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An HD head and hair replacer aiming for a vanilla-like feeling.

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I used Westly's head meshes and file structure as a foundation for a more vanilla-friendly HD head and hair replacer, which largely relies on redrawn and cleaned up vanilla textures.
It also covers Tamriel Rebuilt - while, for now, I've only mostly finished TR_Data Dunmer (and a few human faces), the rest are in the works, and shouldn't stand out too painfully vs. mine (at least if you use an upscale such as that offered by Facelift).
I'll be working on completing the TR heads in the future, and, should stars align, would also alter various meshes to be even more faithful to the original designs. Any help is always welcome, particularly mesh-wise.


Westly, for providing me with a ground to work with and kickstarting my efforts.
Caleb (aka Explorer1911), for his gracious help in remaking several meshes, notably the orc ones, to closer resemble the original head shapes - check out his Familiar Faces if you are looking for a more vanilla experience!
DassiD, whose MET allowed me to add a bunch of neat finishing touchups - if only I checked it out sooner!
MacKom, whose assets enabled me to hasten the initial stages of the mod.
Lucas9, for compiling several of the Better Bodies textures included in WFR (originally sourced from the mods listed on the linked page).
Ashiraniir for the Pluginless Khajiit Head Pack included in WFR.
PikachunoTM for clearing up the hair meshes from some junk inherited from Better Heads.

Recommended mods to go along with WFR:
Better Elven Bodies by VidiAquam34, which make Better Bodies meshes for elves more distinctive from human ones.

For Argonians, I use Familiar Faces meshes and Facelift's textures.