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Adds exteriors to all interior cells with windows. So far, Molag Mar, Caldera, Pelagiad, and Gnisis.

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The goal of Morrowind Interiors Project is to add exteriors to all interior cells that have windows.

Immersive Interiors is my #1 favorite Oblivion mod. I really wanted to have something similar in Morrowind, so I set out to make it.

The following locations have been implemented:
  • Molag Mar
  • Caldera
  • Gnisis
  • Pelagiad
  • Maar Gan

Features so far:
  • Rain can be seen outside of windows during the rain. No rain indoors.
  • The sound of rain can be heard during the rain.
  • Buidlings will be affected by mesh/texture replacers
  • The Silt Strider of Gnisis can be heard from inside Gnisis buildings
  • NPC copies outside of windows. If the NPC they represent in the exterior world dies, they will get disabled.

  • Mournhold
  • Ald-Ruhn
  • Vivec
  • Balmora
  • Exterior views for buidlings given open windows by Glow in the Dahrk, such as the buildings of Seyda Neen
  • Everything else
  • Tamriel Rebuilt locations
  • BCOM versions of everything that can be done.

Known issues:
  • Mod is OpenMW only, as the vanilla engine and MWSE do not allow one to alter the water level of interior cells that behave like exteriors. When the project is done, I'll consider creating a Vanilla/MWSE version, but it will have rampant incompatability due to having to raise almost every interior cell.

Permissions are as open as can be, so if I randomly vanish, feel free to make updates, patches, whatever.

Poorly made tutorial found here