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ATL Team and PikachunoTM

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Replaces a lot of the vanilla (plus Tribunal and Bloodmoon) meshes with scratch-built versions with fixed uvs and better shaping. Includes an optional add-on that provides the Bloodskal Blade with a unique mesh and textures!

Permissions and credits
PikachunoTM's Artifact Mesh Improvements
Part of the May Modathon 2018

I found this old mod on my hard drive, fixed it up and added a few new meshes. All meshes are scratch-made (and use vanilla textures). Optional plugin to replace the Bloodskal Blade in Bloodmoon with a unique mesh and textures available as well, plus a modified version of the new Daedric key mesh courtesy of SpaceDevo (New version works now, thanks SpaceDevo!).

Version 1.1 fixes the wonky size issue some models had. Be sure to overwrite any of the old meshes with these new ones!


Replaces many vanilla artifacts from Bloodmoon, Tribunal, and Morrowind with scratch-made versions. 

The new Bloodskal Blade mesh has two plugins; one which alters the blades stats (makes it two-handed), as well as new scripted behavior! It also adds another which just replaces the blade's mesh (if you don't want any of the new effects, but still want to see a cool blade).


Other mesh replacers. It's recommended you install this first and then overwrite, unless you wish to see the cool new meshes ;)

The Bloodskal Blade edit will conflict with anything that edits the Bloodskal Blade script or the Bloodskal Blade itself. The scripted version also requires the "Scriptable potion use" in the Mod specific page of the Morrowind Code Patch to be disabled (until Hrnchamd fixes the duplicate potion bug it causes).


Use and redistribute however you wish, but please provide credit for whatever you use. The Bloodskal Blade could use a retexture, but I don't really have the necessary skills to make it look amazing.

This mod currently alters all of the following artifacts:
-Amulet of Usheeja
-Azura's Star
-The Bittercup
-Cleaver of St. Felms
-Crosier of St. Llothis
-Daedric Crescent
-Daedric Key ( With optional edit by SpaceDevo )
-Dwemer Puzzle Box
-Fang of Haynekhtnamet
-Fork of Horripilation
-Ice Blade of the Monarch
-Key to Lower Arkngthand
-Mace of Molag Bal
-Madstone of the Ahemmusa
-Mehrunes Razor
-Mentor's Ring
-Moon and Star
-Ring of Denstagmer
-Ring of Hircine
-Ring of Khajiit
-Ring of Namira
-Ring of Phynaster
-Ring of Surroundings
-Ring of the Wind
-Seizing of the Erabenimsum
-Shoes of St. Rilms
-Skeleton Key
-Spear of Bitter Mercy
-Staff of Hasedoki
-Staff of Magnus
-Teeth of the Urshilaku
-Thong of Zainab
-Vampiric Ring
-Warlock's Ring
-Wings of the Queen of Bats

And of course, the Bloodskal Blade if you choose that option :)