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A few quality of life features from Expanded Galaxy Mod (ME3) ported to LE3. As EGM will take a long time to be ported, a few behind the scenes features that improve the gameplay are being added earlier. Over time this mod will gradually become more like the full EGM experience, as more content is added.

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EGM - Quality Of Life Features for LE3

These features have been ported from Expanded Galaxy Mod (ME3).  As it will take a long time to rebuild the core EGM functionality, a few immediate changes have been ported that generally improve quality of gameplay.  These include:

EGM Core Quality of Life Features 

Core Gameplay
- When launching a mission from the Normandy the armor screen automatically allows selection along with the weapons and powers as usual.
- During a combat mission press "P" to port-arms (lower your weapon).  Whilst not holstering it has a similar impact without having to save/reload Shepard.
- During a combat mission press "H" to toggle helmets for Shepard and the squad on and off.
- During a combat mission press "ctrl" + "L"  will allow you to change weapons and armor and save the new Loadout.  It won't trigger under fire.
- Optional - all cutscenes use the weapons that Shepard or the squadmates are carrying, defaulting only to the basic types if they don't have either a alternative pistol or smg (rather than a Predator Pistol), or another rifle or shotgun (instead of an Avenger).

DLC & N7 Mission Timings
- Load the EGM Settings from the mod manager tools menu and select LE3. Ideally set before you board the Normandy (once unlocked the mission stays unlocked).
- You can now select timings of DLC missions (Eden Prime, Omega, Citadel and Leviathan).
- You can also select timings of the 6 N7 missions (when Traynor will announce them).  Any side quests can still be completed.

- Security Scanner can be set to off (i.e. sprint-through) / walk-through (c0.5s delay) / or On in EGM Settings.
- War assets can be viewed from the CIC terminal and notifications light has been fixed.
- Mails have the format - Surname, Name - Title.
- All the windows in the Normandy have FTL effect, not just some.
- The engine room is visible from Life Support and Crew Quarters (as per ME2).

Squadmate Pack (Optional)

Squadmate Casuals
- All the squadmates have extra casual outfits. Garrus has a choice of 6, Liara 4, Tali 5, EDI 5, Javik 4, Ashley 4, with James and Kaidan both having 3. Select them via EGM Settings and reload the Normandy to have the change take effect. Also works with the Citadel DLC, although between the missions the set will be fixed (where possible) to match the armor that character is wearing.
- Currently no changes will appear during the prologue and EDI's synth skin unlock isn't yet available.

Extra armor
- Tali has an extra armor (hood down) by Mellin.

Bonus content for LE2 - Fix Weapons in Cutscenes

In addition the cutscene weapon fix code has been ported and adapted for LE2. This can be downloaded as an qol add on for that game.


Drag and drop onto Mod Manager and Import, requires the latest version.  When you "Apply" the mod EGM Settings will automatically run.

You can also access EGM Settings at any time from the Tools menu - EGM Settings LE.

Future versions of EGM

Thanks to the efforts of Mgamerz, SirCyrtyx and HenBagle among many others the Legendary Explorer toolkit is a much improved version of the modding tools. However we cannot simply just convert files from OT to LE.  We have to remake every change by hand.  Our intention is to slowly rebuild EGM. Do not expect anything in the short term. The scale and timeframe of the rebuild will be totally dependent on how much time life affords us.

The intention is to gradually release parts as we can, and will update this mod as we go. We haven't decided the priority but we will make things as modular as possible. If you have any features that you think are a top priority then please drop us a comment. We cannot be port any parts that included assets from multiplayer (which include the Ark Mod missions, Collector Weapons etc).

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