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The purpose of Spectre Expansion Mod is to improve the under used Shadow Broker and Spectre terminals, to give the player new difficult choices to consider via Spectre authorisations, to improve the presence of background races in ME3, to expand the galaxy map and provide clues to the battles happening beyond the scope of Shepard’s missions.

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Spectre Expansion Mod was first created to address one section of the game that I felt was lacking; the Spectre Terminal. Since then it has grown in scope to include updates to the Shadow Broker terminal, a new shop and items, combat mission additions, address some item gamification, improve the content for the less powerful aliens and to expand the galaxy map to include homeworlds from the background lore and new anomalies and galaxy map assignments.

Below are some of the changes I have made:

Spectre Terminal

The Obelisk of Karza

Combat Mission Additions

Shadow Broker Terminal

Baria Frontiers

An Evolving Galaxy

The Ghosts of Antilin

Mercenary Contracts

Alien Race Improvements

Item Gamification Changes

Mass Effect 2 Canon Reapers

Now the Spectre Expansion Mod has left beta, it will be my intention to refine the existing new content so that it will be as immersive as possible. I should also be clear that the mod requires EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod to work. If you use my mod without it, then it will cause a lot of bugs.

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EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod


Alliance Warpack
Aria Arena Mod
Better Dreams
Bonus Power Packs
EGM Squadmate Pack
Miranda Mod
Omega Hub Mod
SinglePlayer Native Controller Support Mod
Take Earth Back

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This mod requires the latest release of EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod

Drag and drop the folder DLC_MOD_Spectre into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder and then autoTOC .

If using Mod Manager, then drag and drop the archive into Mod Manager to import it. After that all you need to do is apply the mod.

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"Can I use this mod without EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod?"

In theory, yes. But you would have significant issues with the galaxy map as the majority of star systems would lack names and descriptions. There would be many other bugs as well. I would not recommend it, and I will not provide support when it goes wrong (it will go wrong!).

"Will you release a version that does not require EGM - Expanded Galaxy Mod?"

I'm afraid not. It would require far too much work to get right and I would rather devote time to improving the project as it currently is.

You mentioned new storylines, will these be new missions?

Kind of. These will take place on the galaxy map, but because of limitations of the toolset (and my own skillset) we are incapable of adding brand new combat missions to the game. Maybe one day it will be possible, but for now the new storylines are told via galaxy map assignments, short text adventures and terminal messages.

"You said you were adding content for the background races, but I've seen nothing for X, Y, or Z races yet. Why not?!"

I have tried to add as much content as I can, but there is a limit on how much I can add to the game. This means that some races only have the bare minimum of references or new content. As time wears on, I will try to expand these further, but there is no guarantee that I shall.

How does DLC affect the mod?

DLC can affect the mod if you play it too early. Some authorisations or outcomes might arrive too soon, creating an odd situation with the narrative. In fact, the same can happen if you alter the mission timeline too much. My suggestion for when to play the DLC (for compatibility, narrative and immersive reasons) is as follows:

From Ashes - After Priority: Menae as you cannot use Javik on that mission.
Leviathan - After Priority: Citadel II it is perfectly compatible with the mod, but narratively I suggest after Priority: Rannoch.
Omega - Anytime after Priority: Citadel II
Citadel - After Priority: Rannoch (so Tali is on the mission).

From Ashes will have little impact on Spectre, but the other three can have huge impacts on what authorisations appear. It is highly recommended that you delay those until the relevant times.

What future content are you planning to add?

Spectre Expansion Mod is relatively complete in terms of features. I may add new mails here and there, maybe new text adventures, but those will be rare and far between. If I add more content to the mod, the idea is to enhance and improve what I have already made to be more immersive and closer to vanilla.

I have an idea, I'd love for you to add it to the mod! Would you?

Potentially! I have a lot of my own ideas to get through first, but we can always discuss it over private message or you can post it in the Collection Point for Ideas article. At the least, you can always release it as a submod. Contact me if you want.[/b]

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Writer, Designer, Idea Guy, Tester, Almost Everything Else: Me!
New Store: Kinkojiro
Salarian STG Immersive Update: Ravager
Bioware: For cut content and blog files I adjusted and added to the game, and for creating this amazing setting.
Eva Coré Shadow Broker Mails: Audemus
Micah & Asaro: BladeZero
Titan (moon of Saturn): BriannaJean
Cluster Textures: Mellin & NASA
Quarian Ancestor VI GAW Image: Audemus

Special Thanks to:

Kinkojiro - For teaching me how to mod this game, allowing me to use EGM's galaxy map as a base and many other things. The mod wouldn't have been possible without his support.
Ravager - For so freely giving his work on Sur'kesh to the mod.
Jorgen - For proof reading everything I wrote to say if he liked it or not and keeping me sane when I had to rebuild the mod from scratch.
JonatanRek - For making the banner for my mod, uploading the trailer and for his support and friendship
Deadspear, Realsurvivor, & Orikon - For their interest in the mod and keeping my spirits up after the original version was lost.
Reynaud, Audemus & BladeZero - For their help writing the Sin'kelar Cluster and their support
Duke the dog - For patiently listening as I'd read my writing to him. Such a good boy, yes he is! A good boy!
ME3Explorer Toolset Team - Without your tools my ideas would still be on paper.
Everyone else who ever took an interest in the mod or tried to help - Thank you.