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Mass Effect Mod of the Year 2021 - Winners

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Happy New Year!

Now that the hangovers have subsided, and the votes have been tallied, it's time to announce the winners of the Mass Effect Mod of the Year awards! The competition was truly fierce - so fierce in fact that we ended up with near ties between two mods in 5 separate categories. All of them came down to less than 5% difference in vote share, so in the spirit of celebrating this wide array of talent, we've decided to award both mods the award!

Now without further ado, here are your Mod of the Year 2021 winners!

Best Graphics Mod: A Lot of Textures (ALOT)

Created by: CreeperLava

Best Quality of Life Mod: Expanded Galaxy Mod (LE)

Created by: Kinkojiro

Best Story Mod (WINNER #1): Expanded Galaxy Mod (LE)

Created by: Kinkojiro

Best Story Mod (WINNER #2): Take Earth Back (LE)

Created by: Tydeous & TEB Team

Best Texture Mod: A Lot of Textures (LE) - Improved Static Lighting

Created by: CreeperLava

Best Customization Mod (WINNER #1): Alternate Ellise Default FemShep Retexture

Created by: Audemus (Original Texture by Ellise)

Best Customization Mod (WINNER #2): Customizable Default FemShep Headmorph

Created by: Jenya66 & NoiraFayn

Best Apparel Mod: Expanded Shepard Armory (LE2)

Created by: Khaar Machinima & ThaliaGraces

Best NPC Mod: Saren Stages (LE1)

Created by: Catachrism

Best Gameplay Mod (WINNER #1): Bonus Bonus Powers

Created by: DropTheSquid

Best Gameplay Mod (WINNER #2): Cerberus Retrofits

Created by: Tydeous

"I Never Knew I Needed This": Immersive Emails

Created by: delawana

Most Anticipated Mod (WINNER #1): Project Variety (LE3)

Upcoming Mod by: Scottina123

Most Anticipated Mod (WINNER #2): Audemus' Happy Ending Mod

Created by: Audemus & Scottina123

Community Choice Award: Pinnacle Station DLC

Created by: ME3Tweaks

Modder of the Year: Mgamerz

Rookie of the Year: Zeb

Best Mass Effect 1 Mod: Pinnacle Station DLC

Created by: ME3Tweaks

Best Mass Effect 2 Mod: Expanded Shepard Armory (LE2)

Created by: Khaar Machinima & ThaliaGraces

Best Mass Effect 3 Mod: Expanded Galaxy Mod (LE)

Created by: Kinkojiro

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mod (WINNER #1): Project Pretty

Created by: mulderitsme

Best Mass Effect Andromeda Mod (WINNER #2): Less Interaction Time and Less Omni Tool Interaction

Created by: Padme4000

Mod of the Year 2021: Expanded Galaxy Mod (LE)

Created by: Kinkojiro

And that's a wrap! Thank you to everyone who voted, and let's all give a round of applause to the winners! 2021 was an incredible year for our community, and I get the feeling we're just getting started.



Happy Holidays folks!

As the year draws to a close, I'd like to reflect on the crazy journey our community has been on this year. Never in the history of Mass Effect modding has there been a more eventful year. The release of Legendary Edition of course was a huge catalyst for the incredible modding we've seen in 2021, but it's thanks to our community-built and maintained toolkit and modding ecosystem that we were able to hit the ground running with a fresh start where modding the Mass Effect games is more accessible than ever before.

So, to celebrate the talented modders bringing you your favourite mods for Mass Effect, we're hosting a Mod of the Year awards! Across 18 categories we polled our dedicated modders and users across the Mass Effect Modding Discord for their nominations from over 800 Mass Effect mod releases in 2021. I've crunched the numbers, and we're now ready to reveal the nominees.

If you'd like to show your support for your favourite mods of 2021, you can find the link to our entry form down below.

Voting will end on 1 January 2022 at 00:00 UTC. The winners will then be announced in the New Year. We'll be handing out trophies in the form of award banners, which mod authors can place on their mod pages.

See you then, and enjoy the rest of the year!



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  1. HereIAmAgain1
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    I am glad to see ME modding is still developing, making cool stuff that was made before look even better! Looks like, despite of all critics to ME LE overall quality, it was a new opportunity for modding community to show their high skill once again.
  2. BklynGrl72
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    Congratulations to everyone!
  3. MassimoMx
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    • 4 kudos
  4. Kittekassitar
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    Happy Holidays !
  5. anaesthaesia
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    Congrats, well earned <3 ty for your work!!
  6. Pickysaurus
    • Community Manager
    • 655 kudos
    Congratulations guys! Loving all the new mods for MELE! <3
  7. PenelopeJenga
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    • 11 kudos
    Congratulations to all participants and winners! Great selection of mods, thanks for all your hard work and for adding so much to these games :)
  8. JamesLionheart
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    • 6 kudos
    Congratulations~! Thank you for all of your amazing work!!
  9. MaruDied17
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    Just wanted to chime in, congratulation to all the winners!
  10. scottyus1
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    • 70 kudos
    All the male shep face mods... oh wait.. there is none other than bearded shep.. sad times lol 
    1. MaruDied17
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      • 4 kudos
      It'll take some time for other modders to join in. Let's wait patiently.

      Edit: I just remembered femshepping male retexture existed.