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Properly smoothed vanilla meshes

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Better Meshes
by Resdayn Revival Team

Properly smoothed vanilla meshes for:
- potions
- alchemy equipment (retorts, calcinators, etc.)
- repair equipment (hammers, prongs)
- all misc items (except soul gems)
- frescoes (with new textures)
- Urns And Planterns (Created for Dunmeri Urns - Aestetika of Vvardenfell mod by Tyddy)
- Books, scrolls and notes
- Exterior Redoran architecture


V1.0 - Initial Release
V1.1 - fixed texture path for apparatus_g_retort_01.nif
08/03/2015 - Better Frescoes V1.0 added
08/03/2015 - Better Frescoes V1.1 - minor fixes
02/05/2015 - Better Urns And Planterns V1.0 added
06/05/2015 - Better Urns And Planterns V1.1 - fixed furn_planter_01 mesh scale
V1.2 - Almost all models (except books, scrolls and soul gems) from the "M" folder are now properly unwraped, smoothed and optimized.
30/07/2016 - Better Books V1.0 added
04/01/2019 - Better Redoran Architecture V1.0 added
10/01/2019 - Better Aldruhn-under-Skar V1.0 added (thanks Tyddy for Redoran - Arkitektora Vol.2 used as source)
19/01/2019 - Better Redoran Architecture V1.1 added


E-mail - [email protected]


Distribute and modify the plug as you want, just don't forget to scribe us in to the list of authors

- Siberian Crab

Special thanks to comrade Tyddyner for his mods and texturing tutorial :D
Project Atlas team for Project Atlas

RR_redoran_atlas_generator.bat is based on Sataniel's atlas generators. All Glory to Sataniel!