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Expands the conversation between Shepard and Liara that occurs after the attempted Cerberus Coup. This conversation will now trigger for all players. Liara will discuss Kaidan, Ashley and/or Thane, depending on who died during the Coup and on Virmire.

Permissions and credits
Liara Mourns the Dead

This mod expands the conversation between Shepard and Liara that occurs after the attempted Cerberus Coup. Liara will discuss Kaidan, Ashley and/or Thane, depending on who died during the Coup and on Virmire.

In the vanilla game, this conversation appears only if Kaidan or Ashley died confronting Shepard during the coup. It will now trigger for all players. If the Virmire Survivor was talked down and sided with Shepard against Udina, Liara will instead discuss the squadmate who died on Virmire. She will also talk about Thane (if he died as a result of saving the Salarian Councillor).

This is not cut content, this was constructed with borrowed (some from the vanilla version of this scene, some from elsewhere) and carefully spliced lines to flesh out an interesting scene that many players will never otherwise see. Please see the video tab for the full scene.

A note on Virmire

This mod assumes that Liara met both Kaidan and Ashley prior to Virmire, and that one of them died on Virmire.

The vanilla game makes it possible to recruit Liara after Virmire, but this is not recorded in any way in the game save, and there are other places in Mass Effect 3 where Liara talks as if she knew the person who died on Virmire. This mod follows that pattern. 

The Virmire Savior mod series allows for Kaidan and Ashley to survive, but there is no sensible way to restructure this scene without that death, considering its primary purpose is to talk about that death. If you install both, this scene will act like one of them is dead anyway.


This mod is for English language audio only. It involves heavy use of repurposed and spliced lines from other areas of the game which I cannot replicate (and may not be replicable) for other languages. 

If you play with English audio and subtitles in another language, this is supported, but please note that most translation is currently automated and likely contains errors. If you can submit a more accurate translation, I would be grateful to receive and integrate this into the mod with full credit. Please do not release standalone translation mods, I would prefer to host all languages together on the main mod.

With thanks to MajorKirrahe89 for improved Polish translation.


Download the .7z file. 
Import the .7z file into ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
Apply the mod to the game. 
Play the game.

You can install this mod at any point before returning to the Normandy after the Cerberus coup, as long as you have not installed texture mods (using MEM - Mass Effect Modder). 


This mod may be deleted or disabled safely via ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Select your LE3 installation, and then choose "Manage Target", you will see the option to disable or delete.


As of Liara Mourns the Dead v1.1 and Expanded Galaxy Mod v0.87, these mods are natively compatible.

As of Liara Mourns the Dead v1.2 it is natively compatible with Project Variety and the lines referring to Liara's research into Kai Leng will not trigger twice.

If Thane survives the coup as a result of either the Thane Can Live or Thane Lives mods, Shepard will not talk about the situation repeating, nor will Thane be referenced during the conversation. 

As noted, if you use this alongside the Virmire Survivor mod then, while not technically incompatible, this mod will act like one of them is dead anyway. 

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Credits and Thanks

The ME3Tweaks tool devs for their continued development of the modding toolset. 
Kinkojiro for assistance in providing native compatibility with Expanded Galaxy Mod and the assistance with the doors.
Scottina123 for permission to provide native compatibility with Project Variety.
gabe8 for the beautiful banner.