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This mod adds unique textures to all blighted animals.

Including retextured vanilla textures and Darknut's 512 or 1024 textures.

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This mod adds unique textures to all blighted animals.

This is a retexture of the mod "Catherine´s Blighted Animals" by Catherine.
The original textures were to gray for my taste, also the whole image was brightened so that black spots became grey wich made the model look flat. The red teeth are removed and I changed the red eyes to white, lifeless eyes.

You can find three different version for download, choose the one you like:

BlightedAnimalsRetextured (Vanilla) - using Vanilla textures
BlightedAnimalsRetextured (512) - using Darknut´s 512 textures
BlightedAnimalsRetextured (1024) - using Darknut´s 1024 textures

Also there is a optional download for fixed Nix-Hound animations made by Arcimaestro Anteres. It fixes a bug with the knockout animation wich is in the vanilla game and is not fixed by MPP.

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ALL CREDIT GOES TO: Catherine (for the mod), Darknut (for the textures), Bethesda (for models and vanilla textures). I tried to contact both Authors but had no success, so if any of the two wants me to remove this I will imediantly do that!