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An in-depth yet completely vanilla friendly touch up of every head and almost every hair (a few looked okay) in the game. Hopefully breathes new life into the character's appearances for diehard vanilla purists and people just looking for a decent upgrade to the old heads.

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After a week or so of some hard crunch, I've finished up a head and hair replacer that I've wanted to make for a long time. It's supposed to be vanilla friendly as I am myself a vanilla purist, so don't worry, no beautified elves or incompatible head shapes or anything. Uses completely vanilla textures (apart from the optional Redguard female teeth addon, which fixes the missing teeth texture for Redguard females.) Feel free to use your hideous AI upscaled textures, normal maps, or anything else that just replaces textures. It'll probably work. I know I didn't include very many pictures, but you should see with what I provide the level of quality I was striving for. No readme cause this mod is pretty self explanatory. Simple drag + drop installation.

P.S. I did not do every single hair (a small few were fine, so I still did the vast majority) but I included their stock models in the download so if you're replacing another head/hair mod it's easy to just drag, drop, and replace. I DID do every head however.

P.P.S. I went with a lower poly head for the humans for a few reasons, one, there's a bunch of unnecessary vertices all over the models, and two the eyelids looked really bad for humans compared to the elves. Fun fact: I used Counter-Strike: Condition Zero character models as examples of what good low poly heads looked like.

P.P.P.S. Yes it includes beast races, though argonians didn't really need much. Also includes vampires.

Remember to report bugs as you find them. There's a fuck ton of heads/hair in this game and there's probably something I messed up. Hopefully not, though.