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  • Modders Reference

    These are the plot states, TLK references, conditionals and other information needed for modders to build compatibility to EGM and avoid conflicts.

    LE3 EGM & EGM Armors for LE3 & MIRANDA MOD

    Note these are not all used at the moment, but will be once the full EGM is ported from ME3 to LE3.  Note that these bools may also be imported from LE1/2 => LE3 and cause incompatibility that way.

    Plot States: 28500-29500 (Bools/Ints/Floats)
    Conditionals: 4600-5999
    State Transitions: 9000-9499

    TLK Strings: 944000-948500
    (In addition a number of existing in game strings are overwritten and ME1/2 strings (<500000) are ported to ME3).

    Mount:  Main mod 5000.  Other future mods and add ons like squadmate pack wi...