficient 2 (for the one whose attack is parried)
Coefficient 1= Weapon Weight * 5 + Strength + Agility + Block Skill + Attack Ratio * 2
* % swing if the player parries, otherwise random from 80% to 120%
* Stamina coefficient
* 50%/75% (one-handed/two-handed) + 25% with Block perk + 25% with weapon perk
Coefficient  2= Weapon Weight * 10 + Strength + Agility + Attack Bonus
* 50%/75% (one-handed/two-handed) + 25% with Strength perk
* % swing
* Attack speed - 0.5 (not lower than 0.2, not higher than 1, only for the player)

If the coefficient is greater than 0.8, then the parry is considered successful. The attacker interrupts his attack and is thrown off balance for (Fact - 1) seconds. This time cannot be below the minimum and above the maximum.
Minimum if player parry = 0.1 or 0.2 with Block perk
Minimum if a player's attack is parried = 0.2 or 0.1 with the Agility perk
Minimum for others = 0.2
Max if player parry = 0.2 or 1 with Block perk
Max if player's attack is parried = 1 - Agility (max 100) / 500 or 200 with Agility perk
Maximum for others = 1
While the character is off balance, attacks against him receive a damage bonus if the attacker has the Block perk. This bonus is 20% of Block skill. And if another Block perk is taken from the attacker, then the critical chance of his attacks is increased by 10% of the Block skill.
If the player has the special Security perk, then after a successful parry, their perception of time is slowed down by 1 second.
If the coefficient is less than 0.8, then the parry is considered a failure. The attacker does not interrupt his attack, but his base damage is multiplied by (1 - Coefficient)
Parrying costs 20 stamina (or 10 with the Block perk)
* (Coefficient 2 / Coefficient 1) (not higher than 1)
When two weapons collide, both of them lose durability in the amount of potential enemy damage * 10% (or 5% if the parrying / attacking has a special Blacksmith perk).
When trying to parry, the player gains experience in the weapon skill and experience in the Block skill.

For this mod, consider that all the mentioned perks are taken