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Hairy Sheploo mod allows players to add a new hairstyle and/or beard to the default male Shepard, based on Dutch model Mark Vanderloo. All hairstyles plus the beard are custom meshes with new textures, meaning this mod provides 3D hair options and aren't just painted over his face.

Permissions and credits


Our team worked hard on this mod so we hope you will like it. After having been considered by many modders for almost a decade, impossible to mod, here we come to prove them all wrong. Finally, Sheploo's appearance is modded beyond simple texture jobs. Give him a hairstyle as you always wanted to, no more fully shaven head. Who has time to keep it trimmed every day in the middle of a war? Wait, you want him to actually have a sculpted beard? Tired of "bearded texture mods"? We are here to provide you with the solution you always wanted to.

Hairy Sheploo is a very easy and complex mod at the same time. With it you can choose to give your Shepard your choice of hairstyle accompanied or not of a beard. Moreover, if you like his hairless look, you can just add him the beard. We are pretty sure that we came up with an option which will fit your tastes. We carefully curated which hair meshes to use for Sheploo and manually adjusted them all for his head, including the beard. You may recognize the hairstyles from other mods and other games, but again, our meshes and textures have been edited to perfectly match and not clip with his head. This isn't a simple port. We have to warn you that WE DON'T TAKE REQUESTS so all messages like: "Please add this hairstyle" or "I would love to have this hair too" will be ignored.

The mod is fully compatible with Genesis and the mod itself will patch on its own when installing if Genesis is detected. So make sure to install all of your official DLC first!

This mod is just for default male Shepard. It will not work for custom Shepards, nor female characters. And no, we will not make them accessible to other Shepards. You can find many other hair mods out there for custom Shepards. This is and will always be for Sheploo. There are plans to port this mod to the previous entries, but for now there is no ETA on when will that happen. So, for now, this is for Mass Effect 3 only (and no, it WILL NOT WORK WITH THE LEGENDARY EDITION...). NEWS! Hairy Sheploo for Mass Effect 2 is out now!

Our team will not work on making any default femShep hairstyles. One of our team has plans for such mod already and we don't want to step on others toes.

The mod is done for you, the player. Forget about savegame editing to have your hair appear ingame. You will choose one hairstyle and said hairstyle will appear in your game from now on in all your future, present and past default male Shepard saves. Removing/Disabling the mod will restore his original look on all of your savegames.

Important Note: This mod and the FemShep Replacer Mod by NoiraFayn are not compatible as they both need to edit the exact same files. Unfortunately, as both mods offer customization options, it is impossible to create a compatibility patch as the permutations to account for are endless. You can only use one of these 2 mods at the same time.


This mod REQUIRES to be installed with the latest ME3Tweaks Mod Manager version by Mgamerz. Make sure you let it update to at least build 6.2 after installation, in order to make sure that the mod is correctly installed.

The mod is in DLC form, so its installation is as simple as drag and drop the .7z file into the Mod Manager and let it work its magic. A prompt will show indicating which parts of the mod will be installed depending on your game setup. ONLY ONE HAIR/BEARD OPTION CAN BE INSTALLED, it is not a bug, nor we plan to change it. This is a design choice that is here to stay. Trying to manually install the mod to cheat our installation method will most likely cause issues, so we will not be supporting help requests for those attempting to install several hairstyles on their own.

Each hair option has an image attached to it, so you can preview from the installer how Shepard will look. However, we recommend you checking out the pictures here in Nexus first; specially the additional "side" shots for Macho and Veteran as they can come up as very similar looking from the front on the installer. Furthermore, you may want to preview it ingame before installing ALOT to make sure you chose your desired look if you are planning to texture mod your game.

The mod has a very low mount priority, meaning that it should not conflict with any mods. We couldn't find any mod working as intended that would conflict with ours. However, if anyone finds any incompatibilities we are unaware of, please, kindly let us know.

Recommended mods

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A Lot Of Videos (ALOV) for ME3 by Mellin: this graphical mod aims to upgrade all prerendered bik cutscenes, that by definition no texture mod can fix.

In order to get the best visual experience and quality, we highly recommend using ALOT for ME3, by CreeperLava. Our mod is fully compatible with it; moreover, all hairstyles, beard included, will look on its fullest glory thanks to ALOT raising the LODs beyond vanilla values. Remember that content mods must be always installed BEFORE ALOT.


Use the Mod Manager to remove the mod. Savegames aren't dependent of it, so it can be safely removed and/or added at any point during your game. Just remember ALOT's instructions if you are also using that mod. Savegames won't be affected and you can change hairstyle mid playthrough, HOWEVER ALOT restrictions apply. Modifying this mod over an ALOT installation will seriously break your Shepard's looks.

Known Issues

The mod has been thoroughly tested by several people and should be bug free now. However, considering the 450 possible permutations this mod offers, there might be the odd occurrence that one hairstyle might be looking wrong in a certain class in a certain game mode. If this is the case, please report it, so it can be fixed.

The mod has only been tested in English versions of the game but should work with any language.

Although technically not an issue, I feel the need to point out that during character creation the lightning will make the hair look of a chocolate like color. This is a vanilla issue and not one of this mod. We decided against fixing the lightning of the character creator in order to avoid creating serious incompatibilities with other mods. Hair, as well as skin and eye color (they all appear whitewashed on vanilla) will look normal once you play.

There is a vanilla issue with character creation that causes hair textures not to be assigned to custom male Shepards, instead using the default material's textures. Since default male Shepards had always lacked hair, this bug didn't appear until we created the mod. Because of the way the Hairy Sheploo mod works, now custom Shepards will have new default textures. We have fixed the character creation issue for all new characters, but existing custom characters will have wrong hair textures that will make them look like they have some serious balding issues. We recommend disabling the mod if planning to resume playing an old male custom Shepard in order to avoid the issue; but if you feel brave enough, we have included an article on how to fix your old saves, so those Shepards can recover their lost hair.

Mass Effect wasn't built to support facial hair, thus we had to use the "hair slot". This means that helmets that usually hide hair, like the N7 helmets, will remove the beard from Sheploo. We have included an additional Hairy Sheploo Helmet Patches file that solves this issue, patching every helmet from the vanilla game, Expanded Galaxy Mod, Ark Mod and Project Variety which shows Shepard's face. It is extremely recommended for the Beard Only option from the main mod and somewhat recommended for shorter hair options like Veteran and Hysteria. Clipping will appear depending on the selected helmet/haircut. Beard will not clip. This file is not recommended for long hair options as lots of hair clipping will appear. This patch is compatible with Expanded Galaxy Mod 1.61, Ark Mod 0.92 & Project Variety 3.1 and up. It can be installed and uninstalled at any time; as it is not affected by ALOT. It is very important that you remove or disable these patches if playing custom male Shepards or female Shepards. Due to how the patching process works, you may notice helmets appearing in a different order as you are used to in the locker. All patched helmets will be moved to the end of the list. This means, that for areas in which usually you would get the N7 Breather Helmet applied automatically, you will be getting the new first helmet with a breather. If you want to still use the N7 Breather, make sure to select it before embarking in such missions, like Mars or the Geth Dreadnought.


01/18/2021 - Original Public Release

03/23/2021 - Fixed a bug causing small eyes on custom created female Shepards while Hairy Sheploo was installed and Genesis DLC was missing.

05/22/2021 - Bumped up the version number of Hairy Sheploo Patches in order to conform with the Mod Manager Update detector services.


You may contact us through the Nexus Forums.

Credits & Acknowledgements

Original Meshes:

  • Adonis: mesh by Newsea for The Sims 3 from Newsea Sims
  • Beard: mesh by CD Projekt RED from The Witcher 3.
  • Chain Reaction: mesh by Newsea for The Sims 3 from Newsea Sims
  • Geralt: mesh by CD Projekt RED from The Witcher 3.
  • Hysteria: mesh by Stealthic for the Sims 4 from The Sims Resource
  • Macho: mesh by Newsea for The Sims 3 from Newsea Sims
  • Veteran: mesh by Nightcrawler Sims for The Sims 3 from The Sims Resource
  • Zombrex: mesh by Lapiz Lazuli for The Sims 3 from Lapiz's Scrapyard

All meshes (except for Geralt and beard) were originally ported over to Skyrim by KS Hairdos - Renewal and later to Mass Effect 3 UPK format by GirlPlaysGame.

Jenya66: mesh extracting and porting for both the beard and Geralt's hairstyle. Adjustment of Geralt and Adonis hairstyles to Sheploo's head; as well as the beard to his exact face shape. Furthermore, combining every hairstyle with the beard to create unique bearded mesh looks. Adjustment of the Geralt and Beard texture tone colors. Testing.

ThaliaGraces: mesh adjusting of Chain Reaction, Hysteria, Macho, Veteran and Zombrex hairstyles to Sheploo's head mesh. Color adjustment of all hair textures. Fixing character creator for future custom Shepards to have the correct texture applied. Development of the Genesis DLC patch. Testing.

Khaar Machinima: implementation of all new meshes and textures to the game, plus creation of the mod package. Research and discover of modifying Sheploo's appearance. Testing.

Exkywor: Testing and lots of support.

Mellin: Technical assist on how to include images on the Mod Manager installer.

Gabe8: Banner art for Mod Manager and Nexus page.

Jade: Testing and emotional cat support.

Other Mass Effect mods by us

Allers Redone: This mod changes Diana Allers clothing to Alexia Forlan's dress from Remember Me.

Andromeda Inspired FemShep Complexion (ME1): A default FemShep face texture replacement inspired by Mass Effect Andromeda. Version for Mass Effect 1.

Andromeda Inspired FemShep Complexion (ME2): A default FemShep face texture replacement inspired by Mass Effect Andromeda. Version for Mass Effect 2.

Andromeda Inspired FemShep Complexion (ME3)A default FemShep face texture replacement inspired by Mass Effect Andromeda. Version for Mass Effect 3.

Cyberpunk-Witcher eyes for Shepard: Some cyberpunk/witcher themed eye textures for your Shepard. This mod was made to celebrate Cyberpunk 2077 launch. Don't take it seriously.

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Expanded Shepard Armory (ESA): This mod unlocks helmetless versions of the official DLC armors to players who wish to use them and see their Shepard's faces; as well as adds additional armors and casual outfits ported from Mass Effect 1, 3 and Andromeda.

Joker Wears Cerberus Fatigues: this mod fixes a vanilla bug which had Joker wearing Alliance fatigues during the cutscene arriving to the Flotilla. He will be wearing Cerberus fatigues now as intended.

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Practical Initiative ArmoursFlat Chestplates and Andromeda Initiative inspired armour textures for females for Mass Effect 1.


The mod is provided as is. By downloading and installing it you decide to use it at your own risk. Incompatibilities produced by installation on pirated copies of the game will not be assisted, as well as those installations over an ALOT modified game. 
You may use this mod as you wish but we kindly ask you to credit us for our work.
Please, do not re-host this file without our explicit permission.