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Immersive Thessia Mod realizes the full potential of one of Mass Effect 3's most iconic missions, by introducing what the original tried but failed to portray: The visuals and sound design of a city under siege, as well as a tense and action-packed atmosphere. All of this is accomplished while remaining strictly faithful to Bioware's vision.

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"One word: Definitive. Two words: F**cking awesome" - Ninemil

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The author of Priority: Earth Overhaul Mod  brings you ITM, which transforms Priority: Thessia into the memorable, action-packed and intense mission it was supposed to be - one that showcases what a planet under Reaper attack looks like.

At the same time, it maintains Orikon's signature vanilla-friendly style of design, so you will never feel like you're playing through Thessia with a mod. Everything feels completely authentic, and you have my personal guarantee for that.
Complete list of features:

Content restoration: All cut content that was mistakenly left behind has been restored. This includes new dialogue and missing cutscene pieces, as well as some new gameplay mechanics.
Audio Overhaul: 15+ cut SFX pieces have been restored and implemented throughout the mission, creating a far more immersive and audio rich experience. New ambient SFX was also imported from Thessia's Multiplayer counterpart to further enhance the ambience.
Visual Overhaul: Thessia has received a major visual upgrade that transforms it into a city under Reaper siege. This ranges all the way from new particle effects and gunships, up to distant Reaper ships and swarms of Harvesters that are tearing the city apart.
Music restoration: Thessia now plays its unique combat track throughout the entire mission, starting with the first combat encounter.
Enemy improvements: Restored all missing enemies such as Ravagers, and re-balanced some encounters in order to match the intended intensity, difficulty and spoken dialogue.
Boss Fight improvements: Major improvements to the Kai Leng fight in terms of mechanics and difficulty.

Fun fact: Immersive Thessia Mod pairs beautifully with the Unofficial Mass Effect 3 Patch.

With the release of The Orikon Collection, ITM is part of an unprecedented bundle which allows players, both new and old, to remaster Mass Effect 3's gameplay in a single click. You can watch the trailer above to see more footage from ITM, including the new vista visuals and some of the improvements to the boss fight.


    I strongly encourage the use of Mod Manager for installation of ITM, or any Mass Effect mod for that matter.


ITM is not compatible with the following mods:

As for Project Variety 3.0, ITM is no longer compatible. However, using both mods will not result in crashes, bugs or other issues. Once you reach Thessia, ITM will simply override PV. At any other point before or after Thessia, PV will be applied to your game experience as usual.

ITM is mostly compatible with the following mods:
  • Respawn

Because both mods modify various encounters, there may be issues under specific combat scenarios. In to minimize the risk of bugs, I recommend disabling Respawn while playing through Thessia and re-enabling it after you're done. But this is not a requirement.

ITM is fully compatible with all other major mods, including:


As of patch 1.2, all bugs have been eliminated.

       Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will you ever "port" PEOM to the Legendary Edition?

A: No. The Legendary Edition version of Mass Effect 3 is a damaged and downgraded version of the original game. That is a fact. Therefore, I have no reason to "port" any of my work, which in this case would mean recreating everything from scratch.

1. Can I install the mod on illegal (pirated) copies of the game?

A: No. And I have no intention of ever making that an option. ITM is a highly-produced mod designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the game. Such high standards mean that, in return, users are expected to at least own a legal copy of the game. I understand that Origin can sometimes cause headaches, but Mass Effect 3 is an 8 year old title which can be purchased for a very low price. And if AAOM ever catches the eye of Bioware representatives, it would look bad on the project's record if I freely distributed it to pirates.

2. What installation order should I use for content mods such as EGM, ME3Recalibrated, PEOM, Spectre, etc.?

A: Installation order with Mass Effect 3's content mods is mostly irrelevant, with the exception of texture mods such as ALOT which must always be installed last.

3. Do I need to start a new playthrough?

A:  No. ITM functions perfectly regardless of your playthrough's status or which mission you're currently at.

5. I don't like a certain change, or I would like to add/remove something.

A: Much like with all my work, I take all feedback seriously. This is especially the case with new releases like ITM. If you do not like something or wish to change it, leave a comment. The more constructive it is, the better the chances of me taking it seriously.