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Emily Wong joins the Normandy! Recruit your favorite reporter to join you in your quest to save the galaxy, receive a new mail from her, and choose between three outfits and two hairstyles.
This mod does not replace Allers's voice, but replaces all references to her throughout the game.

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Emily Wong joins the Normandy! Recruit your favorite reporter to join you in your quest to save the galaxy.
She will send you a new mail when joining the Normandy, receive a new mail from her, and choose between three outfits and two hairstyles.

This mod replaces Diana Allers with Emily Wong, and all references to Allers throughout the game.


You may be wondering whether or not this mod replaces Diana Aller's voice, to which the answer is no. Doing so would require getting the original VA to help, or finding a VA that sounds similar to Emily's original voice.
However, what this mod does is replace all mentions of Diana's name by either splicing audio, using a voice synth when possible to fill missing words, or cutting the mention of the name in a way that doesn't disrupt the conversation's flow.

There are only two instances where content mentioning Diana has been completely removed due to no suitable solution being available:
1. The mention of her dying on an Alliance ship by a Citadel announcer. In this case, the mention of who died has been removed.
2. Kennet and Gaby's dialogue where there's a mention of inviting her to a game of poker. The line has been removed and instead, the default EDI line will be used.


The best and easiest way to install this mod is by using 
ME3Tweaks Mod Manager:
  • Make sure you have installed the LE3 Community Patch mod.
  • Download the Emily Returns file.
  • Drag and drop it into Mod Manager.
  • Choose Import Mods.
  • Select the mod and click Apply Mod. Make sure you install this mod after all other content mods, including Project Variety, (minus texture mods) for the automatic patches to be applied properly.
  • Enjoy the game!


  • Make sure to install the mod after your other mods so the patches can be applied automatically.
  • After installing texture mods you cannot install more content mods, and to uninstall them you need to restore your game to vanilla.
  • The current version requires the LE3 Community Patch version 1.6.8 or higher to be installed beforehand.



This mod is compatible with any mod not mentioned below. 

If a mod edits any of Allers' conversations, this mod will override those conversation changes, while remaining compatible with everything else.

This mod is not compatible with the following mods:
- New Dresses for Females (LE3).
- Any mod that doesn't use the Framework and replaces files that have Diana.
- Any mod that replaces Diana Allers, her dialogue, or that mentions Emily Wong as being dead or not being in the Normandy.

If you are a mod developer and want to make your mod compatible with this one, feel free to make a compatibility patch. You can contact me via DM if you have technical questions about it.


Kinkojiro: For figuring out ways to simplify the mod's logic, integration with EGM, and how to avoid TLK hell.

beccatoria and Tajfun403: For figuring out the missing steps to have unique cloned conversations, which helped in simplifying the mod.
Sil: For helping improve Liara's breakup line.
Kinkojiro: For the streaming advice to avoid falling into memory hell.

Herobrine24: For the DEU localization.
ArgonneDivulge: For the POL localization.

As always, this mod wouldn't be possible without the help of the Mass Effect modding community.
Here are some special thanks in no particular order:

NoiraFayn: For using her tech wizardry to convert Emily's ME1 headmorph into a separate head mesh for use in ME3.
Jenya: For the amazing outfit that Emily now wears by default.
Zebbros and Audemus: For the great LE1DP casual outfit.
Audemus, Khaar, ThaliaGraces, Jenya, Sil: For all the help getting textures to work and similar advice when, instead of setting Emily up, I was accidentaly invoking Eldritch horrors.
Audemus: For upscaling the ME1 hair textures.
Sil: For porting Emily's headmorph to LE3. I didn't end up using it, but it was a good resource for reference.
Khaar: For advice on the classic hair mesh, I would've been very puzzled otherwise.
Pauju_opa: For recording all the footage used for the promotion of this mod.
beccatoria, Vegz, Sil: For guidance on conditionals and booleans and ints and all that fancy mumbo jumbo that I hadn't dealt with before.
All who developed the Framework: Having to edit only one file to set Emily's appearance was truly a relief, and makes compatibility ten times easier.
All who developed the Mod Settings Menu: Having it be part of the mod is such a cool and useful thing.
The developers of the XVASynth2: Without it, I wouldn't have been able to make some of the audio lines splices work.
Everyone who helped in any way, big or small: I'm sure I'm missing a couple of special mentions, but to everyone who supported me making this mod, thanks so much for being there!