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Small mods, tweaks and fixes.

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I will post here small mods, tweaks and fixes I've made.

List of mods:

Familiar Faces Fixes - some minor fixes for Familiar Faces mod: fixed bad uv map on dark elf female ears, also removed ambient color from ears in one dark elf male and one orc male hair mesh - it was causing weird lighting problem in OpenMW.

Better Bodies v3.0 Pluginless - pluginless version of Better Bodies with fixed crooked hands and other fixes made by Olol. There are meshes only so you will need some bb textures (these ones for example). Meshes for beasts races were excluded for better compatibility.

Better Bodies meshes for MacKoms heads Fixed Pluginless - same as previous mod but for MacKom's heads.

Pluginless Robert's bodies 0.3 (vanilla underwear) - pluginless version of Robert's bodies 0.3. Package includes meshes only and you will need textures from original mod (or these ones).

VSBR 1.0 pluginless - pluginless version of VSBR Vanilla style body replacer.

BB v3.0 Beasts Pluginless - pluginless beast bodies replacer from Olol's Better Bodies v3.0.

New Beast Bodies v3.3 Clean Pluginless - pluginless version of Liztail's New Beast Bodies v3.3 (Clean).

Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack - Vampires - vampire heads from ashiraniir's full Khajiit Head Pack. For some strange reason they weren't included into his pluginless pack.  I also fixed blink problem for them.

Better Clothes Missing Hands Fix - Couple of Better Clothes meshes have issues: it's left and right hand part names are messed up. It's causing hand missing. Here is fix for it.

Better Colovian Fur Helms - New meshes and textures for original and tamriel data colovian fur helms. Base mesh made by RegalOnion, red helm - recolored MET texture, other textures - just quick upscale via ESRGAN (1x_DEDXT + realesrgan-x4minus).

Open Helmets Fix Compatibility Patch - Fix and Compatibility patch for Open Helmets mod and various textures pack. Install it after main mod.

Pluginless NoGlow Lite - same as Plangkyes Pluginless NoGlow but weights less. I see no reason for 128x128 black squares so I reduced them to 4x4.

BlankGlowMaps for Robe Overhaul - I like Robe Overhaul but glowing jewelries make characters look like traffic lights so I created blank glow maps. Install after Robe Overhaul.

MET6.1 RedoranAtlas
- Redoran Atlas textures for MET 6.1

Blighted Animals Retextured MET - MET 6.1 based retexture of Blighted Animals Retextured´╗┐. Package also contains one fixed mesh with correct texture path. Install after main mod.

Old Blue Fin MET - MET 6.1 based retexture for Old Blue Fin or Vanilla friendly creatures and undeads expansion.

Dremora Overhaul Replacer Only - basic dremora creature replacer from Dremora Overhaul.

Westly Hair Textures Desaturated - some Westly hair textures especially for dark elves are too bright, so I just reduced its saturation. Install it after this mod or this one.

Dim Glass Icons - matching icons for Dim Glass mod.

IMI Sheath - Sheath for Psymoniser's Iron Mesh Improvements.

Artifact Mesh Improvements Sheath - sheath for PikachunoTMs Mesh Artifact Improvements and Replacers.

Pherim Comberry Bush Fix for OpenMW - fixed ambient color of material property because it was causing weird ´╗┐lighting problem in OpenMW (meshes with ambient color are too dark). Fixed mesh supports Graphic Herbalism. Install after original mod.

Pluginless rat replacer - pluginless replacer of rat by model from HedgeHog12's Symphony. I just removed reflect maps, normals and detail map that produces this "pseudo-HDR" effect that makes HedgeHog12's models to look alien in the game world.

Tyddys Telvanni Fixes - fix of missing textures messages for Tyddys Telvanni meshes (non bump); fix for couple textures with seams; compatibility patch for Telvanni Mesh Improvement (non bump).

Telvanni - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell HQ - Bump Maps - Missing Glow Maps by cibrhusk - drop to your textures folder if your are using bumpmapped version of Tyddy's Telvanni Textures.

Simple Linux Texture Optimize Script - simple bash script to optimize textures on Linux. Many moders like to save their textures in wrong format and it's causing significant bloating of texture size without any quality gain. Since Ordenador etc is not usable under Linux I created simple script based on imagemagick - it calculates mean value of alpha channel and if it >= threshold (1.0 by default - completely empty alpha) it removes alpha channel and saves texture in proper format. To use it simply drop it in texture directory and run it and it will process every dds texture in directory. Value of threshold to remove alpha channel can be passed to script as argument.

AtlasTexturesMET6 - Textures for Project Atlas based on MET 6 (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

BoatFix - combination of meshes from Papill6n's boat fix and Slartibartfast1's MeshFix + couple of fixes by me (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

Tavern UV Fix - fix of distorted UV maps on the window frame for ex_common_tavern_01 + same fix for Windows Glow mesh (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

Fixed Westlys Female Orc Heads - fix of female orc heads for Westly's Pluginless Head Replacer. Original meshes had problem - fangs did not move with mouth (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

Fixed Westlys Barenziah head - In Westlys pluginless head replacer several dunmer female heads (5, 7, 8, 10) had problem with jaw animation. Greatness7 provided fix for this issue but he overlooked Barenziah who have same problem (DEPRECATED use this´╗┐ one instead).

Westlys Pluginless Head Replacer OpenMW fix - Several dunmer and altmer head models had specular property. It wasn't noticable in vanilla Morrowind but in OpenMW these heads got plastic shine. I have removed specular property from these models (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

Argonians Revamp - vanilla argonian textures upscaled by waifu2x. All current argonian head replacers are either too different from vanilla style or don't fit well to the bodies. So I decided to create this retexture untill I will find something better (DEPRECATED there are better alternatives like Intelligent Textures or MET).

Common Windows UV Fixes - fix of inverted side window for ex_common_window_01 and ex_common_window_02 and additional fix for distorted UV maps on the window frame + same fixes for Windows Glow meshes (DEPRECATED use this one instead).

Lougian's colovian helm fix - fix of UV map for Lougian's colovian helm + replacer of grey colovian helm from bloodmoon. Install after Lougian's mod (DEPRECATED, use Better Colovian Fur Helms instead).

Linux Atlas Scripts - bash scripts to generate atlas textures and normal maps. Requires imagemagick package and lowercase names of textures (DEPRECATED, not compatible with current Project Atlas. It's easier to run original .bat scripts with wine then rewrite it to bash).

Install: drop into your Data Files folder.

12.03.2016 - Added Fixed Westlys Female Orc Heads
13.03.2016 - Fixed Fixed Westlys Female Orc Heads, replaced BlankGlowMaps for Robe Overhaul and Pluginless NoGlow Lite with 4x4 textures
15.03.2016 - Added Fixed Westlys Barenziah head
31.03.2016 - Added Better Bodies v3.0 Pluginless
01.04.2016 - Added Better Bodies meshes for MacKoms heads Fixed Pluginless
02.04.2016 - Added Lougian's colovian helm fix
13.08.2016 - Fixed missing neck for MacKoms BB meshes
16.08.2016 - Fixed meshes for Tyddys Telvanni (non bump version)
03.09.2016 - Added Westlys Pluginless Head Replacer OpenMW fix
04.09.2016 - Added Argonians Revamp
10.09.2016 - Added Pluginless rat replacer
04.01.2018 - Added Tyddys Telvanni Fixes
08.01.2018 - Added Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack - Vampires
16.01.2018 - Added Pluginless Robert's bodies 0.3 (vanilla underwear)
13.06.2018 - Fixed Pluginless Better Bodies meshes for MacKoms heads and Pluginless Robert's bodies (wrong named breton hand mesh)
19.04.2019 - Added Telvanni - Arkitektora of Vvardenfell HQ - Bump Maps - Missing Glow Maps by cibrhusk
04.12.2021 - Added Open Helmets Compatibility Patch, added VSBR 1.0 pluginless, added Linux Atlas Scripts
05.12.2021 - Added Simple Linux Texture Optimize Script
01.08.2023 - Added MET 6 atlas textures, added Better Clothes Missing Hands Fix, updated Open Helmets patch
02.08.2023 - Updated Pluginless Robert's bodies (removed floating polygons near shoulder), updated VSBR 1.0 pluginless (fixed breton male 1st person hand)
03.08.2023 - Added BB v3.0 Beasts Pluginless, New Beast Bodies v3.3 Clean Pluginless
10.08.2023 - Added Westly Hair Textures Desaturated
18.08.2023 - Updated Better Bodies v3.0 Pluginless (fixed nude mesh for OpenMW)
25.11.2023 - Added MET6.1_RedoranAtlas
04.02.2024 - Added Dim Glass Icons
07.02.2024 - Added Blighted Animals Retextured MET, IMI Sheath
10.02.2024 - Added Old Blue Fin MET, Dremora Overhaul Replacer Only
14.02.2024 - Added Familiar Faces Fixes, Pherim Comberry Bush Fix for OpenMW
15.02.2024 - Added Artifact Mesh Improvements Sheath
28.02.2024 - Added Better Colovian Fur Helms