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Project Variety is a major overhaul of Mass Effect 3

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This mod is no longer supported. All future developement will be for Legendary Edition.

Legendary Edition Version

Project Variety is a major overhaul for Mass Effect 3. From fixing bugs, to expanding and diversifying the Citadel population, restoring cut content, and much more, PV touches most of ME3 in one way or another. Editing over 900 files, PV is one of the biggest content mods for Mass Effect 3. For a complete feature list click on the link below. Nexus is not really suited to long mod pages and Project Variety's is enourmous at around 40 pages.

Google Doc Mod Page

This mod would not be possible without the contributions from a vast amount of people. I owe each and everyone of them an eternal debt of gratitude, especially the people in the Mass Effect Modding Workshop discord. Below is a list of people who were absolutely essential in the development of Project Variety. For a complete list, please check the credits panel.

Mgamerz: For making the ME3Tweaks fork of ME3Explorer and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. His willingness to improve the toolset and add new features to it is why PV is where it is. Modding is so much better because of him. PV would not be possible without his work.

SirCxyrtyx: SirC is a big part of the reason why PV is where it is. Her willingness to add features to the toolset has made my life easier in more ways than one. Thousands of hours were saved because of her dedication to improving the toolset. Thanks is also given for giving me permission to incorporate her Ken and Gabby mod and her Zaeed Dialogue Restoration Mod.

Kinkojiro: For all the technical advice that he gave me. Some parts of PV would not be possible without his input and technical knowledge (thank you so much for creating the change stunt mesh sequence object!).

Khaar: For being the best bug tester around and for his feedback.

Sil: For his feedback, modding advice, and being a source of inspiration through his various mods.

Lukensko: For his feedback, modding advice, expanding my knowledge on dialogue editing, and being an ever inspiring source of inspiration through YCM.

BladeZero: For the various saves he provided me and his feedback.

Audemus: For creating the various new Citadel advertisements, his audio editing skills, his feedback, and creating the new Brooks distraction bik (holy hell).

Fairfieldfencer: For his excellent voice acting for the Krogan leaders of the Bloodpack.

Furinax: For creating one of the most beautiful models imaginable for Miranda and for letting me use his outfit from Ark mod in PV.

Jenya: For creating one of the new Jack models, one of the new Ann Bryson models, and for her constant support.

Mellin: Where do I begin? Let me just say that Mellin is perhaps the most instrumental person to the success of Project Variety. His willingness to spend his time to create an endless amount of new models is something that I will forever be in awe by. PV and especially PV Extras owes so much of their content to him that it's impossible to describe in a few words. Mellin unlocked the potential of PV and allowed me to truly achieve my vision for it. I am forever grateful for his contributions to the project. A thank you does not seem enough to be honest.

NoiraFayn: For creating the beautiful Miranda casino dress, Miranda's new hairstyles, and her support.

Strife: For writing some of the News Terminal stories and for his support.

Everyone in the ME Modding Workshop
: For your feedback and support.
Orikon: For advancing my modding skills to the next level, which allowed me to start Project Variety 3.

Project Variety is a ME3Tweaks Mod Manager mod. Drag the archive for Project Variety, Project VarietyE, and Project VarietyP onto mod manager and click the options relevant to you. I will not be supporting manual installations of Project Variety.

This mod requires the Extended Cut, Citadel DLC, and Leviathan DLC.

While this mod modifies  Omega DLC and From Ashes, neither are required for the mod to function properly.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager is required to install this mod.

The compatibility section is in the articles tab or you can click here. Read it carefully before you ask me any questions. In addition, there is an article that tells you how to manually confirm compatibility between DLC mods.

Project Variety is for English versions of Mass Effect 3 only. Attempting to use it for other localizations will break many aspects of the game. This is because certain languages like Spanish, German, and French will load different sets of localized files, essentially breaking many parts of Project Variety because it depends on English localized files in order for many parts of the mod to work. Unfortunately, due to the size and complexity of PV, I cannot officially support translations, at least for the languages that have different localized files(German,French, and Italian). There is no way I can verify the quality of any translations and teaching someone how to modify loc files requires time that I do not have. Languages that use the English Localized files (LOC_INT), like Polish, you are free to translate to.