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adds a shirt for javik to wear on the normandy/citadel. requires egm + egm squadmate pack.

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this mod adds a shirt for javik as casual wear. this mod requires EGM and EGM squadmate pack to work. if you do not have EGM and the squad pack installed this mod will not work.

he wears the shirt in all places he would wear the casual option with EGM, so on the normandy, for his character moment on the citadel, and
appropriate parts of the citadel DLC.

there are two options, a red jacket with a navy undershirt and a navy jacket with a red undershirt. you can switch between them by changing his casual outfit in the EGM settings (armors/outfits tab). if you have a red option selected for his casual in EGM settings, he will wear the red jacket. if you have a black option selected he will wear the navy jacket.

changing the color of his armor in-game (for combat) will not affect the color of the shirt. only changing in the EGM settings will change the color.

if you change the color in EGM settings and load a save in a location he was present and in casual wear in the save (citadel/normandy) he may not have changed colors immediately. if you encounter this issue, reloading the map should fix it. you need to completely leave the area and return for the change to take place, using an elevator will not change the color.

thank you very very much to the egm team allowing me to use files to make this mod.