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Color tweak of Robert's Bodies to match vanilla heads. Also, a re-upload of Moranar's "lost" patch for RB and Better Clothes.

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Robert's Bodies is probably the best option for those that don't like Morrowind's segmented bodies; however, the colors do not match vanilla heads. To fix this, I started with Galleo's color tweaks and repackaged them for the original Robert's Bodies meshes. Then I added a color tweak for Dunmer males created by Corsair, then made my own tweaks for male Imperials, Orcs, and Bosmer. I also packaged Galleo's normal maps for use with OpenMW. I think they look kind of odd, to be honest; to be fair to Galleo, I'm not using them as intended. You can easily try them out using a BAIN-capable mod manager and uninstall them just as easily. Or if you're using OpenMW's virtual file system, unpack the mod file to your mods folder and enter the following lines in your openmw.cfg file, where filepath is wherever your mods folder is.

data="filepath/mods/Robert's Bodies Color Tweaks/00 Core"
data="filepath/mods/Robert's Bodies Color Tweaks/01 Normal Maps"

Remove the second line if you decide against using the normal maps.

Relatedly, I'm also re-uploading Moranar's "lost" patch for Better Clothes and Robert's Bodies, previously only available at Wolflore and currently unavailable anywhere but here until Fliggerty gets their issues straightened out.

Please see the credits section for those who most deserve credit for this mod. My contribution was basically repackaging, plus a few tweaks. Thanks to all the talented modders for what they provide the community!

Recommended mods:

Pluginless Robert's Bodies (Check out the Files tab and scroll down. Those meshes and the textures from my mod should be all you need. Other versions of Robert's Bodies should also be compatible.)
Facelift (Upscale vanilla face textures and mesh fixes for vanilla heads.)
Intelligent Textures (Also has very nice upscale vanilla face textures. If you would prefer to use them, install after Facelift. If you prefer Facelift's textures, install it after IT.)
FUT (Just the normal map files for OpenMW. They seem to be perfectly compatible with Facelift and IT. Facelift may someday have its own normal map files, making this recommendation obsolete.)
Better Clothes Complete (Better Clothes plus all addons and available fixes. Use this instead of the original Better Clothes, More Better Clothes, etc.)

Final Note: These are nude texture files, but no nudity will actually appear in game unless you use a nude version of Robert's Bodies. Therefore I'm not marking these as adult content. Just don't open the dds files on public computers, I guess.