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About this mod

This is a complete overhaul of weapon combat system. Makes combat truly dynamic and realistic, with every weapon type having it's own unique ability and playstyle. Enhances AI of enemies.

Permissions and credits
This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Requires the latest version of MWSE, MGE, and MCP.

Every change affects both PC and NPCs, as well as every creature in the game.

Full description of the mod in Russian

Below is a short description in English

Fighting stances
Adds 3 fighting stances:
1) Aggressive. Applies when you move forward, or forward and side. For an attacker, stance counts only with melee weapons
+ Crit
+ Chance to get crit
+ Chance for hitstun
2) Agile. Applies when you move sideways / sideways and back (but not forward). Shields prohibited.
+ Chance to dodge attacks
3) Defensive. Applies when you move back without moving sideways. For an attacker, stance counts only with melee weapons
- Damage taken
- Damage done 
 Add stamina cost on damage taken

*) Ninjastyle! When jumping, you do more critical damage (depending on your agility and acrobatics, and for this you need to crit).
Bonuses forNPCs and creatures. The higher their level, the more attack bonuses they receive. The attack bonus affects total physical damage, critical damage, and critical chance.

There's no bonus for standing still. Movement is life, and passivity in battle is not encouraged.
Cowardly shooters are made to run away. They do not receive critical damage bonuses for aggressive fighting stance, but also do not receive penalties for the total damage for defensive stance.

Hit chance
Changes formula for the chance to hit. Now you have almost a 100% chance to hit your enemy under most circumstances.
The hero now has 3 different attack evasion mechanics.
1) Passive. Blind the enemy or lower his agility. You can also apply the effect of a chameleon. As a result, your chances of dodging an attack will increase.
2) Active. Moving to the sides (but not forward), you get a significant chance to dodge the attack, depending on your dexterity, fatigue, good luck and the effect of the sanctuary.
3) If, when using active dodging, you are not too overloaded or tired, then you get a significant extra chance of dodging by sacrificing part of your supply of stamina. The waste of energy depends on your endurance, agility and your encumbrance.

Global damage
The global damage formula has been changed.
Base Damage = Weapon Damage * Weapon Strength * SwingPercentage * GMST Strength
Then the base damage is reduced by enemy armor.
Secondary (modified) Damage = Damage * Damage / (Damage + Armor)
After this, the rest of the modifiers apply to secondary damage:
+ Damage done:
Weapon skill level
Attack bonus
Weapon type-specific abilities
Decrease in the penalty for the poor state of the weapon - depends on the armorer skill.
- Damage done:
Low stamina
Enemy defensive battle stance: agility, endurance, and sanctuary effect.
Free enemy's hand (or better 2) - depends on agility and skill in hand-to-hand combat.
Enemy use of defensive stance

Combo strikes
To make combos you need to quickly strike in different directions.
The more unpredictable your attacks, the higher the combo rating.
You have 2 seconds since the last hit to continue the combo.If you deal the same attacks, then the combo rating will decrease.
The maximum combo rating depends on the skill of your weapon.
The higher the combo rating, the higher the chances of crit and hitstun.

Critical hits
You can now inflict critical hits in a regular combat. The crit chance and critical damage depend on many parameters. The higher the crit chance, the higher the critical damage.
+ Critical chance and damage:
Weapon skill level
Agility attribute
Luck attribute
Attack bonus
Enemy aggressive stance
Combo strikes
Small random
Attack bonus

- Critical chance and Damage Received (for opponent):
High stamina
Agility attribute
Endurance attribute
Luck attribute

Hitstun is a short-term confusion on getting hit. In the vanilla game, the chance of hitstun was 100%, now it depends on many factors.

+ Hitstun chance:
Attack damage
Critical damage
Weapon Skill, Strength and Agility
Aggressive fighting stance
Combo Rating
Perks of some types of weapons

- Hitstun chance:
Endurance and Agility of the opponent

Weapon type perks
Every weapon type now has it's own unique special ability. The higher your weapon skill, the stronger it's special ability.
Long blades. Combo strikes! Every third hit does much more damage and Increases hitstun chance. However, combo window is limited to just 1 second. Feel the rhythm of battle! This is a balanced weapon well-suitable for any situation.
Axes. Berserker Fury! With each new strike, the damage dealt increases, but rage subsides if you're not actively engaged. Suitable for prolonged battles.
Maces and Hammers. Armor Crushing Blows! Ignores part of the enemy’s armor when hit lands on a protected part of the body. Increases hitstun chance. Suitable against heavily armored opponents.

Short blades. Executions! The less health the enemy has, the greater the damage done. The choice of an assassin.
Spears. Driven prey! The less stamina the enemy has, the greater the damage done and crits. The choice of a hunter who prefers to tire his victim out before delivering a final blow.
Staves. The power of mind! The more mana you have, the more damage done. The choice of a true magician. Or a battle monk who's especially spiritually gifted 
Bow. Sniper shot! The greater the distance to your target, the greater the damage done.
Crossbow. Armor piercing! Heavy bolts penetrate armor well and cause additional damage if you shoot at a protected part of the body. Increases hitstun chance.
Throwing weapons. Hand of the master! With each hit in a row, your damage increases. But in order not to lose the momentum, your throws will have to be really fast.
Hand-to-hand. It's fine as it is. MCP just adds the effect of the skill on the damage done to the stamina, and then to the health.
Shields. Counter-attack! You will have less than a second after successfully blocking to counter-attack and do much more damage and Increases hitstun chance. To do this, you have to time your attack carefully.
Bestial fury! Unarmed wild creatures also received bonuses. Firstly, strength affects their combat damage again. Secondly, the closer the monster is to it's death, the more desperately he will fight for his life and inflict even greater damage.

Other combat mechanic changes

Add traumatic damage (on very powerfull srikes)

Realistic running speed. Tired - moving slower.
Backward speed reduced. This penalty can be partially reduced by high agility.
Realistic calculation of armor. 0 skill = 100% armor rating. 100 skill = 200% armor rating.

The path of the pacifist! Now you can take the weapons of knocked out enemies.

Maniac Mode! You will undress knocked out enemies. If you want.

Return of magic projectiles. Now, not only simple arrows, bolts and throw weapons will remain on target when hit, but also enchanted.

Auto equipment of arrows and bolts. When donning a bow or crossbow, if you don’t already have arrows or bolts equipped, they will be equipped automatically (if present in the inventory).

Added setting for realistic arrow behavior: they will stick into the ground and objects

Opponents have learned to knock you down (with 0 stamina)

Balanced swing power for NPS. Now at least 50% for melee weapons and 70% for ranged weapons. In the original, the minimum was 0%, which created many useless attacks.
Balanced fist damage for NPCs.

Improves AI of enemies. 
Now they will not constantly run away with a difference in position height. If the hero is out of reach, they will throw stones at him.

Fixed many bugs with combat AI
Fixed an exploit with invulnerability when using the chameleon effect in stealth

GMST Changes 
Description for each GMST
fEncumberedMoveEffect      0.3 → 0.8
fBaseRunMultiplier                1.75→ 3
fSwimRunBase                       0.5 → 0.3
fSwimRunAthleticsMult        0.1 → 0.2
fJumpAcrobaticsBase                        128→ 278
fJumpEncumbranceBase      0.5 → 0
fJumpEncumbranceMultiplier         1 → 0.5
fFallDistanceMult                   0.07 → 0.1
fFallAcroBase                         0.25 → 0.5
fUnarmoredBase2                  0.065 → 0.03
iBaseArmorSkill                     30→ 50
fSwingBlockMult                    1 → 2
fDamageStrengthBase           0.5 → 1.0    
fFatigueReturnBase               2.5→ 0
fFatigueReturnMult               0.02→ 0.1
fFatigueAttackBase                2 → 2
fFatigueAttackMult                0→ 8
fWeaponFatigueMult             0.25→ 1
fFatigueBlockBase                  4 → 2
fFatigueBlockMult                 0 → 8
fWeaponFatigueBlockMult   1 → 3
fFatigueRunBase   5 → 10
fFatigueRunMult                    2 → 20
fFatigueJumpBase                  5 → 20
fFatigueJumpMult                 0 → 30
fFatigueSwimWalkBase        2.5 → 10
fFatigueSwimRunBase          7 → 20
fFatigueSwimWalkMult        0 → 20
fFatigueSwimRunMult          0 → 30
fFatigueSneakBase                 1.5 → 0
fFatigueSneakMult                 1.5 → 10
fMinHandToHandMult         0.1 → 0.04
fMaxHandToHandMult        0.5 → 0.2
fHandtoHandHealthPer        0.1 → 0.2
fCombatInvisoMult                0.2 → 0.5
fCombatCriticalStrikeMult   4 → 2
iBlockMaxChance                  50 → 90
fKnockDownMult                              0.5→ 0.8
iKnockDownOddsBase                      50→ 0
iKnockDownOddsMult                     50→ 80
fCombatArmorMinMult                   0.25→ 0.1
fHandToHandReach             1 → 0.5
fProjectileMinSpeed                           400 → 1000
fProjectileMaxSpeed                          3000 → 5000
fThrownWeaponMinSpeed              300 → 1000
fThrownWeaponMaxSpeed              1000→ 3000
fProjectileThrownStoreChance        25 → 100
fSneakViewMult                     1.5 → 2
fCombatBlockLeftAngle       -90 → -60 (-0.666)
fCombatBlockRightAngle     30 → 30 (0.333)
fCombatDelayCreature         0.1 → -0.4
fCombatDelayNPC                0.1→ -0.4
fAIFleeHealthMult                 7→ 50
fAIFleeFleeMult                     0.3→ 1.5
fFleeDistance                           3000→ 5000
fAIRangeMeleeWeaponMult              5→ 70

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