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3 new combat outfit options for Miranda to be used with Miranda Mod.

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There are a lot of amazing armor like combat outfits for Miranda but i wanted to have a different take and give her more spy like combat outfits. Thanks to the Expanded Galaxy Mod and the  Miranda Mod these outfits can also be used for LE3. There are 3 new combat outfits for her in this mod. Black Jacket, Yellow Jacket, and Victoria Saint outfits.

This mod couldn't have been possible without a lot of people. Thank you so much to Jenya for letting me use her Miranda body base so that i can play dress up with her. Huge thank you to KKjiro for helping me prepare the mod to be worked with Miranda Mod and EGM, also for making Miranda Mod so that we can all get to see Miranda more in LE3. Another big thank you to Strider for lending me the blend file for posing of Miranda and helping me through with any issues i had while i was trying to make it all work. He is also the author of amazing Disavowed mod which was recently updated to become a dlc mod that also works with the Miranda Mod. It's also fully compatible with my mod. So make sure to go download that one as well. You certainly won't regret it.
Also another thanks to Munchfly for preparing the LE3 guide for squadmate outfits which i ended up looking in to while making this mod along with stuff she taught me for LE2 mod which was actually helpful with this mod as well. 

This mod requires Miranda Mod and Expanded Galaxy Mod.  It works through these mods so they're hard requirements. 

This is a ME3Tweaks mod so just drag the 7zip to the mod manager and import-apply. It is important to install all the content mods before starting to apply texture mods. So make sure you apply this mod before starting to install texture mods.

Manage target Disable/Delete Morning's Combat Outfits for Miranda LE3

To Jenya for Miranda base body.
To Strider for the blend files that i used for preparing the GUI images of Miranda with the new outfits.

During the creation of this mod, Black Jacket, Yellow Jacket, and Victoria Saint outfit asset from Fortnite were also used under Epic Games's "Fan Content Policy Rules".  This mod is not endorsed by or affiliated with Epic Games. 

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