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Port of Expanded Galaxy Mod to LE3. New weapons, improved quality of life, overhauled Normandy, new war asset system and much more. Setup which modules you want to use and customise individual options within settings app.

Permissions and credits
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  • French

EGM for LE3

These features have been ported from Expanded Galaxy Mod (ME3).  The core EGM functionality, a few changes have been ported that generally improve quality of gameplay, plus optional modules that overhauls the Normandy, creating an evolving and lively base and improves the war asset system to create the sense of the ship being a small refuge in a vast and changing galactic conflict.

New Add-on Mod: N7: A Spectre’s Gift
Discover the legacy of the Andromeda Initiative, a new N7 mission.

EGM Core Quality of Life Features 

New Weapons - Collector SMG, Collector Sniper, Geth Spitfire, Gladius M-57
Gameplay improvements - Change armor at mission launch, change loadout at any time, portarms, cutscenes use the proper weapons.
Mission Timings - Preset when DLC and other missions unlock
Normandy Conveniences - Sprint/walk through scanner, CIC war assets terminal, visible engine room as in ME2.

New Weapons
- Collector SMG
- Collector Sniper Rifle
- Geth Spitfire heavy assault rifle
- Gladius M57 automatic assault rifle
- All can be found during gameplay. 

Core Gameplay
- When launching a mission from the Normandy the armor screen automatically allows selection along with the weapons and powers as usual.
- During a combat mission press "P" (or tap QuickSave/Back on controller) to port-arms (lower your weapon).  Whilst not holstering it has a similar impact without having to save/reload Shepard.
- During a combat mission press "H" to toggle helmets for Shepard and the squad on and off.
- During a combat mission press "ctrl" + "L"  will allow you to change weapons and armor and save the new Loadout.  It won't trigger under fire.
- On non-combat hubs - "ctrl + L" will allow Shepard to change outfit.
- All keybinds can be edited from the Options/Key Bindings menu
- Optional - all cutscenes use the weapons that Shepard or the squad are carrying, defaulting only to the basic types if they don't have either a alternative pistol or smg (rather than a Predator Pistol), or another rifle or shotgun (instead of an Avenger), depending on how the cutscene is animated.
- At the start of the Mars mission you can change your loadout and armors. If you have EGM Armors for LE3 these will be available.

DLC & N7 Mission Timings
- Load the EGM Settings from the mod manager tools menu and select LE3. Ideally set before you board the Normandy (once unlocked the mission stays unlocked).
- You can now select timings of DLC missions (Eden Prime, Omega, Citadel and Leviathan).
- You can also select timings of the 6 N7 missions (when Traynor will announce them).  Any side quests can still be completed.

- Security Scanner can be set to off (i.e. sprint-through) / walk-through (c0.5s delay) / or On in EGM Settings.
- War assets can be viewed from the CIC terminal and notifications light has been fixed.
- Mails have the format - Surname, Name - Title. (English only)
- All the windows in the Normandy have FTL effect, not just some.
- The engine room is visible from Life Support and Crew Quarters (as per ME2).

Normandy Immersive Overhaul Module (Optional - requires Community Framework)

New and evolving Crew - Set your XO, Marine Officer, decide on numbers of Marines, Medics, Engineers and other crew.
Customisable Normandy - Add a firing range, vehicles and other equipment all controlled from the new ships manifest.
Normandy Radio - Optional Radio with multiple different background musics and playlists to collect. Optionally can be used in cabin and/or galaxy map .
Cabin Romances - Get an interactive picture from Shepard's love interest, invite them up to spend time with Shepard in the cabin.
ME2 Weapon Imports - Import weapons at the correct level from ME2. All weapons reach level X on first playthrough if ME2 imports are used.
Immersive improvements - Restored conversation beween Ashley and Liara, unblocked windows, new cabin models and much more.

Improved Terminal
Set XO, Marine Lieutenant and Chief Engineer. Requires certain levels of conversation before individuals are unlocked.
Set other crew including Marines, medics, engineers and chef or barman. Require senior officers.
Crew Manifest reflects Shepard's and crew's personal history.
Set Normandy equipment including vehicles and customisable firing range options.
Access Spectre Mail.
Set your squad powers and combat gear.

Set mission timings for major missions like Priority:Tuchanka, Priority: Perseus Veil (Geth missions) and Priority:Thessia. Complete DLC without feeling like you are supposed to be somewhere urgently. Instead you can optionally set the conversation to human in the war room or vid call at your leisure (set in EGM Settings).
The Alliance will give Shepard an extra 25,000 credits on boarding the Normandy to reflect an initial budget (and help towards expensive weapons).

Deck 1
Cabin Invites - once romances are locked in you can invite your love interest to the cabin (if they are on the Normandy). This includes:
Liara, Kaidan, Ashley, Garrus, Steve, Samantha and Tali.
Each has a few interactive scenes.
Cabin Photo - all romances have a photo. Interactive.
Various collectables including Mako model, Hammerhead model, Collector's Blade, Shepard's Helmet and many more.
View Medals (as per ME2)

Deck 2
Bridge - shutters restored.
CIC - Traynor's dialogue won't be cut-off if you open the galaxy map or use the elevator.

Deck 3
Liara's Room
- Ashley conversation restored. A cut conversation between Ashley and Liara is restored (Localized). Ashley will visit Liara's office post coup.
- Fixed screens so they don't invert. A variety of screens will show.
- Ilos painting (if the player completed LOTSB in ME2)
- Normandy photo (if the player romanced Liara in ME1)
- Liara bed scene (if the player has a loyal romance in ME1/2/3 or has locked in romance in ME3)

Crew hanging around in the mess hall may include marines and others.
Life Support used as office (sometimes)
Arms back in Life Support (if Marine rating is medium to high)
Fix shutters in Port/Starboard Observation rooms
Medical bay will slightly change depending if player purchased the upgrade in ME2.
If Garrus is dead he will be replaced by a crewman as Gunnery Officer.
Pick bonus giving medics (requires Chief Medical Officer)
Pick Barman or Chef (requires XO). They will feed Shepard's fish. Decor in mess hall and bar may reflect which is chosen (as will behaviour of some crew).

Deck 4
Windows opened up on the Cargo deck in Javik's room and Starboard Cargo.
Pick Geth/Quarian Engineers (requires Chief Engineer)
New store allows purchase of Normandy upgrades.

Deck 5
Shooting range - can be purchased from Deck 4 engineering terminal. Customisable in Manifest.
Armory - as you find and gather more weapons you can view them in your armory. A small bonus is available for collecting the majority.
Secondary vehicles including Mako, Hammerhead, Trident and others can be purchased after Vega destroys the spare shuttle in Priority:Mars. Customisable in Manifest.
Javelin Missiles available.
ME2 Weapons imports - Direct import from ME2 (Not New Game Plus). Authorise Cortez to bring the crate on board after the first dock at the Citadel. Weapons reflect ME2 level. All weapons will go to Level X once box has been opened. Crate will disappear after 6-7 missions.
Mechdog has a greater variety of ambient chatter restored.
New Alliance Requisitions store contains some late game Alliance weapons if you want them early.

Entire Ship
Marines will guard doors at various key points depending on selected security level.
Use ducts to travel between decks.
FTL VFX on all windows.

Visitors and Conversations Module (Optional, English Only)

Visitors that stop by on the Normandy and conversations including: EDI Holo in the cockpit, Jack and her Students, Grunt and Aralakh company, Geth Fighter, Geth Primes, Shadow Broker Wet Team, comments in the Normandy Range and more.  Some visitors require loyalty from ME2. Requires Normandy module.

Check the Normandy map to see their location.


The following visitors are available:
Jack, Kahlee and the Grissom students - Jack must be loyal and survived ME2.  David Archer can be found if he survives ME2 and ME3.  Jack can be invited to the cabin if romanced in ME2 and Shepard doesn't break up with her at Grissom.
Grunt and Aralakh Company - Grunt must be loyal and survive ME2 and ME3. Aralakh's second-in-command can be spoken to.
Geth Fighter - the Quarians can be found looking at the Geth Fighter recovered from the dreadnought.
Legion working on human interface device - Legion must be alive and loyal ME2. He will be constructing a device to allow a human to interface with the Geth.
Geth Primes - Legion must be loyal and alive.
Shadow Broker Wet Team - once recovered from Rothla the wet team will be aboard, including Tazzik the giant Salarian and other members. 
N7s  - once recovered during the N7 Extractions assignment (requires EGM Armors Mod, Galactic War Module for the assignment).
Ann Bryson - after being saved from a Reaper attack.

In addition:
EDI is available in the cockpit as her blue AI ball before she finds a body.
EDI will talk as her holo version when arguing with Javik.
The Normandy Range has comments from squadmates and crew members.
When discovering the fate of Rupert Gardner, some of the Squad will comment.

Visitors will stay until the first of:
(1) the Normandy flies to the Citadel in the Galaxy Map (no need to dock, just fly to the citadel itself).
(2) 2 missions pass.

All conversations are in English only.

Galactic War Module (Optional, English only)

Immersive Galactic War - The Normandy becomes a small part of a galactic spanning war. Read customised Intelligence and see a map that reflects the war situation.
Expanded Galaxy Map - All the systems from all the games.
Revised War Assets - Improved war asset system which reflects better the lore and Shepard's choices in previous games.
Map Settings - Choose whether to switch Reapers on or off, show assets % always or only after scanning, shorter relay video and other conveniences.
Normandy performance - Buy upgrades that impact the Normandy's performance in the map or recruit Engineers whose skills can further enhance the ship.

Note: It is best to use the Galactic War module from the start of a new playthrough. Otherwise war asset values will be out of line and cannot be retro-actively changed.

Map changes
- Entire map from ME1/2/3 is unlocked from start.
- Boost speed, fuel, scanning range, reduce vulnerability with ship upgrades (see Deck 4 Engineering terminal).
- Fleet icons (Optional via setting)
- Traynor will give voiced hints in some systems if a war asset can be found. (Restored content).
- More war assets, especially those that relate to ME2/ME1 choices and missions.
- Setting allows you to see where systems have assets (0%), or no assets (100%) even if they haven't been searched before.
- Map has hidden vehicles for the cargo deck, more salvage, videos at certain locations and other bonuses.

War Asset changes
WARNING:  The war asset system has been ported directly from EGM ME3 to LE3.  It has not been tested via a playthrough of LE3 or rebalanced.

- Revised war asset system ported from OT EGM ME3.
- New war asset rebalancing to more realistic values.
- Choices during the trilogy have a bigger impact on assets. Tough choices mean bigger gains.
- Alliance Intelligence Services (AIS) Reports customised to your playthrough regularly report on war progress.
- A few short search & rescue assignments (optional - can be switched off from EGM Settings):

Evacuation of Thessia - Decide what to risk and who to rescue on the beleaguered planet.
N7 Extractions - extract N7 troops from Earth, running the gauntlet of the Reapers.
Aria's Forces - Gather forces for Aria's assault on Omega. See the result after the station is invaded.
Bekenstein - Help councillor Udina recruit recalcitrant colonists.
Criminals v Veterans - Decide whether to rescue a powerful force for Aria, or help an old friend of Garrus.
Phoenix Project - bring a journalist to witness war crimes.
Strontium Mule - find a traitorous ship.
Cerberus Base - decide the fate of the results of Project Overlord.
Batarian Attack - decide whether to risk human lives in support of Shepard's former enemy.
Geth Supplies - recover equipment for new allies.

Evacuation of Thessia Assignment
- This is a short galaxy map assignment ported and improved from OT ME3.
- It involves a decision how much (if it all) to risk Allied forces in saving people from Thessia, and when in the assignment who to save.
- It can be started after the Priority: Thessia mission, you will receive an email from the Asari Councillor. This will be received if assignments are enabled, and once the Normandy has left the Athena Nebula. We suggest completing conversations about the fall before attempting the evacuation as it makes more thematic sense, but this is not a requirement.
- The Reapers will attack at speed. Upgrades to the Normandy can be vital if you are going for a large evacuation.

Squadmate Pack

Squadmate Casuals - Set squadmates casuals that the use on the Normandy and Citadel, adjust via EGM Settings in Mod Manager Tools menu.
New Armor for Tali - Additional "hood down" armor.
Bonus squadmates - Select from ME1/ME2 additional squadmates on N7 missions. (requires Normandy Module to be installed).

Squadmate Casuals
- All the squadmates have extra casual outfits. Garrus has a choice of 6, Liara 4, Tali 5, EDI 5, Javik 4, Ashley 4, with James and Kaidan both having 3. Select them via EGM Settings and reload the Normandy to have the change take effect. Also works with the Citadel DLC, although between the missions the set will be fixed (where possible) to match the armor that character is wearing.
- Currently no changes will appear during the prologue
- EDI's synth skin can be unlocked by finding a formula in a Cerberus research facility.

Extra armor
- Tali has an extra armor (hood down) by Mellin.
- EDI can appear with her Synth Skin outfit, if the formula is found. 

Additional Squadmates
Wrex, Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Grunt, Samara, Kasumi, Zaeed, and Aria T'Loak are available to take on N7 missions if the Normandy Module is installed. They can have powers and weapons set in the terminal on the Normandy and powers reset in the medbay like other squadmates.

To make available go to the crew manifest and enter the "View Non-Crew Specialists". This will show which (if any) are available and you can put up to 2 on standby. This means they are ready to join you directly on a mission.

There are two modes: story and non-story. You can switch between these modes using the mod settings.

In story mode (default) squadmates are available if they are on the Normandy (e.g. Wrex during the Genophage campaign or when Jack visits) or if you have completed their personal storyline.

Wrex: available between Surkesh and Tuchanka when he is on the Normandy.
Jack: once spoken to in Purgatory.
Miranda: once invited aboard with Miranda Mod.
Jacob: Post Gellix and speaking in Huerta.
Samara: Post saving on Mesana and speaking on the embassy.
Grunt: If he survives the Rachni mission and you get rid of the C-SEC that interrupt his celebrations when he leaves.
Kasumi: Post recruiting during the Hanar diplomat mission.
Zaeed: Post recruiting during the Volus plot, you must speak to him afterwards.
Aria: Once Omega is completed, and if you were very loyal to her.

In non-story mode all are available to pick as you want, with the only stipulation that they are alive/around in ME3.

Extras (Optional small add-ons)

Noveria - Restored 'flare' cutscene. Originally it looks like there was supposed to be a cutscene where Shepard launched a flare to signal Cortez. This was cut but the flare vfx and dialogue was left in. This option restores the cutscene and dialogue, and in addition adds a couple of Phoenix Dragoons, fast moving melee specialists for enemy variety. (Localized).
Gasbags on Eden Prime - Restored Gasbags seen in the prologue of ME1 to their native planet. (Not localized).
Immersive Weapon Drops - DLC Weapon drops in appropriate lore friendly missions. (Localized).
Adas / Reegar Carbine / Geth SMG - can be found in Geth/Quarian missions.
Bloodpack Punisher / Executioner - can be found in missions for Aria T'Loak.
Acolyte - can be found in an Asari related mission.
Krysae - can be found in a Turian related mission.
Cerberus Harrier - can be found once you kill a new Cerberus enemy type (won't drop if Project Variety is installed).
N7 Piranha / Hurricane / Eagle - can be found when you meet some N7 soldiers. (Require EGM Armors Mod, Visitors and Galactic War modules).
Venom - can be found in a Salarian related mission.

Bonus content for LE2 - Fix Weapons in Cutscenes

In addition the cutscene weapon fix code has been ported and adapted for LE2. This can be downloaded as an qol add on for that game.

To make it easier to use in Collections that has been moved to here: EGM Weapons in Cutscenes (LE2)


If using, install the Community Patch & Framework first.

Make sure you delete from Mod Manager any early versions of EGM called "Expanded Galaxy Mod (QoL)" these are now defunct and can break your game if you try to run them alongside current EGM.

Drag and drop onto Mod Manager and Import, requires the latest version. When you "Apply" the mod EGM Settings will automatically run.

You can also access EGM Settings at any time from the Tools menu - EGM Settings LE.

Language Localization

Module - Localization
Core - Completely Localized  (English / French / Italian / German)
Squadmate   - Completely Localized  (English / French / Italian / German)
Normandy     - Audio conversations (e.g. Liara/Ashley, Mission calls) are completely localized. Text is in English.
Visitors          - Not Localized.
Galactic War - Not Localized.
Extras     - All are localized except the Gasbags.


EGM is not compatible without patching with mods that make changes to the Normandy.  Other mods that change the galaxy map will generally not be compatible with the Galactic War module.

Mods that change NPCs need to use the Community Framework v1.6.7  or higher to ensure compatibility.

Compatible and recommended Mods by the EGM team:
N7: A Spectre’s Gift - a gift from a fellow Spectre leads to the legacy of the Andromeda Initiative. New N7 mission.
EGM Armors LE3 - add MP N7 armors and Ark Mod armors. An extra visitor is possible.
Miranda Mod (LE) - adds Miranda to the Normandy as a full squadmate post Horizon. Requires Normandy module.
Sil's Spectre Expansion Mod - extends the Galactic War module including lots of new mini assignments and new systems from the extended lore. Requires Galactic War.

Compatible and recommended Mods by friends and collaborators:
Beccatoria's Liara Mourns the Dead (v1.1) - this adds a new conversation and cutscene for Liara post the coup. There was a similar convo in OT EGM but this is a big improvement on that, so we suggest using this instead of us porting it. This mod will delay Ash's visit to Liara's office until the next time you visit the Crew deck, as long as that is before a couple of missions are completed.
Pauju's Dreams Remade - adds a new more impactful versions of the dreams. Natively Compatible.
Emily Returns - Emily Wong upgrades Diane Allers. Fully voiced. Natively compatible, with the exception of EGM specific text, which is patched.



There are way too many people to thank who have contributed to EGM and its sub-mods over the years.  Apologies if I have forgotten anyone.

The original EGM team (2014-2016)

Lead Designer, Original Script and Programming: Kinkojiro
Writing, Testing and Concepts: Rusm0
Writing and Editing: lmorri8165
Additional Writing and Design: Sil
Lead Artist: Mellin
Lead 3d Artist: Patadepocho
Lead Video Artist: Orikon
Additional Design: Realsurvivor, IceWaterKraken

Toolkit Programming:

Content Contributors:
Deager - Vocal compositions
Mgamerz - Technical and Controller Compatibility
Giftfish - Thanemod content, and plenty of moral support

Euderion -
MandyAlenko -
nach77 -
Reis1989 - reis1989.deviantart.com9
Sebdoom (End Fleets Music) - Mass Effect Andromeda Interpretations | Sebdoom (

Additional huge thanks to:
Audemus, Aquadron, BladeZero, Bluephoenix73, Cheeseycom, CreeperLava,  Deadspear, Forgetti, Khaar, Ledbetterman, Valmar, Viper, WarrantyVoider

LEX Conversion by Kinkojiro 
with art by Mellin
Contributors: Audemus, Sil, Scottina
with massive thanks to:
Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, HenBagle, Khaar, Grixdale, Thalia, Herobrine