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Removes as much Kai Leng as possible from Mass Effect 3

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  • Polish
This mod is no longer supported


It's not a secret that Kai Leng is a very unpopular character in the Mass Effect franchise. This mod attempts to remedy that by removing him from as much as the game as possible and also gives him some aesthetic changes.

Feature List

  • Kai Leng no longer talks for the entire game. All of his lines have been removed from the game.

  • Kai Leng now has a helmet that covers his entire face. No more wavy hair.

  • Kai Leng is no longer the one that takes down Shepard's car during the coup. A Phantom is now the one responsible.

  • Kai Leng is no longe present on Mars, during the scene when Shepard talks with the Illusive Man.

  • The scene with Kai Leng and the Illusive Man during the coup has been removed.

  • The terminal with information on Kai Leng at Cerberus Headquarters has been removed.

  • The fight with Kai Leng on Thessia has been removed.

  • The email that Shepard gets after Thessia is now actually from Thessia command instead of Kai Leng.

Required Files

As with all DLC mods, this mod also requires WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be installed in Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32. These can be installed with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager is required to install this mod.


To install this mod, drag the archive onto Mod Manager and install. I will not support manual installations.

This mod is compatible with Project Variety. Install the version that was specifically made for Project Variety.

This mod is compatible with the Miranda Mod addon for EGM through the compatability patch provided.

This mod is not compatible with Thanemod.

This mod is not compatible with Miranda - Horizon Armor.

This mod is not compatible with Immersive Thessia Mod.

This mod is not compatible with Kai Leng Refined.