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  • News Article - Updated 28-04-2019

    What has been made for Patch v0.9?

    Here's a quick update to show what is complete, what is being worked on, and what is still needed to be done for Patch v0.9.

    Key = Complete - In Progress - Not Started
    Galaxy Map Updates:
    - Additional Star System for Minos Wasteland:
    - Fal; containing Fal 3, owned by a salarian corporation of the same name from cut Mass Effect 1 content.
    - New Cluster; Sin'kelar Cluster containing 4 new star systems including:
    - Grebosht; containing Kai'morak and the Mass Relay
    - Silparon; containing the Ahn'kedar Orbital Platform
    - Essul; containing Bekke
    - Jath; this system is a mystery...
    - Updated Cluster; Nemean Alpha to hav...

  • Huge toolset update for ME3Explorer ME3Tweaks Fork - Testers needed

    Hi all. I'm Mgamerz. I've been working on ME3Explorer - ME3Tweaks Fork for over a year now to support building my mods as well as several other developers in the scene for multiple games.

    In the past few weeks we have ironed out most of the issues targetting our next release,, which is a massive update, despite the minor number change. The next major update will be version 4.0, to more accurately reflect the huge departure from mainline 3.0.

    I am looking for some people to test this beyond my group. There is a huge list of changes, bugfixes, and improvements you can read about here if you'd like:

    However, I'll list the BIG ones (there's a ton of them)

    Huge improvement in property parsi...

  • The Future of Spectre Expansion Mod

    It's been over two months since the N7 Day Update, one that I was proud of and I have had a lot of feedback about. It was not my most successful release, however, due to accidentally included bugs that affected both the stories in my mod and those in EGM. The next patch will fix these, but as it's been so long since I released anything I felt it was worth addressing why. Not only that, but I believe it is fair to give a roadmap of what I want to make before v1.0 is released and what content I have teased which will no longer happen. It's only fair for fans of the mod to have access to all the details.

    Patch 0.85

    Over the past two months I have been focusing on two goals for the next patch; first it has been my intention to expand the Hanar subplot with a new missio...

  • Modders Resources (EGM and Add-ons)

    For other modders who wish to build in compatibility with EGM :

    This covers EGM and its add ons (including Ark Mod, Omega Hub, Miranda Mod etc)

    Test plot if EGM is installed bool 29400 = TRUE
    Test conditional if EGM is installed conditional 5019 = TRUE
    Expanded Galaxy Mod Mount: 5000
    Add-on mounts range 5010-4990
    DLC TLK ID: 945100
    TLK Range: 944000 - 978000

    Conditional range: 4600 - 5999
    State events range: 8700 - 9499...

  • Modders Resource

    Mod Mount: 4317

    TLK String ID: 13376670...

  • Modders Resource

    This is for modders only

    Project Variety Main Mod Mount: 4316

    DLC TLK ID: 13376667

    Project Variety Patches Mod Mount: 5171

    DLC TLK ID: 13376668

    Conditional Numbers:  9121, 9122, 9127...

  • Mod Compatibility

    This information if for version 1.3 of the mod
    Before We Begin

    Everyone needs to know the basics of modding Mass Effect 3. If you do not, all I can do is point you to the beginners guide on the wiki. Also, read this section CAREFUlLY. If you ask a question that is already answered in this section, I will ignore you and delete your comment

    The Following Mods Are Compatible Out Of The Box

    Citadel Epilogue Mod Lite (CEM Lite)

    Mass Effect 3 Recalibrated (ME3RE)


    Miranda Redone

    Princess Demeter’s Kaidan DLC Mods

    Ashley War Pack

    Alliance Warpack

    Better Cabin Music

    Urz on the Normandy

    EGM Miranda Mod

    EGM Omega Hub

  • The Recalibrated Mod Series

    The Recalibrated Mod series consists of three mods for the original Mass Effect trilogy. Since each mod differs in authorship and scope, we've posted this article to help users know what to expect for each mod.

    1. ME1Recalibrated.
    Author: Kinkojiro & The Recalibrated Team
    Released: January 2019
    Mod Format: DLC and overwrite

    ME1Recalibrated is a small bugfix mod in the spirit of the unoffical patches for Bethesda games. It seeks to fix bugs, restore cut content, correct lore, and more. Users should not expect "new" content from this mod, nor large deviations in plot/game mechanics.

    Due to the complex nature of ME1's directory layout, ME1Re is distributed with an installer that also provides the option as to which fixes to install. T...

  • Giftfish's ME3 Mods and PEOM Compatibility

    Hey Everyone.

    Normally, I post information on compatibility in my publicly available spreadsheets, but, as with Rondeeno's Same Sex Romance mods, this is a bit of a special situation that requires a few more details.

    As explained in detail on the ME3Explorer wiki, any two DLC mods are incompatible when they change the same game files. This is because the game cannot load both files simultaneously; it can only load one. Therefore, the user will only get the changes made to one file -- made by one mod -- and not both. The entire conflicting file in the other mod will be ignored by the game. This is why presence of the same PCC files across mods is the primary way modders assess compatibility during development, and subsequently, whether and how they will work with oth...

  • v0.85 Released

    After the success of v0.8 I was keen to knock out this update as fast as I could. Unfortunately it did not work out that way, but a lot of content has been added for you all to enjoy. Here it is:

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

    Bug Fixes

    The last patch of Spectre accidentally introduced bugs into EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod content. This was no fault of Kinkojiro or EGM, this was entirely my fault, and I apologise. However, these bugs should now be fixed!

    Please let me know if you have any more issues with them.

    Galaxy Map Expansion

    Spectre Expansion Mod finally starts to tackle the dreaded Nemean Abyss that was first ment...

  • Isy Shepard

    That's my current Shep.
    You'll need the Hair as DLC Mod and Gibbed Saveedit....

  • ME3Tweaks and Mod Manager - a 6 year modding retrospective

    Hi all, Mgamerz here. After reading CreeperLava's excellent post on the history of ALOT, I decided to write one for Mod Manager and ME3Tweaks. It's going to be decidedly less exciting, as both of these have mostly been projects I work on alone, but hey, why not ;)

    The land before time
    As a bit of pre-history to my work on Mass Effect 3, I used to mod MegaMan Battle Network games. I was part of the modding scene on The Rockman EXE Zone back in 2007, as member 328. We performed amateur reverse engineering on the ROMs (mainly MMBN6), deciphering binary data formats so we could write custom battles and make patches. It was exciting - though I had literally no idea what I was doing. We learned as we went. I wrote many guides on how to mod the game, mostly through a memory edit...

  • Behind the scenes of A Lot Of Textures (ALOT)

    This article is intended as documentation for the making of ALOT and its evolution. It's there for those who want to know more about ALOT, textures and modding in general. It shows the work that went into making ALOT what it is today. I'm also talking about what ALOT means to me. There's a bit of everything. I hope it makes for an enjoyable read, there's pictures at least.

    A Lot Of Textures (ALOT) is a mod seeking to give a visual upgrade to the entire Mass Effect trilogy (ME1, ME2, ME3). The three ALOTs, one for each game, contain in total over 16 GB of unparalleled high resolution goodness, with around 4000 textures. It is also the largest modding project of its kind for any game. The result is a trilogy that is much m...

  • N7 Day Patch - v0.8 Released

    Happy N7 Day everyone! A year has gone since Bioware's disappointing 10 year anniversary which left us in a state where it felt like Mass Effect was done for; ME:A had been poorly received, DLC for it was cancelled, and all that is releasing for ME is a book.

    In the spirit of doing what Bioware should, here is some new content for you to enjoy! Spectre Expansion Mod v0.8 includes a host of new additions to the game, so take a look below at what you will find:

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

    Ghosts of Antilin: Betau Station
    For those who have been waiting for the main text mission of the Virtual Alien plot, here it is! I won't give an explanation of the mis...

  • Installation

    To install the mod you must go to your Mass Effect 3, Bioware folder, subfolder
    CookedPCConsole and place the mod in it, you will be asked to replace
    the original of the game with which I recommend making a copy of it
    before installing this in case it gives a failure.

    To uninstall it you just have to put back in that folder the Coasceled.bin originates that previously copied....

  • v0.75 Released

    I'm pleased to announce that v0.75beta has been released! I apologise for it taking longer than expected, but I have also added a little more content than I had intended, so hopefully it balances out for you all. Listed below are the changes that have been made.

    *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

    Ghosts of Antilin
    The STG uncovered a plot to commit an atrocity in the Antilin system, but there's a problem. The star system has been scrubbed from the Archives! Discover who is responsible and find Antilin, but can you do so before it's too late?

    I'm very pleased to reveal the first half of the Virtual Alien storyline is ready to release!

    The Ghosts of...

  • V1.2 is out

    V1.1 include some small specular  fixes i did in a morning. for exemple Some light of the removed tiny screws were still appearing.

    Also A "darker" version has been added, it's even more dark meaning it will be a bit less revealing details but fit kinda better my other blackOps mods)
    This version is still in beta meaning it's not tested under all kind of light in game, but seems real fine !

    Darker version had got a better alphamap than regular, so i spent extra time to bring regular version at the same level

    Cheers & enjoy !...

  • Paladin 2.6 is out

    A last mistake i did when i was a rookie a modding me3 back in the day : D
    Now i know how to make hand paint specular, i was able to correct that mistake where the white stripes / marking were glowing slightly red or led's color depending your weapons mods.
    Lowered again the gloss a bit to match other weapons, fuck glossy metal, hurray modern Matt ABS !


  • Fixed the fixed version...

    Seriously this mod is haunted or what ?
    I forgot AGAIN something, sorry for the disturbances ... download and install again the v1.2 for HOPEFULLY the last version ever and no mistakes/omission
    It ill work better.
    I might come back for a 1.3 if this ghost piss me off again....

  • Fixed Version

    Guys ! This wasn't working at 100%, didn't notice there was a Mips issue about one of the info to remove. The eye reticle was still visible.
    I fixed that right now ! (19/06/2018) File updated to 1.1
    Please download it again, install again and this will work 100% now ! comment if there is somekind of problem i am not aware of

    Im sorry about that. Deleting the 1.0 version.