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Realistic gravity for arrows. Shaking hands when pulling the string. Multi-shot ability. Arrows stay in objects and ground.

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This mod is part of 4NM - Total Gameplay Overhaul

Realistic gravity for physical projectiles fired by the player. The strength of gravity is configurable in the settings.

Shaking hands when pulling the string. The strength of the shaking depends on your agility, Marksman skill and the weight of the bow. Can be customized in the settings.

You can hold your breath to reduce hand shaking by holding down the right mouse button (or automatically). In this case, stamina is consumed (its consumption is configured in the settings).

When you reach 100 Marksman skill (by default), a multi-shot from a bow becomes available to you.

Physical projectiles get stuck in the ground and objects after being hit and you can pick them up.