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All 7 set armors for both genders in HR: Ariake, Armax, Hahne, Kassa, N7, Rosenkov and Serrice.

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This replaces all 7 set armors in HR: Ariake, Armax, Hahne, Kassa, N7, Rosenkov and Serrice.

The HR Kuwashii + reticule fix is available as an optional download. This retexture is consistent with the armor retextures. Dynamic reticule has been replaced by a static one that sits closer to the iris. Due to material overlap with Garrus, his visor was fixed in accordance, having been made static where he uses Shep's reticule material. Currently not compatible with toolset v3 and up.


These textures will solely be released as a TPF. This because TPF's are more versatile than .MODs for textures and allow the user to choose whether they want to permanently apply the TPF textures via ME3Explorer, or use Texmod to temporarily apply them. It is advised you try mods using Texmod before you permanently apply mods using ME3Explorer.

I've written a guide on Texmod that you can check out here.
If you are new to using ME3Explorer check out the wiki.
If you are applying mods to DLC, be sure to download the DLC fix. Just place the two dll's in your game's Win32 folder. overwrite if prompted.

Note: It's not possible to run Texmod over a texture that was previously replaced using ME3Explorer.
Note: The use of ME3Explorer requires you to back up your vanilla gamefiles.


v1.1: Reuploaded HR Kuwashii visor + reticule fix as an optional download built with rev 653.


- Release reticule fix compatible with me3explorer 3.0.1. Currently investigating solutions, since me3explorer 3.0.1. no longer supports textures in .mod files.
- Add HR sentry visor and kuwashii visor to main download pack.


The optional Kuwashii visor mod features a reticule fix. This means the dynamic reticule was removed favoring a static one that falls lower on the visor and closer to Shep's iris. As the reticule is shared with Garrus anywhere except on the Normandy, I've had to include a static one on Garrus' visor in places. As such, installing any other mod that either affects Shep's reticule or Garrus' reticule or holographic visor textures will break this mod and leave Shepard either with a static and dynamic reticule, or Garrus completely without one anywhere outside of the Normandy. If this happens you can re-apply the Kuwashii mod to fix this. You can also opt to remove the jobs related to the reticule fix from the .MOD before running it:

Upscale (with MIPs): HMM_HGR_SHPd_Visor
Upscale: TUR_HED_PROGARRUS_Holo_Diff
Upscale (with MIPs): Visor_Frame


Why my mods are no longer included in A.L.O.T.

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